Steel structure paint

Steel structure is one of the important structural forms in modern construction projects. In order to ensure the life of the steel structure and the appearance of the appearance, the industrial protective coatings are usually sprayed on the surface of the steel structure.



Water nature, fast dry · steel structure paint



Many steel structure manufacturers will choose relatively cheap traditional coatings when the steel structure is sprayed, which will cause environmental pollution and harm the health of the builder. Based on this, Zhanchen New Materials has developed ingeniously


ZGB0612 water -based fast dry steel structure lacquer Way12




Zhanchen’s water -based fast -drying steel structure paint is prepared by imported water -based resin, high -quality facial fillers, and functional auxiliary. Water is the diluent, it is not burning or explosive, and safe and environmentally friendly.


At present, this product has completed batch product trials in Datong, Henan, Luoyang, Chongqing, Zhejiang Ningbo, Nanchang, Jiangxi, and Quanzhou, Fujian. Essence

Part 01

Product advantages

Safe and environmentally friendly

Dry and fast

Good water resistance in the early stage

Good stability

Prevention and hanging performance excellent

Good construction tolerance

Wide application environment

Excellent anti -flash rust


Part 02


Application field


It is suitable for ISO12944-2 atmospheric corrosion grade C2 and C3, such as slightly to medium-to-medium corrosion environments, the steel structure industry (C-type steel, slot steel, work steel, H-shaped steel, etc.) in the steel structure industry Rust and decoration, as well as metal surfaces such as mechanical and electrical products, construction machinery, municipal maintenance and other metal surfaces.


Note: It is not suitable for harsh corrosive environments or severe rusty and polluted steel surfaces.

Part 03

Live application

Case number one


Shipping the sand and sweeping the sand, the non -air -sprayed iron red primer, medium -ash surface paint, RH62%, AT33 ° C, no paint film abnormalities, the overall film formation effect is good.

Case 2


RH70%, AT32 ° C, no wind, blasting, no gas spraying, no obvious rust of the welded channel, basically dry after 7h, the thickness of the dry membrane 40-130 μm (different wet film thickness), shiny 3-4%, adhesion force adhesion, adhesion force Level 0.

Case II


Shaping, no gas spray (RH66%, AT31 ° C, closed, windless, night construction)

Wet membrane 300 μm without flowing

Roller coating repair, the paint film is slightly white, the color difference is acceptable


Case 4


Middle rain, RH81%, AT30 ° C, there is no ventilation indoors; manual polishing, 20%water spraying water, about 3h to dry, no flashing rust, the appearance of the paint film is good, and the wet film is 175-200µm without flowing.