The more common underwear materials in the market are mainly cotton and linen. When we choose a close clothes, it is generally mainly cotton. I am used to the sisters of cotton underwear, sometimes I will know that the quality of the underwear is good, but there are some small underwear materials, such as thermal cotton underwear, in terms of identification, rarely be proficient.


Warm cotton underwear is generally wearing in winter, drying in winter, encountering some counterfeit products, it is easy to static electricity, affecting the comfort of life. My Amway method is: a look, second touch, three pull, four wear, five wash.

Look at the color of the product box, the company’s trademark, tag and barcode, and even the company’s packaging box, there will be company trademark invisible anti-counterfeit symbols. No one is willing to buy a fake product, and the fake and shoddy products are also very uncomfortable.

Two touch: The biggest feature of warm cotton underwear is to feel good, skin, if it is soft, it is very flexible, indicating that this product is not bad, you can try it.

Three pull: that is, the collar of the underwear, sleeves and waist circumference, lateral, vertical to both sides. If it is inferior product, it is generally not elastic, and it is not easy to shrink to the original size after hand.

Si wear: Try to do, nothing can be tried more than personally doing it. If you feel that it is very comfortable, and keep warm, antifreeze, or the material is gentle, then you may buy it.


Five-washing: It can be obtained from repeated washing, no deformation, and non-fading clothing, it will be good clothing, and use the dehydrator to dry, the product that does not shrink the water, it also deserves again, or Amway to the side哟.

We must pick the most comfortable clothes, this must be our principle of iron. Compared to various markets that make dazzled products, it is not as good as top, your skin will tell you, this underwear is not suitable for you.