Chinese traditional process design focuses on “material beauty” “work”, “the ancient people”, the pursuit of the shape, texture, color of the equipment, can be described as tireless. One piece of equipment, can be hints to the sky, not revealing ax, can also be completed, exquisite to no additional. “The past life, everything is very slow”, so whether it is Tian Huanggui, or the Limin people, the family may have a few weighing crafts, embellish their “slow life”, but also to watch, Moke and Tasting.


Today, today, those traditional craft furniture and utensils are closely related to life, with temperature, in addition to some of the palaces that are retained, homes, ancient 厝, is also passionate about traditional crafts designed artists inheritance .

Furniture, utensils, and elegance, but not only the rich techniques of China’s traditional craftsmanship and continuous innovation, but also reflect Chinese people’s piety attitudes to a better life.

In traditional Chinese residential, the house is an important place for home living and guest visits, and is also the most “lively” place in residential. At the end of the Ming and early Qing dynasties, the placement of furniture in the house is signed up in the middle axis, showing a majestic order sensation and a solemn. Sample, eight fairy table, Taishi chair, screen … furniture style or strong stability, carving dragon painting phoenix, or simple and generous, clear nature. Furniture craft designers sometimes combine both, find balance points between different styles. Using the bas-aspiral bas-relief, copper-skinned corner, or the lacquer, the inlaid, etc. The quantity of the suspension is not equal, and the color is very bright, the beauty and fun are raw in a heavy color. All kinds of furnishings in the house are generally carefully selected and arranged, and they focus on this family’s degree of education, concept, situation, and the like.

It is another view of the study in traditional Chinese housing relative to the well in the hall. It is a quiet place for writing, reading, playing, burning incense, Fuqin and tasification, is also a “Glen” of cultivation of temperament and cultivating body and mind. Traditional study is an extension of a practical and ceremonies that are consulted in the literati, modern study, while still an extension in the office. Some classic cultural products such as the cultural four treasures, so far, it is still important items in the study. Although the shape of the relevant furnishings is simple, its selection is extremely discerning. The most typical thing in traditional study items is the pen tube, bamboo carving, stone carving, wooden or paint paintings, because of size, so various process techniques can be displayed above, from thin intensity to multi-layer engraving From the hollow to the painting, there should be everything. The image is intertwined with the text, the theme is also harmonized, or Mei Lanzhu, or historical allusions, the pen holder can be said to be an indispensable texture. The literati books often have a boar rack, hosted a strong cultural connotation, historical value, such as, Swhero, evil spirits, fragrance … These utensils or certain practicality, or purely only have the value of play, but Carry with the master’s spiritual and beautiful wishes. Imagine, quiet afternoon, burning incense habits, tired, put a pot of good tea, put the beloved thing on the boult stand, or take a rollbook from the bookshelf, not the most pleasant.

The bedroom has strong privacy, in such space, the ancients often choose exquisitely exquisite objects to be carefully arranged to create the best rest environment. The furniture placed in the bedroom has both furniture, and has storage nature, including rack, bright grid cabinet, noodle cabinet. Among them, the noodle cabinet is a classic furniture, the process design is very abstract, the open cabinet door is automatically closed, and the mosquito can also be prevented from entering the cabinet. There is a large painted noodle cabinet, or in the panel inlaid, a variety of jade, agate, and prepare a multicolored pattern. The traditional bedroom is generally spaced, emphasizes comfort, warm, with a woman’s boudoir is the most. Typical deep girro items such as auger seat, the bench, the piano table, and makeup are more delicate and beautiful than the general furniture, and the design is usually more smart and delicate. In this space, makeup is undoubtedly a “treasure chest” that harvested a variety of exquisite ornaments, and it is also a “heavy device” that collects various traditional processes. A small makeup may be the vomiting of the mask for a while, using a thin gold silk rays, or the rice size spiral insert, the above decoration is more invisible.

I have been in the house for a long time, naturally go out to breathe fresh air. Garden is an important part of the traditional home, is affected by painting, poetry and literature. “The scenery is ruthless, and there is no scene.” After the court, I turned out to the court, imitating natural mountain water, small and middle, there is a real, Lin Shi, use this extremely written way, the ancients The fully opposite factors are organically inserted in a narrow space. The garden can be visible, naturally, there is a view of the scene, and the traditional craft also has huge way to play this place. The giants are like the pavilion, the bridge, the thinner, chess table, tea set, wine, aromatherapy, etc. According to the ideals of the owner, there is a dissection, and the denseness is strong. In the garden, there is also a feature that often replaces with the seasonal changes. In the middle of the midsummer, the pavilion may be placed in the pavilion, the campaign, the fans and other things, while the winter may have a warm hand furnace, a warm bushing, and the type of process is more colorful.

In short, every traditional handmade artwork is unique. They have their own stories. They are an important element that makes up the traditional lifestyle. It has brought endless fun and beautiful enjoyment, reflects the unique charm of Chinese traditional culture. . In the fast-paced modern life, you may wish to build a “Chinese home” in your heart, and the Amazab to Ya is in a hurry.

Text / Pharained Chunhai (Author is the Research Institute of the School of Art Chinese Art Research Institute)

Source / Guangming Daily