Susline, depression, monotonous, are not inherent in autumn and winter. The more we are in the autumn and winter, the more we have to be. It is in sharp contrast to the surrounding environment in order to be more eye -catching in the crowd.

The wearing of Miss Korea is mainly playful, and it looks like it is effortless, but it is particularly colorful. If you also want your own style to be cooler, you might as well learn how to wear it like Miss Korea, and it is easy to be beautiful.

One: The level is clear and important

Although the wearing of Miss Korea is mainly playful and lively, it will definitely pay more attention to the sense of layering. Well -layered dressing will not have bloated feeling. Making wearing more layered sense is also a fashionable manner.


If you want to show the sense of layering, you can start from multiple aspects. The comparison of different colors, the echo of different styles, and even different lengths of the length can create a clearer sense of layering.

With the cool style as the mainstream, you can choose the contrast of different styles and different colors, loose leather jackets, combined with wine red checkered shirt skirts, short -term and internal lengths, and comparison of light and dark colors. Make the sense of layering more prominent.

Of course, the same style and style clothing can still create a different sense of layering. At this time, it is recommended that you choose the most common and most versatile inner tight and outer loose style. I choose a slim bottoming shirt inside and wear a loose coat or knitted jacket outside. It is lazy and playful, lively and eye -catching.

How to create a sense of layering in the same color. Using different fabrics, different textures, and different looseness, you can create a strong sense of visual hierarchy, so that your dress is playful and lively, and it will not look bloated.

Two: Shuaiku single product is more fashionable and foreign

The dress of Miss Korea always brings a little handsome in playfulness. So when choosing clothing items, you can choose some handsome and cool items. The handsome single product, with a neutral style, more fashionable, can also weaken the feminineness of women.


The suit jacket is not only exclusive to commute wind. It can be used in daily matching to mix and match a cool and fashionable beauty. The suit jackets needed for mixing and the version should not be too rigid. The slightly loose tailoring even highlights the cool and fashionable fan.

In the autumn and winter season, the suit jacket is a versatile item, which is more likely to play a variety of fashionable shapes. Having long pants is cool and handsome, and the knee boots are chic and fashionable. The handsome and handsomeness is a little bit cool, it is really the favorite of the younger sister in Korea.

In addition to the suit jacket, you can also choose a denim jacket, a trench coat, and even a faction to overcome the jacket. These jackets are biased towards neutral temperament. You only need to choose a dark color in proper choice, and you will add a little coolness in virtual.

Like a dark blue denim jacket, the color is saturated, white and eye -catching, and it is also a more handsome style. The younger sister casually put a pair of high -waisted straight jeans, and presented the superior three -seven ratio, and the long legs were particularly eye -catching.


Three: The modification of high waist is important

The wearing of Miss Korea is always particularly fashionable, giving a sense of vision of long legs. How can we create tall legs? We can try high waist modification, such as the matching of the belt, the waist design, or the embellishment of the waist seal.


The most intuitive way to modify high waist is to match a pair of high -waisted pants or high -waisted half -body skirts to use different color contrasts, or version comparison, and even fabric contrasts to make the waistline position more clear.

If you choose to wear the same color system, even high waist pants cannot outline obvious waist. We can choose a more simple way, with a belt with a different color of high -waist pants to strengthen the waist ratio.

The choice of high waist pants, in addition to optimizing the leg shape and creating a superior three -seven ratio, can also increase the cool air field. The matching of pants can make the younger sister’s dress more cool and handsome. Especially the matching of jeans and Martin boots, the cool wind is very eye -catching.

Miss Korean lady is not so rigid and there is more likely to change. Straight pants, nine -point pants, wide -leg pants, and their wear are particularly common. No matter what kind of pants, the high -waisted style is definitely not wrong.

Four: accessories matching


The clothing of clothing is too monotonous, and it must be decorated with less accessories. The wearing of Miss Korea will pay more attention to the overall beauty. Therefore, the matching of accessories is even more important. Whether it is a bag, a scarf or a hat, it can become the most powerful accessories on their hands.

The messenger bag is a very thin way, cutting the natural tilt of the body, and taller and thinner. Of course, if you want to be higher, you can make the shoulder straps shorter. The backpack is naturally hanging on the waistline position, which can also strengthen the waistline ratio.


If you want to use your bag to be thin and high, it is recommended that you choose some classic backpacks. Don’t let the style of the bag too colorful, which makes people ignore its own embellishment.

In addition to the matching of the bag, the hat is also a significant weapon. In the autumn and winter season, a hat is not only more fashionable and warm, but also visually stretching your height, and it looks taller. Even a peaked cap can have a higher effect.


In fact, in addition to the hat, we can also use fluffy hair, or good -looking hair hoops, and high ball heads to increase the head ratio to achieve a higher purpose.

Well, the above is the fashion information shared by Xiao Crazy today. Now do you know how to create Han Fan’s wearing and wearing a small knowledge of fashion trends every day, hurry up and pay attention! (Original text, picture source network. If there is any infringement, please contact it.)





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