Is anyone curious about the ancients’ shampooing?

Of course, all kinds of spices and herbs are boiled in shampoo. The ancients were more particular about washing their hair than us. They would adjust the proportion of medicinal materials and spices based on their hair quality.

In ancient times, hair washing hair was called Mu. Although there were no shampoo in ancient times, there were also artifacts for washing hair, such as Taomi water, earthen alkali, acacia, and hibiscus leaves.

Perchowing tree

Tao rice water was called Pan in ancient times. It can not only wash her hair with rice water, but also wash her face. It is said that the effect of washing her hair with Taomi water is very good, and the hair quality is black and bright. The most natural shampoo is an acacia, also called saponin. After drying the peaches, mash and add water into a sticky black liquid. This is the ancient shampoo. The ancients of our country had found that washing their hair with hibiscus leaf can be oiling, and it tastes fragrant.

I happened to have recently said that my hair was so good, so I boiled the shampoo in my own hands, hoping to improve hair loss.

Medicinal materials that need to be prepared

All kinds of medicinal materials used can be bought in Chinese medicine stores, which is still very common.


Since it is shampoo, the main function is to wash the hair and wash the hair, so the necessary herbal medicines and the saponin must be indispensable. The non -sufferings are rich in the water in the water.


Various shampoo


There are also side cypress leaves, encyclopedia introduction


Plague leaves can cure hair loss. The type of hair loss is fat -shaped hair loss, that is, the hair loss caused by the increase in oil has a good effect. “

Also add a small amount of He Shouwu and Elian Cao,

Washing water with these medicinal materials can play a role in nourishing hair.

The most indispensable thing is the rice water, and it is also the cheapest material.

How to make a shampoo

The shampoo used by the ancients is pure and natural, without any chemical additives, the effect is also very good, the key production method is simple. You only need to put various medicinal materials in the rice water. In the bottle, just squeeze a little every time you use it, just like the use of modern shampoo.

Saponoside without suffering

Let ’s post it my own formula. The medicinal materials required for 1000ml shampoo: 200 grams of saponin, 200 grams of no sufferings, 200 grams of tea seed powder, 100 grams of pounded leaves, 100 grams of ginger, 100 grams of black beans, 100 grams of black beans, Ho Shouwu 100 Grace, 20 grams of black sesame, 20 grams of mulberry white peel, 20 grams of mint leaves.

Mixed medicinal materials


Soak all medicinal materials with boiling water for 24 hours (soap angle need to be crushed) water should not be too much. Then add rice water to boil, boil on high heat for 10 minutes, and continue to cook until thick. After filtering with a filter, continue to add brown sugar to increase consistency (the proportion of brown sugar and medicinal soup is 1: 3). Only thickening, the key can also play a role in anticorrosion.

What is the effect

If you feel that the bubbles are relatively small, you can appropriately increase the amount of childless and soap angles, so that the bubble is rich when washing your hair. The question that many people care about is that this kind of self -made shampoo can be washed their hair? It can be said that the efficacy of self -made shampoos to decontanize the hair is very good, which is better than the chemical modulation sold on the market.


Platform leaf can be cured with hair loss

The only problem with homemade shampoo is astringent, because there is no oil and soft agent. After washing this type of shampoo, you should use conditioner after washing. But insisting on using it is particularly good, you can add various medicinal materials according to your preferences, such as the generally circulated anti -lubble ginger or lavender and other spices.

Thinking back to the pure natural shampoo formulas of the ancients for thousands of years, modern people actually used various chemical additives to exchange shampoos, which instantly made people emotional.