Last week, I went to see a house with a friend. After the sales department, my friend complained:

In such a hot day, why should the sales department give a glass of hot water?


I say:

That is to let you drink slowly and sit in the sales department for a while.

The sales department, as the most important room for the developer, carries too many functions.

You can even say:

Your impression of the future community is almost all from the sales department.

Therefore, developers will come up with a large price and build a particularly luxurious sales department.

Then make a delicate landscape demonstration area+model room.

Let every visitor think that the future home of his future is like this.


Today, let’s talk about the careful thinking in the sales department.


In the sales department, the first uncertain factor was a real estate consultant.

Real Estate consultant is a kind of occupation, of course, it is also good and bad.


The same project and different home consultants may be completely different.

for example.

A relative of his hometown came to Zhengzhou to buy a house and dress, and it may not look so rich and decent.

A buying consultant in a project in the South Four Ring Road was obviously absent -minded. When he talked about it, he called and looked back on WeChat when he looked back at the model room.

After watching the model room, we went straight to the sales department of the competition.


This guy was enthusiastic and thoughtful, the introduction was detailed, and finally gave one more discount, and the relatives swiped the card on the spot!

After coming out, my relatives also talked to me:

This guy speaks a lot of words, and you look at the “goods” just now (the real estate consultant of the previous project), running the train with a mouth full, no matter how good things are, you will not buy there!

“Real Estate Consultant” is now synonymous with “Back Boers”. When selling houses, it promises:


We have subways, we have schools, and we are quality communities.

When the house is handed over, once there is a problem, all responsibilities will be pushed to the original “real estate consultant”.

Then talk about it:

“Everything is subject to the contract!”

In the sales department, it is impossible for every home buyer to encounter responsible real estate consultants, so don’t hear anything, just believe in anything.


The second careful thought of the sales department should start with the location chart.

The location map of each project will put its own project in the center of the region.

For example:

Zhengzhou project area drawing (picture source: shell to find a house)

Actual distance between the two

From a real estate map of Nanlonghu, the project and CBD have only four roads.


In fact, the two are 22 kilometers apart.

On the location diagram, the ratio is completely wrong.

It looks like two streets, in fact, there may be 10 kilometers.

It seems that the project is next to the subway entrance. In fact, it may take 20 minutes.

It seems that the surrounding parks, business, and schools are complete. It is likely that those are all under the planning. When will it be built? Ghost knows.

Those landmarks and favorable landmarks in Zhengzhou are clear than one. CBD, Erqi Tower, Central Plains Futa, Dennis, I can’t wait to mark it with a big red frame!

After reading the area map, it is best to open the navigation software directly to see how far the project is CBD!


The third thing is a sand table.

Within the community, the distribution of the building is reasonable and orderly;

Green landscape, lush branches, lush lush;

Outside the community, the flowing water and the subway are serving.

Sand table for a project

Real Estate consultants will tell us:

What we see now is how the community looks like in the future!

I believe you a ghost!


Why is the stone paving on the sand table replaced with bread bricks?


Why does the plastic runway on the sand table become an asphalt road?

Why does the small bridge flowing on the sand table become blue paint+prop wood bridge?

Why is the lush lush on the sand table?

“Plastic Lake” in a real estate in Changsha (picture source: beautiful Changsha)

For developers, there are only some hard parameters in the initial design. As for what the park is like and what kind of materials used, there is no specific rule.

The renderings and sand tables we see are carefully rendered by designers!

Sand table for a project in Zhengzhou

Just like the buyer show and the seller show on Taobao, one is model lighting+later trimming, and the other is ordinary people+natural shooting, of course, there will be completely different effects.

The greening of many projects began to be paved when the house was nearly handed. Therefore, we see a variety of withered winter greens, sparse and weak trees, and lawn that will fall into color.

The actual delivery of the landscape is completely different from the landscape we have seen in the demonstration area.

The price of the two may be several times, not even a company, how can it have the same effect?

There are also some refined decoration projects (not all). The night before the delivery, the final decoration was still assaulted.


The apartment diagram and model are another thought.

Most of the apartment diagrams on the market are not marked with size. The room displayed in the apartment diagram may actually not be able to put a normal bed.

Zhengzhou project units

There are also household models.

Zhengzhou project units model

The wall of the household model is much thinner than the actual wall, so the indoor space will look larger.

The model room is even more deceptive.

Model room of a project in Zhengzhou

In the bedroom, a bed, two bedside tables, plus a wardrobe, looks reasonable and space is enough.

However, if you look at the bed with a ruler, you will find that the master bedroom of 1.8 meters should be placed, and the bed is only 1.5 meters.

Customizing and narrowing the size of the furniture is the careful thinking of the model room.

Those apartments and LOFT decorations are even more exaggerated.

Zhengzhou LOFT model room

Various Nordic -style decorations and homes in the model room can make people love it at all. If you really decorate the model rooms, you will find that decoration models are more expensive than houses.


After reading the area map, sand table, apartment, and model room, the rest is the price.

The sofa of the sales department is generally far away, just to keep you always listening, not falling asleep in the sofa.

The bright lights and soothing music will even make you forget the time. Sitting for two hours will not feel tired at all.

When calculating the price, the property consultant will also release a variety of discounts. One point of this event, two points of that activity, and finally apply for a point for you.

In fact, there is a base price for sale in the sales department. As long as it is not lower than this price, the real estate consultant has the right to let you go.

If, in a market state (non -rising) market state, the property consultant tells you that this event is over today.


The probability is to force you to settle, not the real end.

Even if the 6.18 gift package is over today, the next Dragon Boat Festival discount will come out again.

There is no harm to cut more bargaining.


In the sales department, there are various public announcements of the “Sunshine Declaration”, which are generally not very eye -catching in the corner.

Sunshine Declaration of a project

However, this is very important. You need to take a closer look and keep it.

After reading this, you can basically understand the unfavorable factors inside and outside the project, such as garbage stations, power stations, viaducts, railways, septic tanks in the community, non -motorized vehicle parking areas, etc.

In addition, come out from the sales department, walk around the area where the project is located, and take a look:

How far is the subway entrance?


Where is the business?

Where is the school?

How beautiful is that landscape waters?

The ear listening is virtual, and it is true. If you have a million transactions, you can keep your heart, which is always right.