Time turns, and it is about to enter the spring and summer turn. At this time, the rainfall is sufficient, and the crops are thrive under the moisturizing of spring rain. After people say clearly, Lixia was the best season of tea before the beginning of the Xia, that is, the tea before and after the rain was baptized by the rain, the growth was fuller, the delicate and fragrant, and the tea flavor was strong. There is a condition of dry throat and swelling gums, and Gu Yu tea has the effect of clearing fire. Therefore, drinking some Gu Yu tea in this season has a good effect on the body.


Gu Yu tea can not only make tea alone into tea, but also cook tea with apples, oranges, etc. into fruit tea.

Apple is a very healthy alkaline fruit, rich in pectin vitamins, minerals, etc.


Add some fruit tea made of other ingredients. The fragrance of tea is perfectly integrated with fruity aroma. The absorption of the human body can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis and adsorb the impurities in the body, and trace elements in tea can also accelerate the metabolism in the body. After meals, a cup can alleviate the sense of oil and help digestion. Such a fruit tea is very healthy for health. Benefit, especially suitable for middle -aged and elderly people.


Apple tea


The required ingredients: 1 apple, 1 black tea, 5 red dates, 1 wolfberry, 8 slices of dried hawthorn tablets, and 4 rock sugar.


1. Apple does not need to peel, clean the skin, rinse it with water and soak it in light saline for 10 minutes. It has the effect of sterilization and disinfection. The red dates are also cleaned.

Tips: Apple skin is rich in active substances and antioxidant ingredients, such as phenols, flavonoids, etc., which has certain benefits for health. Apple can not peel when cooking water.


2. After the apple was cleaned, the Apple was cut off for a half -cut and cut off the nuclear slices.

3. Add an appropriate amount of water to the cooking pot and add apples to cook for about 5 minutes. The fruity aroma of the apple has been emitted.

4. Add tea and red dates and dry hawthorn slices, cook for about 5 minutes on low heat. At this time, the soup can be seen obviously.

5. Add wolfberry and rock sugar and stir until the rock sugar is completely dissolved in the water. You can turn off the heat. The fruit tea with double online online and taste is ready.

——Laojing said –

Although fruit tea is good, pay attention to drinking tea. Do not drink it after 4 pm. Due to the addition of tea in fruit tea, if you drink at night, you may cause insomnia, especially for some middle -aged and elderly people who have poor sleep. In terms of, this is not worth it.

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