Specially in the metro exit “squat”

Train women and take the plane

Then forced “help massage”

To meet your own special “preference”

Shanghai a man in this way

Forced women in the past one year

Deliberately take a massage


In December 2019, the police received a policeman to the victim, saying “metamorphosis” in the elevator in their own community.

Through the community monitoring, the police saw 9 o’clock on the evening of December 16, a man came with Wang into the elevator, and

When the king came out the elevator, he deliberately stepped on the king, then took the opportunity to stroke, squat her ankle …

The victim Wang:

“He stepped on me behind me, then he said, sorry, sorry, stepped on you, I will help you pick it up, then I will kneel down, I will force me to help me.揉 揉 … “

There is a special


Specially picking stockings high heels

Wang was originally thought that the other party was a neighbor. I didn’t want to hurt and gas, I didn’t need it.

I didn’t expect Wang to try to take the feet from the man’s hands out of the man, but the man did not let her make her stockings, and continue to touch her feet and calf …

Wang immediately broke up immediately, and the man hurriedly fled the scene.

Through the monitoring comparison, the police quickly locked the criminal suspect Wang Shi. After Wang, after the case, he has been in the subway station, randomly looking for the goal.

“Because I have special hobbies to wearing stockings and high heels, I am in order to stimulate my desire.”

One person is even twice

At the same time, Wang was explained, and he had not only ended his feet and stepped on it.

In April 2019, August, October, Wang also once three women to the community, and the unmanned machine uses the same way to Wang, in order to step on the feet of women. .

After the victim Pan even after the first time was stepped on, it was once again trained again for a few months.

Victim Pan:

“When he suddenly took my feet after the elevator on the community, he didn’t care about my refusal forced to stroke. When I went on the elevator, I immediately recognized him immediately, immediately sang him away from me, he and other doors I opened the elevator to leave. I didn’t have a serious trauma, but my mind was hurt, and his behavior caused me a very serious psychological shadow. “

8 months sentenced to be sentenced

Through the judicial identification of mental health center, Wang has full criminal responsibility. After the prosecutor reviewed the case, Wang violated the willingness of others, to force others with violent methods, and its behavior has violently violently violently violated the “Criminal Law of the People’s Republic of China”, the criminal facts are clear, the evidence is indeed, fully, It should be investigated for criminal responsibility with enforcement.

A few days ago, the court sentenced to 8 months in prison in prison for the crime of mandatory defamation.

For “salty pig hands”

Many victims considers no evidence

I often eat dumb loss

There is also the fear of the other party to retaliate

Choose a no


In fact, such a winger

Will only make criminals even more unscrupulous


A similar event

Be sure to bravely expose timely alarm

And find nearby witness testimony


Will criminalize the rope

Source | Shanghai Rule Treatment

Original title: “Shanghai” salty pig hand “specially picks stockings women to start! Deliberately stepping on the foot “help” … “

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