Heating tablets are the main way for home heating, so users hope to buy the heating tablets of well -known brands. So what brand of radiator is a problem that is most concerned about users. Generally speaking The popularity of the large heating film brand is also relatively high. It is loved by users. Today, let Xiaobian take you to understand the top ten well -known brands and air heating tablets.

Top ten well -known brands of radiator

1. Beijing St. Lawrence

Beijing St. Lawrence Quarrel Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a heating film enterprise integrating R & D, production and sales. It independently develops and produces steel, copper -aluminum composite and bathroom heating tablets. It has a large -scale raw production and research and development base of nearly 100,000 square meters. The St. Lawrence radiators took the lead through the EU CE certification and ISO9001: 2008 quality management system certification. It has won the honor of “National Quality Integrity Enterprise” and “2013 Consumers Conso the Building Materials Brand”.

暖气片十大知名品牌 暖气片使用技巧

2. Beijing Saide

Selde is located in Beijing, my country. It is a company in cooperation between Switzerland Selde and Beijing Building Materials Group. The full set of Selde (China) HVAC Equipment Co., Ltd. introduced the world’s advanced equipment and quality system. Essence

3. Florence heating tablets

The origin of Florence radiator is also in Beijing, but the brand is derived from Florence in Europe. Florence is the representative company of China’s new heating film and the cradle of China’s heating reform. The sales performance of large -scale building materials supermarkets in China has ranked among the best for many years.

4. Shanghai Nuolo Quetrack

Nuolo is also a foreign brand. Nuolo China Co., Ltd. is a high -tech enterprise with a number of national patents and the world’s first products. Its heating film products are novel, energy -saving, environmentally friendly, and beautiful.

5. Golden flagship

暖气片十大知名品牌 暖气片使用技巧

The main advantages of the gold flagship radiators are reflected in the process of the product. The materials, welding, suppression, polishing, surface spraying, anticorrosive, and other functions of the product are very good. It has its own characteristics and advantages. The product performance is also very strong.

6. Guangzhou Sunflower

暖气片十大知名品牌 暖气片使用技巧

Foshan Sunflower Heats Co., Ltd. was established in 2001. It has been more than ten years. It is the earliest batch of companies in China to develop in good geographical location. , Is the leader in the domestic radiator industry.

7. Lanzhou Longxing

The company of Longxing Heating Film was established in 1998. It is a professional heating film brand that integrates manufacturing, research and development, and distribution. The strength of the enterprise is recognized.

暖气片十大知名品牌 暖气片使用技巧

8. Longkou Nanshan

The well -known trademarks in Shandong Province, Nanshan Heats, belongs to the well -known Longkou Nanshan Plastic Steel Building Materials Co., Ltd., has a status that cannot be ignored in the industry, and is a representative of China’s domestic heating film brand.

暖气片十大知名品牌 暖气片使用技巧

9. Shandong Bangtai

Bangtai is an excellent company in the country. It is a designated production enterprise of heating heating tablets in the Ministry of Housing and Urban -Rural Development. It has exquisite production technology and introduced advanced equipment and spraying processes to make Bangtai unique in the industry.

10. Beijing Conno

Conno IKEA is a brand in Beijing and one of China’s largest professional OEM manufacturers. Located in Beijing, production equipment technology is also relatively honest, and product exchanges with domestic and foreign professionals have been recognized in the industry.

Heating tablet use tips

The first question that should be noted is that the radiator should not be disassembled at will. Such a problem with the users of the San Lawrence Quatrazer. At that time, Mr. Zhang, who lived in Daxing District, found that the installation of his home radiator was not suitable, so he used the tool to unscrew the pipeline and move the radiator privately. Later, not only did not replace the radiator to a new position, but instead cut off a large spray coating for the newly bought steel radiators, which not only affects the aesthetics, but also causes a lot of hidden dangers to anticorrosive. Helpless Mr. Zhang, only when he called the San Lawrence radiators customer service call, we used the re -installed installer to give him perfectly. Here we recommend that consumers, if you do not have more professional knowledge and installation technology, do not random the position of the heating tablet at will, it is likely to cause you to cause you big trouble.

The second problem is also very common. For the beauty of the family, consumers often make some decorations on the radiator, such as covering a beautiful cloth to prevent dust from falling, but also increase the beauty of the room. We do not agree with this method of decorating on the radiator, because most of the radiated tablets depends on radiation heat dissipation and flow heat dissipation. When it is covered with some decoration, it will greatly affect the heat dissipation performance of the radiator and reduce The diffusion speed of slow calories causes the calorie in the house to rise slowly and the heat is uneven. Therefore, we recommend that consumers who do this still try to keep the radiators the original character. Do not easily make some decoration. After all, the radiator is used to heat dissipation and keep the room warm. You have to lose money.

The common problems in the process of the third consumers may have encountered it when they say that they have encountered the water in the air -to -air tablet at will. The temperature of the radiator can reach 60 degrees or even better. In the cold winter, it is very pleasant to get a pot of water when you come back from get off work. , Economy and convenient. However, consumers should understand that the water in the radiator is softened by anticorrosive treatment, adding chemical reagents, high cost cost, and the water in private is also harmful to the body. Moreover, there is enough water in the heating pipe to keep the hot water running normally. Once water is lacking, it will cause losses or gas plugs in the heating system and affect the heating effect. For your health and the normal operation of the heating system, we do not recommend that you use the water in the radiator.

If you go to the pipeline, the pipeline directly contacts the air. Do you need to use things to keep the insulation? (Bright pipes will not affect the heat dissipation effect, because the pipeline is walking indoors, and the calories emitted from the pipeline are distributed directly to the room. There will be no calories. Losses.)

Why do you sometimes hear the sound of water circulation in the radiator? If there is a water circulating sound in the radiator, it is because there is a gas in the radiator, and you need to defle the radiator.

After reading this chapter about the top ten well -known brands and the use of radiators, I hope to bring some help to your work and learning.