When it comes to Dili Reba, it is really a household name. The exquisite facial features are simply. Even a girl of me is willing to pour her waist for her three -dimensional and charming small face. Miss Di Lierba is a girl in Xinjiang, so her appearance is quite exotic. What kind of feeling will this style and classical retro costume feel? Let’s take a look at the charm of the combination of the exotic style and classical retro of Miss Dili Reba!


White bright noodle silk ink dress


In recent years, it will be mentioned in Chinese classical beauty, except for specific costumes, such as Hanfu, cheongsam, full service, etc., reflecting the classical beauty is to say that now the classical elements are used on clothes, just like Dili Reba Xiaoxiao Xiaoxiao Xiaoxiao Sister’s silk tube top ink dress. The whole body of the skirt is made of white shiny silk silk, which combines the elements of traditional Chinese ink painting. It draws green bamboo leaves on the surface of the clothes. White and green are matched with green. The ink background is integrated into one, and it is extremely fitted, and the style of this set of ink skirts has been raised again!

After watching the design of the ink and ink on the surface of the clothes, in the design of the clothes style, the whole set of clothes is a semi -circular tube top design. From the chest, there is no modification. Let us see the natural Dili Reba. In the picture, Reba’s arm is slightly open, the collarbone connects the arms on both sides with the neck, the neck lines and the arms lines are naturally natural, and the fingers are slightly raised, like a swan waiting for flying. The ink -green leaves on the skirt are decorated with feathers, plus the blue background board and the green background green binding Dili Reba as if the peacock that needs to be opened is enchanting and beautiful.

The skirt is slightly mopped, and the waist is tightened. In addition to giving a classic charm in the design, the whole costume also highlights the perfect body proportion of Miss Reba’s long legs and small waist. It can also be described as a boutique dress, which not only blends China’s unique classical charm, but also exerts the advantages of the whole person. Deeply printed in the hearts of people wearing and appreciating it.

Retro leopard pattern with water washing denim flared pants


Everyone knows that the big suit and denim are all overwhelmed in the 1990s. This set of Reba is also properly paid. The jacket is a large leopard pattern, the pants are washed denim flared pants, and the pants are a printed flower composed of dark blue vertical stripes. On the previous pair of thick -bottomed loose cake small shoes, the advantages of Reba’s legs are fully played.


Ancient street wooden windows, autumn leaves fluttering, decorated with green potted plants, the style is intricate, retro street scenes reveal a unique temperament, and the playful posture is also very stylish. Therefore, this retro style is also very young and improved. If the younger sister in front of the screen wants to reduce the sense of young girls, you can try this style.

Pink pearl light lantern sleeve tail long skirt

This pink pearl court style dress is equipped with Mikimoto’s high -end jewelry, Guo Pei Haute Couture, earrings and bracelets, large diamond -inlaid earrings and tassel diamond bracelets, elegant atmosphere, plus the thin red lips, gorgeous lips, gorgeous The red lips, the eyebrows of the willow leaves are slightly light, the eyeliner is slightly warp, and the tall nose bridge, the facial features are very three -dimensional, the makeup, the appearance is integrated with the noble jewelry. Charming and intellectual.

The skirt is the design of the princess lantern sleeve and a shoulder tube top, which allows Guo Pei Haute Couture to shine on the neck and is more outstanding. Wanwan Eria, blue and pink interpret the palace atmosphere to the fullest, come and go freely, setting up that noble temperament is more compact and elegant! You can try it in front of the screen!


Well, it’s time to say goodbye again. Today, Miss Di Lierba is handsome. The retro style also makes us bright, age -reducing and noble, trendy and stylish. Get up quickly!