Nowadays, children’s cars are really too much. Steak cars, twisting cars, scooters, sliding bikes, balanced cars, bicycles … The name alone is dazzling. What are the need to buy? Which are not recommended to buy? What age is suitable for? What are the effects?


Today’s article is to talk about this topic.


1 Learning Walm

Recommended index: ✘ (not recommended)

According to the age group of the baby, the pedaling car may be the earliest car that the child will contact. but

Don’t recommend everyone to let your baby use a walking car


The main problems of learning walking cars are:

1: Hidden safety hazards

The “Guide to Children’s False Intervention Technology” released by my country in 2011 clearly refers to

Student walking cars are an important risk factor for falling. It was an important reason for developed countries to cause infants to fall.

Due to the design problem, the speed of learning walking can exceed 1m/s. Because the baby’s head occupies a large proportion, the upper body is heavier, and it is exposed to the body. It is easy to turn over when encountering the steps.

Squading cars lead to a special example of children’s injury accidents, and it has already attracted government attention in the United States and Canada.

A data from the Canadian hospital injury report and prevention plan showed that from April 1990 to April 2002, there were 1935 5-14 months old infant injuries due to pedaling cars. The data eventually promoted

The Canadian government issued a ban in April 2004

: It is strictly forbidden to sell, advertising, and imported infant learning cars, that is, second -hand goods cannot be sold in the market.

A survey of the American Academy of Pediatrics shows: between 1990 and 2014,

About 230,676 babies less than 15 months in the United States received emergency treatment because of infant learning.

90.6%of them were injured in their heads and necks, and 74.1%of infants were injured because they fell from the stairs when they used the stairs.

2: Not conducive to children’s development

The harm of walking cars to young children is not only in the danger of visible, but also adversely affect the growth and development of children.

Liu Li, deputy chief physician of the pediatric department of Anhui Children’s Hospital

Steak cars will cause children’s hip pressure. Over time, it is easy to cause 0 legs and X -type legs.

If the child is in a walking car, he often walks on a tiptoe. Once you develop the habit of walking on your feet, it will also affect the child’s normal posture in the future.

In addition to allowing parents to steal their parents, it is really harmful to their children!


Applicable age: 8 ~ December age

Recommended index: ✓✓ (recommendation)


When the child starts to learn to walk, in fact, he stands up, followed by the wall, sofa, fence, etc. to start trying to walk.

At this time, if you really want to buy a step -helping tool for your child, you can consider choosing a walking car. The walking car refers to the two or 4 rounds of the above figure, which is pushed forward by the child.

The wheels of the general walking vehicle can be adjusted quickly. According to the baby’s current ability, let the baby follow the rhythm of the walking car forward. The child can control walking independently without affecting development.

3 Multi -function glide

Applicable age: 1 to 3 years old

Recommended index: 乄 (general)

Cycling principle

——This tank moves forward with your legs. The child sat on the car and kicked the ground with both legs to obtain a different way of moving and walking.

There are many shapes of multi -function glide, such as animals, transportation, and various themes such as bread superhuman.

There are generally 4 wheels and a steering wheel or handle. Most of them have some other functions, such as emitting light, music through buttons, and so on.

Advantages of gliding:

To a certain extent, you can exercise your child’s sense of direction and the ability to coordinate hands and eyes, but the flexibility of gliding is not as good as twisting the car, and the stability is not as good as twisting the car, and it is easy to roll over.

Personally, I think it ’s enough to buy a twist car after 1 year old.

4 twisting car

Applicable age: 1.5 ~ 3 years old

Recommended index: ✓✓✓ (recommendation)

——The twist -twisted car operation is simple, no power device is required, and the principle of centrifugal force and the inertial principle in exercise is used. As long as the child rotates the steering wheel left and right, you can drive back and forth at will.

The twist car is moving forward by friction. It accelerates and decelerates alternate during exercise. It cannot be accelerated directly as other cars, so the speed will not be too fast, and because the body distance is lower, it is safer.

Tortoral advantage

——The want to control the twisting car well, the child needs to rely on the power of the lower body to support the body and maintain a balance. At the same time, the waist and legs need to be twisted. The baby needs to learn the strength of the thigh muscles. So twisting the car is a good choice.

Brand recommendation–

Good doll, Aobei

Buying strategy:

● Body:

The material should be safe, no odor, no bisphenol A. All stitching and corners are without burrs, delicate and round;

● Wheel:

It is best to be made of PU, wear -resistant and mute can also reduce shocks;

● Anti -tilt wheel:

Some twisting the front wheels also have anti -tilt wheels. When the car goes straight and slightly steering, it does not hold the ground. Once the car turns more than 90 °, it will land to a balanced role. Ensure the safety of the baby when turning quickly.

