Many people use at home

plastic barrel

At that time, moss is always found in the plastic barrel. It is a pity to lose, but it will not want to use it, and it is not hygienic. That

Plastic bucket


How can the moss in it solve? The editor sorted out these 10 tips and took a look at it.

1. Clean plastic bucket moss with boiling water

If the wall is thick enough, it can be cleaned with boiling water, and it can also play a role in disinfected and sterilized. If it is not a heat -resistant plastic barrel, you cannot use boiling water. If conditions permit, you can disinfect the plastic barrel with disinfectant

2. Clean plastic bucket moss with alcohol

Clean the plastic bucket with alcohol, to clarify whether the plastic barrel can touch the alcohol. In general, the cleaning of alcohol is insufficient, and it is not recommended for cleaning.

3. Clean plastic bucket moss with alkali water

Many people have alkaline powder. If the plastic barrel is moss, it can be soaked with melting and diluted alkali powder. Washing it for two days before washing, at this time, the moss is easy to wash away.

4. Clean plastic bucket moss with salt water

If there is no alkali water, it is also a very good choice to clean up plastic bucket moss with saline. Like alkaline water, dilute the salt and soak it. Clean up after two days.

5. Clean plastic bucket moss with lemonade

Lemonade cleaning plastic bucket moss is more environmentally friendly, and the flavor of lemon will appear during the cleaning process.

6. Clean up plastic barrel moss with a baking soda

The soda cleans up plastic bucket moss and alkali water, but it does not have the power of alkali water and can only clean up some moss.

7. Clean plastic bucket moss with toothpaste

If there is no items above, the toothpaste you use daily can also be used to clean up the moss in the plastic bucket. After dipping with a bristles to remove the toothpaste, clean the moss part.


8. Clean plastic bucket moss with particles

If there are fine sand, rice, etc., you can put it in the barrel, and then pour some water, baking soda or detergent, and shake the plastic barrel. You can also pull down the moss.

This method is suitable for a small barrel with a small caliber, which is not convenient to clean up.

9. Clean plastic bucket moss with banana water

Banana water can effectively clean the moss in plastic buckets. After the flavor of banana water is dispersed, it can be used for disinfection and sterilization of the barrel.


10. Clean up plastic bucket moss with equipment

If it is a batch processing of the moss in the plastic bucket, the method of cleaning the manpower is relatively inefficient. At this time, you can see if you can rent a plastic bucket cleaning tool.

If it is commonly used, you can buy one. Different specifications of buckets and cleaning equipment are also different. Generally speaking, only standard size barrels can buy cleaning equipment.


No materials and wall thickness

The environmental temperature is different from the tolerance of the disinfectant. Generally, the plastic barrels of food materials are good. It can be cleaned with boiling water. It can also be sterilized and sterilized with corrosive liquids such as disinfectant.

Before cleaning, you can consult the manufacturer, or it is clear

The material is cleaned up ~ to prevent damage to the plastic barrel.

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