With the “I am paying money, you will go out”, and the challenge of various formulas, the Red Bull is just the use of “selling sugar” beverages in Europe, has become half a day of the outdoor sports market. From double-panel skiing to high altitude, go to F1 racing or stunt flight, in these excited adrenaline sports, we can always see the red cattle. So the problem is coming, since the red cattle has a half-Wanjiang Mountain, which is another half, who is supported?

In my opinion, this location allows sports camera brand GOPRO to sit. It can be said to be well deserved.


GoPro defines sports cameras

GoPro was first born in 2004, the 30-year-old American Nick Woodman, because she can’t find a beautiful camera, and developed the first self-motivated at the parents’ funding. camera. No one thought of this seemingly “I love inventions”, the idea of ​​the camera I tried to impress the global limit sports enthusiast.

With the core of the sports camera, in the development of more than ten years, GOPRO successfully created the world-famous sports camera brand of GOPRO HERO. GOPRO has also promoted small brands from the past family. It became a market value of $ 1.471 billion in Nasdaq listed enterprises.

Such market performance can not help but suspect: Everyone said that the camera market is shrinking year by year, why is GOPRO that focuses on the segment of the field can be reversed, with a single product line, it is difficult to move in the sports camera?

Start in athletes, give athletes

First, GoPro is a very clear product. Just like the slogan of the game around the brand Razer “begins with the player, gives players” (for Gamers. By Gamers.), GOPRO is also born in the athlete, or in the hands of the waves. As the target user, Nick Woodman knows how you need and other surfers need, how moving cameras are natural, naturally let gopro direct users’ pain points.

At the same time, focusing on the segmentation area is also the reason why GoPro can stand in the camera market atrophy in the camera market. Different from other Camera brands, GOPRO focuses on the highly subdivided professional field of sports cameras in the past ten years. Although the field of mass consumption can bring a larger potential user group to the brand, it is difficult to cultivate a massive user’s consumption habits.

Instead of letting everyone go back to record life, it is better to promote professional users. The high door of the sports camera filters off Gopro’s potential competitors, “Record” behind the moving camera just needs to provide GOPRO to provide a huge market.


Unlike the mass consumer, professional users have higher brand loyalty when purchasing sports accessories, which also allows GOPRO to shrink at the camera market to stabilize their basic plates.

But this is not the most important reason for GoPro to go all the way. In my opinion, truly laid Gopro “Half-Wanjiang Mountain” or Gopro’s marketing. Just like a red cattle, in order to increase exposure, GOPRO wants to mount everything that can bring exposure.

The logo of GoPro and the four-color square also appeared in the north and south of the country, strengthened the public to the GOPRO “sports” brand.


Just like the red cattle made by logo, in Whether in the French Alps, or in the US Grand Canyon, the pattern of four blue squares can bring great identification for GOPRO, let people know this. People are GOPRO users, use GOPRO products. In order to further expand the popularity of the product, GOPRO does even start working with some well-known sports competition games. Even in the GT racing of the racing game launched in Sony, you can still find GOPRO’s authorized pull flower stickers with familiar four-color squares.

Accurate user needs analysis, excellent product quality and excellent global marketing, lack of three elements to jointly create GOPRO sports business empire.


Gopro’s crisis

Although GoPro has lived with “clothes, food, no worries” in the past ten years, but from GoPro’s past layoffs, GoPro also has the difficulties they have to face. First, Gopro’s successfully built in the field of professional camera and marketing, although it can stand when the market changes, but if the demand changes in the general user have driven professional market, make professional users need to follow public users to produce content This will challenge the roots of Gopro dependent the foundation.

Although GOPRO still has a special dominant position in the field of professional camera, in the short video era, non-professional users have poured into the video field, allowing the original “tall and widow” GOPRO to enter the public perspective.

In addition to a large number of non-professional users, there is also a public consumption brand that has been attached to the video field, and the new content presentation of the priorin, such as stabilizers, 360 degrees cameras, and the most important- Dangdan drone.

A series of consumer-free drones headed by DJI Mini 2 brings great impact to the previous sports photography market: the past athletes want to get a aerial view, and the shared small helicopter is the only way. However, under the promotion of the brands such as Daxin, the consumer drone has become GOPRO, and the athlete shoots another magic. Unlike the fixed perspective, the drone shooting not only does not need to hold a selfie rod, but also brings a new angle to the video, it is also more flexible.

In the face of the challenge of Daxin, GoPro actually took out its own drone system: September 2016, GoPro released the brand’s first consumer drone product – GoPro Karma. Karma pricing is similar to that of the Mavic Pro, with Gopro’s excellent reputation, Karma should be the best time for GoPro to enter the drone market. However, because the product has a power failure problem, Karma is recalled soon.

And due to the performance of the Karma in the experience, accessories and the like, it is far from Mavic Pro, more or a “air GOPRO” rather than a drone, Karma’s market performance has long been sluggish. In the 2018 Gopro layoff plan, the Karma department first rushed.



Although the performance of GOPRO in other fields is not excellent, with its professional sports camera, GOPRO still has difficult influence in the field of professional sports. Regardless of the price or when it is difficult, or the policy environment, the sports camera market is always much larger than the drone. Even if Karma is unfavorable, GOPRO HERO is still able to bring enough exposure to GoPro. After all, he refers to sports cameras. Most people first think of Gopro.

However, under the desired tolerance from drone or various types of wearable cameras, GOPRO can steady the market or an unknown number.

The short board wearing the camera is in the picture, and the drone’s short board is in difficulty and policy space. If these two problems are solved, the future GOPRO is likely to be surpassed by Dacheng.

Gopro leads to the four-color square mark, which may only be in the form of stickers in the form of stickers.