The famous luxury brand Tiffany, the English name is Tiffany. This fashion brand was born in New York in the United States in 1837. Since its birth, Tiffany has always adhered to the innovative spirit and fashion design concept. Everyone is familiar with Tiffany’s blue blue Gift box? Also called Tiffany Blue Box, as a classic of Tiffany, it is well known by many people. The diamond ring inlaid with six claws is also a famous product of Tiffany.

Of course, in addition to these Tiffany, there are many famous jewelry appearance products. Today, I will share with you some of Tiffany’s beautiful fashion pendants. Compared with the prices of these pendants Too hard, let’s take a look at these Tiffany’s fashion pendants together. Which pendant is your favorite shape?

(01) Tiffany/Tiffany elliptical key pendant


This Tiffany ellipse key pendant comes from the Tiffany Keys series. The inspiration of the Tiffany Keys series comes from the “key” in the treasures in the Tiffany Company Museum. This series was launched by Tiffany in 2008. Welcome, after a few years, it has become a classic of Tiffany. The material selected by this elliptical key pendant is 925 sterling silver. The classic key shape opens the brightness and beauty of women.


(02) Tiffany/Tiffany Paloma Picasso series dual -hearted necklace

The shape of Tiffany’s video is always amazing and like. Although the heart -shaped shape has more styles in the market, Tiffany’s heart -shaped necklace uses the design concept of double -hearted shape, which is playful and novel, which is playful and novel. There is a sweet style, young students, or office workers who are new to the society. It is also suitable to wear this type of chain, which can reflect the young and energetic feeling.

(03) Tiffany/Tiffany Exquisite Dragonfly Ms. Pendant

This exquisite dragonfly necklace, when I saw it at first glance, was attracted by it. The shape of the dragonfly was relatively complicated, but under the design of Tiffany’s designer, it became simple and lifelike. There is a lively and elegant sense of vision, the shape of the clavicle chain, which looks skinny and women’s softness, showing women’s brightness and beauty.

(04) Tiffany/Tiffany Eiffel Iron Modeling Pendant


The three -dimensional Eiffel Tower shape not only carved the iron -paired shape, but also the eye -catching effect is really good, and it is full of romantic atmosphere from Paris. Wearing such a pendant is elegant and temperamental. It exudes the romance of Paris. This Tiffany’s Eiffel Tower is relatively simple, and it also reflects the simple atmosphere of the wearer. It is really a pendant with a more beautiful and artistic conception. Do you like this shape?

(05) Tiffany/Ms. Tiffany Personalized Plane Pendant

The plane has always given a sense of masculine, and Tiffany used the masculine “aircraft” as a necklace shape to design this female necklace, which really surprised me. The sense of masculinity feels that it adds some women’s rigidity and handsome feeling. The special shape does not feel strange, but it is dazzling and personality.


If you have other good -looking styles, leave a message below to share with you