Fashion wearing in -depth analysis, for you, thousands of times. This is a thousand -sided fashion, taking you to appreciate the beauty of fashion.

In the summer, the girls of the Mori department are always emerging in our minds. A cotton skirt, stepping on a pair of clean canvas shoes, always has a fresh and natural feeling, It’s like the elf from the forest, not publicity at all, and the whole body is full of literary atmosphere. Without pretentious, seeing such a girl feels very cured.


The Mori wearing is liked by many young girls. Most of these girls like simplicity and nature, and small freshness with a trace of retro style. Every girl lives in a princess, and a small skirt in the forest can be well satisfied to satisfy the little princess in the heart of the girl. Let ’s show you a few Mori skirts recommended by Xiaobian, bloom our beauty in summer ~~~~

1 White shirt+skirt

If you like the loose and loose Mori feeling, a pure white casual and loose shirt, plus a loose cotton skirt, and then put on a pair of white canvas shoes, properly fresh and natural, let let it We feel the freedom of breathing and see the small fresh on our body. Whether you are a style that you can try a girl or not^0^


It is worth noting that loose shirts and body skirts are completely not picky at all. Regardless of whether there are sidelines, stout of calf, or thick waist, it is recommended to try loose white shirts with a half skirt to cover up to cover up Small problems, easily wear a lady.


It is still a shirt with a half -body skirt, but the picture above feels the lively and cute Mori style in the small freshness. A shirt with a large round neck bubble sleeve, with a embroidered pattern on the collar, the design of the bubble sleeve cleverly cover our flesh arm, put the shirt in the skirt, rack the skirt slightly, immediately Pulling out the feeling of one meter eight long legs, putting on a pair of canvas shoes, and taking a straw bag, I really fell in love with immediately. It is the feeling we want in summer. This kind of dress is sweet and sweet. According to the changes in the hairstyle, it can not only show lady, gentle, sweet style, but also show lively and playful appearance.

2 grid cotton dress

Compared with the former, the lattice cotton long skirt, although it also has versatile characteristics, is more suitable for girls with mature temperament, elegant, intellectual, and gentle. These are the beauty brought by the cotton long skirt. Feel.

The lattice pure cottonon long skirt is the retro style of the Mori system as a whole. It can be matched with retro Martin boots, or a pair of people’s leather shoes, and a shoulder backpack. It should not be too high with the coefficient. This style of this style is definitely suitable for the shade of the tree, in the forest park that is transparent to the sun, a photo of the screen guarantee can be used. This kind of dress is not suitable for wearing in a modern city. The Mori Department, there is another big skirt with cotton cotton, it will be hotter in the city. After all, everyone wants to live a refreshing summer, but the temperature of the forest lake will be low in the forest lake, which is more suitable for wearing to wear. La.


3 Mori straps ingenious match

In the Mori -style skirt, of course, a Mori strap skirt cannot be ignored. The above picture is the multi -layered wear method of the Mori system, which uses the visual superposition effect. A white loose shirt skirt with the same length as the skirt, wearing a khaki pants on the lower body, and the same color canvas bag on the back. You can put on this strap skirt, wearing or not, revealing a quiet and quiet movement. With a blue skirt, people feel a lot quiet. This kind of small girls can also try.

At a glance, girls with back skirts are easy to give people a “ancient spirit” and “fashionable and cute” feeling, which makes people can’t help but want to go closer. However, compared with the previous two styles, the strap skirt is suitable for the crowd. Girls with limited limitations and girls with full breasts, and girls with mature temperament are not recommended to wear. This style is more suitable for love, but I don’t want to be a small girls who are unchanged.

However, the tall girls want to wear a strap skirt, which is not impossible. As long as you intentionally choose to lengthen the V -neck strap skirt of the upper body, you can change the original cute style into a gentle and intellectual style.

A dark khaki strap skirt with a white bubble sleeve shirt is full of the school style, and it is also relatively fresh and natural. It also shows the sweetness and cuteness of the girls. The backpack shows the girl’s small waist to a certain extent. In short, it is beautiful.

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