In the cold wind, we can’t wait for the down jackets, and the down is a good thing to resist the cold. Many people have changed this quilt at home, but many people think that the thicker the quilt, the better, but is it really like this? Today, Er (professional shopping and consumption guidance website) will tell you the four misunderstandings when buying it. See if you have you?

Misunderstanding 1: The thicker the warm, the warmer

You may think that the thicker the quilt, the more the charging volume, it will be warmer. In fact, the volume is only related to the size and style of the quilt. The national standard does not make mandatory regulations on this indicator. Not the more velvet, the more heavier the quilt, the more warm the down quilt.


As the filling density increases, the heat loss is also increased by filling the material. Only the higher the fluffyness, the more thermal heat air contains in the quilt, so the better the thermal insulation performance.

Misunderstanding 2: The higher the voltage content, the better

The so -called down is mainly composed of two parts, namely “feathers” and “velvet”. Feather is a hair piece that people often call, and the velvet is a clustered velvet. How the quality of this quilt mainly depends on its filling.


According to the standard, its core label must indicate its type, velvet content and charging volume. The “velvet content” in the old standard has now changed to “velvet content”. what differences are there? The velvet content includes velvet and velvet, and the content of the velvet is also the content of the velvet. The expression is more accurate and the requirements are stricter. The higher the core of the velvet content, the better the warmth effect.

Misunderstanding 3: Truth does not touch the hair stalk, the softened the better

Experts said that in fact, this kind of quilt has a small hair stalk. It is normal. If it is very soft to touch, it cannot be touched at all. Such products should be carefully purchased. Because some manufacturers will shatter their scoot, fluffy cotton, and feathers, fill them inside, and use it as a good core to deceive consumers. Not only does it not achieve warmth, hygiene may not meet the standards.

Fluffy cotton


Misunderstanding 4: The down of the down is almost the same, buy cheap ones

Here, you need to remind everyone that this kind of quilt will not be cheap. Generally, the price of down the down is hundreds to thousands of yuan and 1 pound. It’s once.

Because the fillers made of duck hair, goose feather and even chicken hair are crushed through the shattered materials, generally only dozens of yuan per kilogram, the worst is even ten yuan per kilogram. There are no requirements for sterilization. There are many harmful bacteria that are hidden in the human body. The main additives of counterfeit down products are these.

The above four misunderstandings, I hope everyone pays more attention when buying. In winter, it will feel warm and comfortable when you cover a bed with a bed with a bed with a bed. Choosing a high -quality quilt will also allow you to enter the sweet dreamland quickly.


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