5 balance car

Applicable age: 2 to 6 years old

Recommended index: ✓✓✓✓✓ (recommendation)

—— Generally, there is no foot and no pedal. Children need to use pedals to provide motivation. When the car speeds up and finds a balance point, you can lift your feet and the car will slide. When the speed slows down, you can see it again. Continue to kick the ground with your feet to supplement your motivation.

Balanced car advantage

—— For babies 2 or more, you can get a good sense of balance by training. A sense of balance is a comprehensive feeling involving vision, perception, touch, hearing, etc.

Balanced cars can not only train children’s sense of balance better, but also enhance the strength and stability of the foot, legs and waist muscles.

For children, riding a balanced car can help the cultivation of a sense of balance and coordination, enhance physical flexibility and skill, and make themselves self -confidence and cultivate early exercise enthusiasm.

But I have to say that a balanced car may be a small pit. Because of the money, you will not be detailed here.

The more well -known international brands include PUKY, FirstBike, Strider, KOKUA, Y Volution; brands with high domestic sales include Phoenix, Flying Pigeon, Kinderkraft, etc.

Buy strategy:

After comprehensive research, you need to consider your baby’s height, exercise ability, time, budget, etc. to consider your baby’s height, exercise ability, your parents.

● 80 ~ 110cm tall:

Parents can only be accompanied at home. It is recommended to choose a learning -oriented car to balance indoor and outdoor movements. Learning balance cars can pay attention to YVOLUTION Philip riding. The price is 600-700 yuan, which is higher than the price-performance ratio of the racing car;

● Less than 80cm tall:

Most products are not recommended to get started. It is recommended to wait for the baby’s body to meet the request before buying.

● 95 ~ 130cm height:

Parents are free in time, there are professional venues nearby, and the budget of buying a car is 3K+. It is recommended to enjoy the charm of racing cars, such as Strider Sport and PUKY. Of course, domestic KK, Phoenix, Permanent and other brands can also be understood;

Finally, the most important thing. Before playing a balanced car, remember to choose a pair of wear -resistant shoes to help protect the child’s feet. At the same time, wear various protective gear: helmets, knee pads, elbows, etc., safety first! Intersection

6 skateboard

Applicable age: 2 to 12 years old

——The foot on the front of the skateboard and the other foot on the ground and slide forward. Then, the other foot is on the back of the skateboard. The left and right swing of the waist and the two thighs makes the forward direction of the skateboard called S. Or at the same time, step on the skateboard, and then lean forward instantly, with the help of the inertia before him, exercise, and glide.

Skateboarding advantage

—— For children, the action of kicking can be well exercised. During the forward process of the scooter, the coordination of the child’s balance and the coordination of the hands and eyes is greatly beneficial.

Children’s skateboards are divided into skateboarding, tricycle skateboarding, two -wheeled skateboarding, scissors skateboarding. However, two -wheeled skateboarding and scissors -type skateboards are more suitable for children over 3 years of age and lower limb movements.

The scooter with a seat is to add a short flat seat to the scooter, which turns it into a normal -driven skate -driven scooter, which can make children under the two years old sitting and playing.

For beginners, the more appropriate scooter should be:

There are two front wheels, which is more stable

The handle is relatively stable, and it will not turn it when it moves lightly, so it is not easy to let the child fall;

There are also skateboarding to a safe lock design. At the stage of the child’s beginner, it can be directly locked. After the children can move freely later, let the child try to turn;

There are stable bases, and the bottom plate is relatively low. Such scooter children are easier to master the balance;


Standing places are wide enough, and the narrower is backward. In this way, you can give your child’s feet a larger movement space, and you will not touch your feet when you travel;

The position of the handle needs to be in line with the height of the child’s current. At present, the height of the skateboard handle is adjusted.

Recommended Brand:

Gao Lebao, Migao

7 Children’s remote control cars

Applicable age: 1 to 3 years old

Recommended index: ✓

It is very windy, the music sounds, the lights are shining, and it is the most beautiful in the community!

Be sure to buy it, my husband’s Dream Car, you can’t afford AMG, you can buy it for your child first.

The shape is really beautiful, and the alloy is like a real car, and the child loves it.

This type of car, the baby can drive it by himself; there is also a remote control handle, which is operated by parents.

But as far as my personal experience is generally not recommended to buy, first of all, the wife is really heavy, covering an area of ​​nearly 2 square meters. Every time I play, at least two adults at home follow. Although there are elevators, they must help to lift. Once I didn’t take a lot of electricity to play, I was out of power halfway. My husband and I pushed this big piece home for a while and pushed it home. I almost flashed my waist.

Most of the simulation electric vehicles comes with sound and optoelectronic special effects. When buying, consider the effects of sound effects and flash on children’s vision and hearing;

If the baby is driving the direction of self -driving control, the opponent’s eye coordination and the sense of direction are still helpful; but compared with the balanced car and scooter, the participation is still low.

