The bell of Christmas is about to wake up immediately, and it is time to prepare Christmas gifts for family and friends! What can I give money and save money for Christmas this year? You are blessed if you are still struggling with what gifts are entangled! “Hi, log in to to participate in the” Demolition Box, Win Big Brand Mobile “activity, various big -name mobile phones get your hand soft! And the maximum direct drop of the couple’s sleeve machine is 1121 yuan, the Samsung S6 EDGE has a maximum discount of 1,000 yuan, LeTV music 1 good price 888 Yuan, Meizu MX5, PRO5 White Bar 12 -stage interest -free!

Christmas drawing gifts, has “Beijing” joy

From December 21st, users above can participate in the Christmas “Demolition and Win Gifts” raffle, and three opportunities to draw Samsung Galaxy on 7, Meizu MX4 Pro, Qilu Youth Edition, Huawei Honor 4A, 1000 face value -40 East Coupon and other various gifts. Surprise waves after wave, the gift gets your hand soft, only you can’t think of it, you can’t get it! Only you don’t want it, you can’t get it without you!

圣诞狂欢京喜不断 拆礼盒就赢大牌手机

Change your mobile phone with TA, the couple kit is more favorable

The most romantic thing in the world is to synchronize everything in life with the lovers, watch the same book, watch the same movie, and then change to a new mobile phone. Christmas, come to Jingdong to change mobile phone couple suits, Galaxy Edge Snow Crystal White and Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Lite Couple Couple Set directly 1121 yuan; Honor Couple Set directly drops 200 yuan; Xiaomi couple set 99 yuan discount big broadcast; Reduce 100 yuan, and also send the original headset shell film; ZUK couple set freezing point reduction directly drops 200 yuan. Love TA, just to synchronize with TA God!

How to get a good deal, there are discounts for any of them

With the advent of the intelligent era, mobile phones have become the best gifts for the New Year. If it happens to catch up with the JD Christmas mobile phone, what are you waiting for for the gift? Send a friend, the new machine Huawei Mate 8, OPPO R7 Plus to buy, Huawei Mate S purchase will return to 500 yuan; send it Goddess, double -sided song screen Samsung S6 Edge’s highest discount 1000; Xiaomi Note Goddess Edition 1999 yuan waiting for you to grab; send elders, ZTE L530G, 21KE F1 and other senior aircraft as low as 89 yuan; send children, LeTV music only sells 888 yuan for only 888 yuan There are even more interest -free messages of Meizu MX5 and PRO5 Bud in Phase 12! It is cost -effective to send them.

圣诞狂欢京喜不断 拆礼盒就赢大牌手机

Christmas promotion, “Beijing” is happy, low -priced and high -quality, and a lot of gifts! Select gifts without worry, Christmas shopping carnival, all in Jingdong!