The four -piece bed sheet is indispensable for our bedding. The four -piece sheet of bedding is often used by us, and most people are familiar with it. Everyone knows that the four -piece bed sheet is in contact with the skin. We must be cautious when buying. Which is better for the four -piece material of the bedding? Now people still pay attention to the brand when they buy anything. Facing the market We need four -piece bedding four -piece sheet to buy skills.

Bedding four -piece set of buying skills

床品四件套购买技巧 床品四件套材质哪种好

First, you need to follow the size of your bed. This question is actually very well understood, because the four sets you bought must always be used on the bed, so the size must be matched with the size of the bed. Only in this way will it be more coordinated. More convenient and comfortable. This requires us to know the size of our bed. Generally speaking, the size of the bed is mostly 1.5 meters and 1.8 meters. When buying four -piece suit, you should see the size of the four -piece suit at the same time. Is it suitable for a 1.5 -meter bed, or a 1.8 -meter bed, or two sizes. The size of the four -piece suit is usually clearly marked. If you are not sure, you can ask the seller. In short, you must choose the right one to support your own bed.

Second, choose materials and styles according to your hobbies. The four -piece suit can be divided into cotton, real silk, bamboo fiber, etc. according to different materials used, and can be divided into European, Chinese, Korean, etc. according to the style. Generally speaking, everyone likes four -piece cotton set, because the cotton has good sweat -absorbing, it is not easy to generate static electricity, easy to clean, and it is not easy to deform and shrink after washing. The same style also needs to be selected according to their own preferences. Some people like European style and some people like Korean. This has no rules to follow, varies from person to person. And the pattern color is everything, and it is different. Generally, the four -piece suit of the same style will have a variety of different colors and patterns for everyone to choose. Choose which one you like.

The purchase of four -piece set is based on practicality. As long as the quality is good, it is a good four -piece suit with comfortable quality. As for the price in terms of price, more than 100 yuan is the most common. Of course, the quality or workmanship that is too cheap will not be very good, and the price is too high and difficult to accept. Therefore, when buying, you must make a choice in combination with your own economic situation. If you are more economical, you can buy high -name products with higher prices.

What kind of bedding four -piece suit material is good

1. Mao cloth set

To put it plainly, it is chemical fiber. The four -piece fabric with the most quality is below 50 yuan. The color loss is severe. Such a four -piece suit must not be bought. I hope that consumers will not be cheap.

Second, print and dye (whole cotton) four -piece suit

The price is about 100-200 yuan, but it is also very expensive. It depends on different workmanship. The cotton feels good. It is comfortable to use comfortable, hygroscopic, and washing. The problem of fading may cause inconvenience to use. The key is to organize the rear. Therefore, the fabrics of ordinary home textiles have been pre -shrunk. However, after pre -shrinking treatment does not mean that it does not shrink, but refers to the reduction rate control within 3%-4 %% of the national standard. Such products can be purchased with confidence.

床品四件套购买技巧 床品四件套材质哪种好

Three, activity sets

Active printing and dyeing is to combine the active genes of dyes with fiber molecules in the process of dyeing and printing, so that dyes and fibers form a whole. Make the fabric’s dustproof performance, high degree of cleanliness, and high colors. Of course, the cost is also much higher than the pigment printing.

Fourth, Gong satin four sets

Gong satin fabrics have become satin fabrics, which is a more complicated type. During the textile process, the lines formed by the staggered and weir yarn. The number of meridians and weft gauze is less than the oblique lines. It is independent and discontinuous. Basically, the cross point cannot be seen. There is a long meridian/weft yarn covers the surface of the fabric. A completely tissue has at least five latitudes and latitude lines.

Features of Gong satin fabrics: The texture is soft and delicate, the surface is smooth and neat, and it looks like satin, which is more comfortable, the softest, and the fabric is heavier than the flat lines and oblique fabrics. Such fabrics are often used in high -end jackets and embroidery kits. The color is elegant and noble. With exquisite flower types and exquisite embroidery, it reflects the perfect quality of high -end bedding.

Five, grinding hair print fabric

床品四件套购买技巧 床品四件套材质哪种好

It belongs to high -end combed cotton. In the process of post -processing, this fabric is performed to make hair grinding, so that the surface of the fabric shows a certain velvet and improves the fabric feel. So what is grinding hair? Moving, also known as grinding. It can make the latitude gauze produce fluffy at the same time, and the fluff is short and dense. The fluff is flat, full of feel, soft, full of villi, soft luster, no aurora. The surface of the hair is fluffy, thick, and good for keeping warm. It can be used as thin use in summer, and at the same time, it has the advantages of non -ball and non -fading.

床品四件套购买技巧 床品四件套材质哪种好

Six, Tihua Four Kits

The patterns on the foam refer to the weaving of different colors of gauze when weaving. Compared with embroidered fabrics, the cost cost is higher. Better, better feel, better breathable performance, and noble gas, it is the first choice for many model rooms to choose bedding.

Seven, color weaving four pieces

床品四件套购买技巧 床品四件套材质哪种好

The color woven cotton is a type of cotton fabric. It is made of different colors and weft gauze. Due to the dyeing and then weaving, the dye penetration is strong, the color has a better solidity, the shrinkage rate is small, and it is not easy to fade! But the cost is not easy to fade! It is much higher than the ordinary ones, and the quality of the satin littering fabric is even more high -end. The current weaving is the mainstream fabric of the four -piece set in the future, which is quite sought after by young people! The price of color weaving is generally higher, and it is more than 1,000 yuan.

The above is the good knowledge about the four -piece purchase skills of bedding and four -piece materials introduced by the editor. I have a deeper understanding. I think the purchase of four -piece set is based on practicality. As long as the quality is good, it is a good four -piece set with comfort.