Liu Yunguang


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A beautiful glass is broken, and the fragments are full. Yue Wu quickly took the grandchildren and the grandchildren in the house: “Grandpa is not called, don’t you come out.”

“It’s so uncomfortable, how good cup, I will break it. You said, these years, you don’t break one or two cups in this year?” The old companion took the scan, while said.


“Don’t come, it seems that I am willing to fall. I am distressed. This is a daughter bought me, the real crystal cup. Unfortunately, it seems that I am still not toned.” Yue Wu is embarrassed Self-department.

“Hurry and pack it, don’t take your child.” The old companion urged. Two old people scan a shot. There was 3 times in the outside, and I wiped two times with a mop. I was sure that I opened the door to call two “small naughty”.

“Is it a grandfather?” The 5-year-old Sun Linhai came out.

“Grandpa’s cup fell again, not afraid, I will let my mother buy one again.” The 4-year-old grand grandson Linhua pulled his grandfather: “Grandpa should not distress, the bread will have.”

Yue Wu took the granddaughter: “It’s still a good fortune, not something that someone is not conscience. For a while, you will take you out.”

“Grandpa, I will go.” Lin Haihong said.

Yue Wu teased him: “You can clean up the house with you at home.”

“I don’t!” Lin Hai suddenly jumped like a thunder, shouting, tears flowed down.


“Don’t be teased, hurry to handle those broken glass wine slag.” He quickly came out of the battle: “Silly children, which grandfather didn’t bring you? Teasing you.”

“Teasing you.” Linhua said.

“Teasing you.” Yue Wu said.


Lin Haibai smirk.

“Walk, grandfather to deal with broken glass, you don’t want to see it?” Yue Wu deliberately selling Guanzi, grandchildren and granddaughter naturally agreed.

“You can only look far away, can not do it, haven’t heard it?” Yue Wuli, they nodded. On the balcony, Yue Wu let two children sit on a small stool in one meter, find an old kraft envelope, put on the glove, then put a piece of broken glass into the envelope, then put it in one Thick plastic bags, tight. After that, write “broken glass” with a coarse sign pen: “Okay, the event is over.”

“Grandpa, what is this?” Lin Haicheng asked.

“I am afraid that the hands of the uncle Auntie.” Lin Hua said.

“Lin Hua said right. If so, the sanitation worker is easily injured when the garbage is divided. In the past, we did not pay attention to this. Just throw it, there is often a sanitation worker to be broken glass cutting and tie Injured hand. “The demonstration of Yue Wu is to educate the children. From small, there is such awareness, and it will not be chanting the glass cup after growing. He said: “There is also a blade, a broken bowl, a blossom pot, etc., it should be a good bag, and it is a dangerous item, reminding the sanitation workers to be careful. You grow up, should you, do you know?”

“Know, pack it, write the word, don’t take it.” The grandchildren said.

“The glass can also be recycled, and it should be written separately, and it is convenient to divide the garbage.” Linhai has always ghost more. Yue Wu Lianlian praised: “This idea is good. So I just wrote a ‘broken glass’, let the sanitation workers look well.”

“My God, this class, I haven’t finished it yet?” I did a good meal, and everyone was eating. At this moment, it may be anxious, and the bowl in your hands out and look at it. When I said late, my grandfather went out while the bowl was stabilized.

“Wow.” All applause. I was afraid: “You said, I call you to eat, take a bowl of mouth? This is to fall on the ground, don’t hurt our little babies? So, how do you live?” The embarrassment is turned into a circle.

“What is it? Isn’t there I am? Affirm it is nothing.” Yue Wu said.

“You? How do you fell the glass cup?”

“Hey, don’t say grandfather, we will be careful in the future.” The granddaughter is like a little big man, and the two old people are laughing.