BY Dou Fan Ben Pink



High -gluten flour 250 grams

Sugar sugar

30 grams of milk powder


25 grams of butter

1 egg

Salt 1g

90 grams of Qingshui


3 grams of high glucose yeast


2 grams of bread improvement agent


Lean meat 100 grams

5 grams of green onion

20 grams of cheese

Salad sauce 1 small bag

Practice step


1. The kitchen machine barrel is frozen in advance. The summer is here, and the noodles will be high. Add other ingredients except butter and salt, stir at low grade, and knead the thick film in the middle. Add butter and salt and knead the glove film.


2. Divide the dough into 6 copies, roll it out, and spread it into fresh meat filling (fresh meat filling formula: lean meat into meat foam, add a little salt, oyster sauce, chicken essence seasoning)

3. After rolling, cut it from the middle with a knife, leave a head without cutting. Then compile into twist -like


4. Connect the head and tail, put in a baking sheet

5. Apply a layer of syrup on the surface, squeeze in sesame sauce, put in cheese fragments and green onions

6, 40 ° C about 45 minutes, fermentation to 2 times large

7. Put in the oven, the hot wind mode for 25 minutes

8. Uniform coloring, almost you can go out of the pan

9. The next day is still very soft and salty bread

High -gluten flour’s nutritional effect

Nourishing the heart, nourishing the kidneys, removing heat, quenching thirst, dirty, fever, thirst, dysentery, bloating, trauma bleeding and burns, etc.


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