8 Children’s tricycles

Suitable for 3 years old and above

——The three wheels have three wheels. I mainly refer to the three wheels of the three wheels driven by the pedal to drive forward by the feet to drive the pedal. It is helpful for children’s hand -eye coordination, direction, and muscle. Most children can only master after the age of 3.

The current tricycles generally have a lot of extension functions. With sunscreen sheds, seat belts and adults can push the handle. After the baby can sit alone, you can serve as a baby tool. After the baby is large Let the child ride a tricycle.

The requirements for the balancing of the tricycle are not high, mainly to allow children to learn how to step forward to step on the pedal alternately.

Stable structure, lower base, lower center of gravity. This can guarantee that children will not turn over during the ride;

The seat should not be too high, and the pedal should not be too far. It is in line with the height of the child. When the child is sitting on the seat, the feet can be easily enough to reach the pedal, and when the pedal turns to the far end, it is still enough;

The height of the seat and handle can be adjusted, and such a tricycle is longer.

9 Waid Witnesses

Applicable age: over 1 year old


A product that is very split theory and reality. Many childcare bloggers are strongly opposed to a children’s car, but in reality, many parents are in use.

The doll artifact has a very simple design and a very light weight, so it is very easy to use for the baby, but it is also simple design. The hidden safety hazards are larger than that of ordinary baby strollers. This is why many people righteous and righteous.

Advantages of doll artifacts:

Light weight, the general weight of doll artifacts is between 2kg and 6kg; the storage is convenient to collect the vehicle with one click, and the volume is small after storage; the landscape vision is full. Observe the surrounding environment.

Disadvantages of doll artifacts:


There is less storage space, so the additional supplies are not installed on the car; the shock absorption is not as good as a baby cart. When the baby artifact is too muddy and potholes, the vibration feeling is large. However, the use of graphic environments such as urban shopping malls, parks, and community runways is still fine.

When going out for a long time, when you need to carry larger more objects, the stroller is the first choice; if you walk in the community, visit the shopping mall supermarket, and go out in the short -distance city, you can use the doll artifact, which is easier and more convenient.

As far as my experience is concerned, when a person is bringing a baby, the baby artifact is really much easier to help. However, when buying, you must pay attention to choose a big brand of regular channels.

The material of the baby artifact frame is very important. It is recommended to choose the two pipes of aluminum alloy and carbon steel;

The cushioning design must be available;

The higher the height of the seat, the better, don’t deliberately choose the seat, because the higher the seat, the higher the center of gravity, the worse the stability of the baby artifact;

Be sure to design a four -wheel wheel. The three rounds must not be as safe to four rounds. The front wheel must be able to move 360 ​​degrees;

Be sure to choose a five -point or three -point seat belt design.


10 Children’s Bicycles

Recommended index: ✓✓✓✓ (recommendation)

——This here refers to a two -wheeled small land vehicle. After riding on the car, moving forward with the pedal.

Bicycle advantage

——Chilling a bicycle is a particularly good aerobic exercise, which can not only exercise the lower limb muscle strength, but also enhance its own endurance. More importantly, cycling can also promote the full development of children’s movement and balance.

Generally speaking, from the age of 2, the children who start to play a balanced car will basically do not need the help of adults at all, and they can basically not need the help of adults at all.

When choosing a product, the products produced by well -known enterprises are prioritized. Usually the quality of the products produced by these enterprises is stable, and there are more comprehensive after -sales service;

Recommended index: ✓✓ (recommendation)

Recommended index: ✓✓ (recommendation)

Cycling principle

Cycling principle

Cycling principle

Cycling principle

Cycling principle

Brand recommendation–

Buying strategy:

Buying strategy:

Buying strategy:


Buying strategy:

Recommended index: ✓✓✓✓✓ (recommendation)



Recommended Brand:

Suitable for 3 years old and above

When selecting the size, choose according to the height of the child; pay attention to the product labeling is the age, and understand the information related information;

Be sure to check the appearance quality, product logo and packaging of the product;

If you buy too large or small -sized products, children will not be flexible when pedaling or turning, and there is a greater safety risk;

Bicycles should have a CCC logo. The surface of the product is smooth, the color is uniform, and there is no burrs.

Recommended Brand:

PUKY, Youbei, Giant, Decathlon, Good Boy

Finally, I want to tell you that the acquisition of all skills can not only be rely on a certain training method. For example, the ability to balance can be trained by balanced car, can be practiced through scooters, or even connect to the straight line to contact the line. Essence

The cultivation of children’s exercise ability is indeed important, but what tools to choose depends on the child’s preference. Another important thing is to balance cars, scooters, and bicycles. Remember to let children want children

Develop the habit of wearing helmets and protective gear, safety first.



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Snowballmom (SnowballMom), the 80s mother who grew up with the baby