Zhang Qidong: How to match and install the professional stage performance audio equipment? (Analysis of the principle of tunes)

Many companies’ stages and exhibition halls need to use professional stage performances. There are some purchases to consult me. How do you have to pay attention to the professional stage performance audio equipment?


Why are consumers so cautious when buying professional stage performances?

major factor:

1. Purchasing funds to perform the funds of audio equipment on the professional stage, and it is more than 100,000 or even millions.

2. Worried that audio effects Consumers are worried that the device you buy will not meet the standard when purchasing products.

Many audio equipment has a hazy sound and insufficient volume, and the singer’s singing is not far away.

The stage performance audio is not as good as KTV entertainment, and it needs to cover a very wide range.

A slightly larger stage can accommodate about 2,000 people, and the coverage of the audio is 1,500 square meters to 2,000 square meters.

If the audio system is not done well (the coverage range is limited), most people can’t hear what they sang on the stage.

3. I am afraid that the merchant’s flicker sound industry has a word, 6 points of products and 4 points technology. I (Zhang Qidong) believes that it is 4 points, 3 points, and 3 -point debugging technology.

As long as you are looking for a strong tunnel, the choice, matching, and commissioning of the product will be done at one time, and the cost -effective professional stage performance audio system will be made.

Many businesses are not satisfactory because their professional ability is not enough, and the final sound system singing effect is difficult to be satisfactory, and even burn the audio equipment.


This is not the professional ethics of the merchant, but the issue of professional ability.

In other words, there is a phenomenon in the professional audio industry. Merchants with poor technology have practiced their hands with consumers who do not understand!

4. I want to buy suitable products

Because of the limited budget, many consumers have not reached the standard for choosing the low -end products of large brands.

There is a certain brand premium for big brands, and the positioning is a professional concert.

When purchasing the audio equipment of the big brand of imports, the cost of better performance will be very high.

There are too many small brands on the market, and the attributes of each product are different, so you need to have a certain understanding before purchasing.

5. Avoid excess resources


When we buy audio equipment, it is easy to have excess audio system resources.

For example: a 500 -square -meter stage, the merchant gave a sound system scheme that needed to be used for 1,000 square meters.

This is a typical situation of excess audio system resources (some merchants sell more products)

How to match the professional stage performance audio equipment

1. Power reserve

Professional stage audio equipment requires strong power, because most of the cases are used on the outdoor open -air stage.

If there is no strong power support, it will not show good sound and sound effects, let alone a shocking feeling.

So powerful power reserves are the hard requirements of professional stage audio equipment!

Second, the sensitivity of the sound

The sensitivity of professional stage audio equipment is high and high resolution

Ensure that the sound gain of the audio can be enhanced, and the audience seats can get enough loudness and shock.

It can make the audience hear some details of the singers or music, and the effect on the scene has enough infectious power.

Professional stage audio equipment has low sensitivity and poor resolution

Not only is the singer singing hard, but even the singer’s voice cannot be recognized, the effect of such audio systems does not meet the standard of stage performances.

Sensitivity refers to the degree of response to the amount of response caused by the change of the unit concentration or the amount of unit volume to be measured. describe.

3. Hanging speaker

If the professional stage audio device works in outdoor performances, the speaker is placed a little higher, otherwise the speaker sound waves will easily be sucked by the audience, and it will also cause loss of high -audio.

Therefore, the speakers of professional stage audio equipment need to be lifted to ensure the further spread of sound waves and ensure sufficient sound sound.

Professional stage performance of audio equipment

The outdoor performance field is different from the indoor. It is a relatively empty environment. It has no roof and walls, so there is no reflex sound.

Compared with indoor audio engineering, the energy of the audio system sound of the audio system on the outdoor stage is faster and loser, and there is no room for no room.

Therefore, the sound is thin and dry, and lacks power. When configured, it is necessary to be equipped with a special reverberation effect to loud and beautify the human voice.

The choice of professional stage audio effects should be carried out according to the content of the performance.

First, singer band singing, drama performances, host speeches, their reverberation time and reverberation effect mode are different.

If it is a singer band singing, the professional stage audio system sound requires sufficient plumpness, so the reverberation time must be adjusted.

Second, if it is a drama and a host, the professional stage audio voice definition is required, so the reverberation time can be slightly adjusted.

The above is the analysis of the professional stage performance audio equipment matching and installation debugging. You still do n’t know how to consult me.