Men always like to pursue the pleasure of stimulation. The ultra -thinness of 001 makes the intimacy distance more secure.

Women always like to wear lighter and thinner in winter, thin skinny leg socks can replace heavy wool pants.

“超薄”这事遇尴尬 装修设计师的忠告变成了烦恼

Code farmers, always like thin and thin digital products, ultra -thin laptops can always make more effort.

At home, there are also some ultra -thin home appliances. They have become the new darlings purchased by consumers, but the problem also follows …

I encountered such a problem in the renovation of the editor’s home. When the cabinet designer planned each position, because the kitchen area itself was not large. In order to improve the space, the designer suggested that the drum washing machine in the cabinet is ultra -thin (the thickness is ultra -thin (the thickness is ultra -thin ( About 45cm). According to the designer’s suggestion, I chose an ultra -thin drum washing machine with a foreign -funded foreign. However, the problem comes. Although the fuselage is indeed thin, compared to similar products with more functions, ultra -thin drum washing machines have sacrificed a lot of functions, and ultra -thin home appliances are rare in the entire category.

“超薄”这事遇尴尬 装修设计师的忠告变成了烦恼

When it comes to ultra -thin home appliances, the first thing I think of is the TV. From the CRT TV’s brain to the LCD TV, to now the ultra -thin wallpaper OLED TV, the technical flying makes the TV screen as soft as paper. In terms of home design, OLED is also very advantageous. Due to the self -optical mechanism of OLED, there is no need to have a backlight module. Compared with the complicated internal composition of LCD TV, OLED has a natural and thin body. This also explains why many mobile phone manufacturers favor the favor The OLED screen also meets the aesthetic requirements of modern people’s home appliances from the overall design.

OLED wallpaper TV

However, OLED is not almost perfect. In recent years, the problems of flash screens and screen burning have not been completely solved, and the high price has made many consumers discouraged. But anyway, the development speed of TV in recent years is indeed obvious to all. What about other products?

The ice washing empty in white electricity attracts attention. Which of these three pieces is “heavyweight” in the field of home appliances. The air -conditioning products have been very mature. In the past few years, in the air -conditioned body, major manufacturers such as Haier, Hisense, and Oaks have also launched ultra -thin air conditioners. Among them, the mural air conditioners launched by Gree in 2017 are particularly eye -catching. , Very CP Fan! The thickness of the fuselage is only 11.2cm, which allows the air conditioner not only to have a cooling/heating effect, but also a decorative effect.

Mural air conditioning

It is said that the refrigerator has touched the pain of many user families. As the volume of the refrigerator is getting larger and larger, many consumers like large capacity, open door, and multiple refrigerators. Xiaobian has also been to many families. It seems that the living area of ​​the family is not large, but the refrigerator is really large. Although it meets the storage needs, the refrigerator is really a bit abrupt for the beauty of the home.

The ultra -thin refrigerator on the market is not without. In 17 years, Midea launched an ultra -thin four -door refrigerator with a thickness of only 665mm, which is 30 ~ 40mm thinner than other refrigerators. In 18 years, Meiling launched M Xiansheng comprehensive thin series refrigerator to optimize the internal structure and reduce the wall thickness from 80mm to 45mm. , Reduce the actual area of ​​the refrigerator; Toshiba launched a 60cm wide in Toshiba this year to achieve a large -capacity refrigerator of 501L, which is also the first ultra -thin refrigerator listing in Japan.

Ultra -thin multi -door refrigerator

From the refrigerator alone, many user families make the refrigerator into embedded. However, the specifications of the mainstream cabinet brand are smaller than that of more than 700mm. Therefore, how to do the refrigerator is thinner, which has become the difficulty of many refrigerator brand challenges. But the problem comes, the refrigerator is only pursuing thinness, and core storage and thermal insulation and cooling functions cannot be met, nor can they be called a good refrigerator. Therefore, manufacturers have done a lot of effort to improve foaming materials and technology.

“超薄”这事遇尴尬 装修设计师的忠告变成了烦恼

Let’s look at more vomiting points of the washing machine. The drum washing machine is often embedded in the cabinet, but when customized cabinets, it is limited by the cabinet environment. There may be more kitchen equipment such as dishwasher, oven, etc. in the kitchen.

Then the savvy designer will suggest that you consider buying an ultra -thin washing machine, which is thinner in the case of conventional thickness of 60cm. At present, the thickness of the ultra -thin drum washing machine is between 45cm ~ 56cm, but the brand range and specific models that can be considered can be counted.

“超薄”这事遇尴尬 装修设计师的忠告变成了烦恼

Ultra -thin drum washing machine

There are many problems with the washing machine too ultra -thin, which is quite similar to the refrigerator. Compared with the abnormal specifications of ultra -thin washing machines, the volume of the traditional specifications was not large. At present Both are restricted. In addition, considering the weight ratio of the drum washing machine, and the pursuit of ultra -thin fuselage, its noise, vibration and other issues will be affected.

With consumers’ preference for ultra -thin home appliances, new products of ultra -thin appliances have emerged endlessly in recent years. Ultra -thin washing machines, ultra -thin refrigerators, ultra -thin air conditioners, and even kitchen appliances have also launched ultra -thin fuel range hoods, ultra -thin induction cookers.

In summary, ultra -thin design appliances have begun to be popular. They don’t look so bulky, save home space, and consumers who use home appliances mild home appliances can be described as one stone. However, if you pursue higher configuration functions like me, many products may not take into account ultra -thin design, such as washing machines with a washing and drying of more than 10kg, more than 600L of the door of the door, and 3 horsepower air conditioners, etc., especially high power, especially high power, especially high power. The home appliance equipment chose the latter between the two of the ultra -thin and performance.

As the trend of consumption upgrades is highlighted, ultra -thin home appliances have become synonymous with fashion. In many products areas, such as TV, laptop, TV, etc., ultra -thin design has become an important reference standard. More new appliances will also take into account the “weight loss” in the overall appearance.

Buyers are more like choosing a wife. What kind of figure is determined by you!