Looking at the taste of a man, there are several parts: shoes, socks, watches, and of course a more important part is to see its wallet. For boys, in addition to wearing, the most inseparable thing that is the most indispensable is that the personal taste is the estimation of the wallet. As an excellent male god, there is a stylish wallet. As for how far from you (boy) or your boyfriend is from the male god, maybe just a wallet with Bigger can get closer.


1. FOSTYLE Ink Blue Vegetable Cow Puzzle Wallet


The layer of leather is beautiful, and the touch feels quite comfortable. The compartment between the two large banknote positions is also the leather. The details pay attention to work. The 8 card position is also used for daily use, and the color of the dark blue is also very special, which is worth starting.


2. The word of the image is pairs of folding money clips

There is no extra convex space, which is not simple. As soon as you shoot, the words are different from the words.


3. Craftsmanship leather hand sewing wallet

This wallet is made of vegetable tanned cowhide. The entire wallet is made of a vegetable tanned leather, the best explanation of minimalist style. Over time, leather and color will produce fantasy changes, which can develop their own retro charm.

4. MINIMALISM cowhide short wallet

Minimalism pursues minimalism, making simple ideas into simple works with the most demanding requirements. This short wallet ML9A027 series perfectly performs the minimalist style, which makes you unforgettable quality wallets that are unforgettable at a glance.

5. Blue Italian vegetable tanned leather wallet

A good hand -made wallet should be a soul wallet made of a lot of energy into the artisan. At this time, it is already a beautiful artwork.


6. Barmat ultra -thin men’s wallet


The ultra -thin design is a portable design for men to solve the embarrassment of drumming in the pocket. The tailoring is meticulous, the wiring is uniform, and the simple design of the thin body makes you return to simple and not bloated.



FOSTYLE full -featured pure handmade polished wallet, the long design makes the capacity larger, mobile phones, passports, piles of banknotes, etc., are easy to load. The hidden blue color has a low -key but distinctive temperament.

8. Wipe color handicraft to make old wallets


Made with imported vegetable tanned cowhide, hand -made color for old craftsmanship. The envelope design, retro old style. Lead the fashion trend!

9. Craftsman’s hand sewing leather vertical wallet

The design of the vertical wallet is made of vegetable tanned leather and hand -made. Not only makes the bodies more compact, but also increases to 8 independent cards, and innovatively uses the design of double banknote positions, which greatly enhances the practicality of the wallet!


10. FOSTYLE L coating short wallet

The unique and straightforward large -scale opening design solves the problem of safety. It is concise and beautiful. The wallet made of whole vegetable tanned leather is fitted with pork skin in the lining dark surface. The texture is great.