Our newspaper April 12 (Reporter Ji Xianuo) This morning, in the Tianhe Community Meat Federation Western Dormitory Courtyard, Xiaodian District, Taiyuan City, Jianyong and sister began to pick their own first stubble sprouts. Carrying a long garden is specially cut, this movement has attracted many residents, some people say: “You can eat toon again!”

At about 9 am, in the dormitory of the meat joint dormitory, under a large toon tree next to the road, Jianyong and his sister in his early 60s moved from the house to the chair and carried the picking tool. The big toon tree is more than ten meters high, the trunk is more than 20 centimeters in diameter, and the tender toon buds have grown a lot on the tall branches, and the ordinary long pole is not enough. As soon as the professional picking tools were applied, they attracted curious residents. The 6 -meter -long steel rods were hooks and scissors with their top heads, and there was a long rope on it. “This is a high -branches for gardening. I just bought it back two days ago and spent 150 yuan.” Jianyong said quickly, toon buds are too difficult to pick. This year’s tools have improved.

Jianyong’s sister stood on a chair in a sportswear, and saw her stretching steel rods steadily hooked a small toon sprout, and then gently pulled the rope with her hand. The buds fell to the ground. When a child passed by, he stopped to watch, and praised “the neighbor’s aunt Qiao is really mighty.”

The two sisters said that the toon tree has been planting for more than 30 years, and it was planted by the mother when she first arrived in this courtyard. “It’s still my three aunt brought from the hometown of Wen Shui’s hometown. Later, some people in the courtyard also wanted to plant Tonettes, and the third aunt helped bring a few plants. Now there are many toon trees in this courtyard.” The red and green buds full of trees laughed happily, “This tree was planted by my family, but when I grew up, it was a public. As long as anyone wants to pick it up, we will take it. My neighbors have sent toon. “

Jianyong’s mother died the year before the year. Last year, the sisters sent a neighbor to a neighbor as usual. The neighbor later told them that she had a tears and ate: “Eating this toon, I think of your mother.” Another old man who was his mother -in -law had also died, but in the past two years, Jianyong and his sister also sent the households as soon as they got toon. Share toon with neighbors every year, and the family is used to it.

After about 20 minutes, the sisters picked a handbag toon the tender leaves. The toon leaves had a long length, which was the most tender time. “This toon tree is more and more stubborn. There are still two stubbles after the first stubble. After Gu Yu, you can’t eat it.” Jian Jianyong happily carried the toon home. But not long after going back, her husband came to pick the toon bud again.

The toon is delicious. It is enough to eat cold, stir -fry, and eat dumplings. When the toon leaves are Wangwang, Jianyong and your sister’s house will also freeze the toon leaves into the refrigerator. You can also taste this in the cold winter. The taste of spring.