With a tasteful woman, there must be a “shirt” in the wardrobe. These 4 are enough for you to wear a whole spring and summer! Shirts are widely used by their intellectuality, literature and practicality. Compared with ordinary T -shirts, shirts are more suitable for workplace elite Lady. Its plasticity is super strong. It can be combined with different items to form a completely different style. It is always said that the shirt is monotonous. Get these wearing routines can make you become fashionable in seconds. Next, follow the fashion trendy people to unlock some high -level wear methods of shirts!

1. Shirt style selection


1. Classic white shirt


The style of white shirts is the most classic, and the person who chooses it is the most. Its advantage lies in its high level and strong plasticity. It can be combined with any elements and items. In late spring, the weather is already a little hot. Sisters who are afraid of heat can start with white short -sleeved shirts. After pairing with black A -line skirts, they can not only form a strong color impact, but also inject playful and elegant beauty.

For sisters with slender figure, you can try the obvious shirt style of the waist design. It will outline your slender and soft waist and optimize the proportion of the upper and lower body, so that your man looks taller. It is more friendly to the small eyebrows. White shirts+jeans are the most classic combinations. When you hurried out and don’t know how to match, you can also completely trust it.

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2. Color shirt+straight pants

Color shirts are a little bit more design than white shirts, and they look more youthful. You can choose your favorite color. The blue is refreshing and capable, suitable for the workplace OL, white and feminine, and milk yellow shirts have a little more temperature, quite a bright atmosphere, and it will look full of complexion. With straight pants, it can play a role in modifying the leg shape. It looks quite atmospheric, and your legs will be straightforward.


3. Shirt+suit pants

For OL in the workplace, you need to wear it more formal, so you can learn from the combination of shirts+suit pants. The characteristics of suit pants are straight up and down, slimming atmosphere. If you feel that the black model is too monotonous, you can also choose to open the pants feet to open the feet. The style of the fork will inject a bit of agile atmosphere. The black is the most versatile and can be matched with any color you like.

4. Ribbon shirt

The ribbon shirt is different from the classic of the stand -up collar, but it will be more feminine in comparison. The advantage is that it can be slightly elegant as the human body moves and has strong plasticity. The knot shows the beauty of gentle ladylike style, which is more suitable for light mature women, and can be worn like this when going to work, not too rigid.

2. Demonstration of the shirt of the tide

1. Shirt+skirt

The matching of the shirt and skirt is more loved by a mature woman. The former is casual and casual, and the latter is elegant and restrained. After combining, the style of the two items just forms a reconciliation. , I can wear it when I go to work and go shopping. You can use the same color system to extend the visual effect, or use the combination of contrasting to enhance the fashion.

2. Female shirt

Sisters who are pursuing feminine can refer to the following two shirts. The former presents blue. The overall use of tulle texture, which looks hazy and romantic. Feeling, suitable for dating. Although the second paragraph is plain, the folds are integrated into the embellishment, which injects a strong French romantic style. With a white hip skirt, this style will be strengthened.

3. How to wear the shirt jacket

Of course, you can also use the shirt as an outer cover, and then match a vest or T -shirt inside. This method of wear is suitable for cope with the temperature difference between morning and evening. After all, the shirt is easy to wear and take off, and it will not feel abrupt. If you are afraid of wearing a single sense, you can combine the piercing method, so that it will reveal your waistline, and it will not feel procrastinating.

4. Simple commute wind


The simple commuting wind is practical everywhere. If the solid color looks too single, you can also try the shirt with the printed element, which can enrich the sense of design and show the level. When wearing, you can combine the “plugging method”, so that you will look more capable and play a role in optimizing the proportion of the figure.


After watching this period of explanation, you can probably understand that the shirt can be matched with countless possibilities. You only need to choose the one that suits you best. If you like my sharing, just click on me, I will continue to share fashion information for you.

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