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Welcome to “Niang Niang said, 手 经” column, today we are chat – how to give your baby a chair. First, there are concern that six choices, and then give you a map to list a variety of mainstream design. I will know how to pick it up!

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Text / Zhao Yu

Part 1: Pay attention to these six when selection


General price is not too bad in the quality of more than 300. But I hope that my mother is that I have to look at the user’s evaluation before I bought it. You will easily find that the dining chair in southeast province, there is generally “three products”. (For free disputes, it is not known as the specific place)

2. Material:

Solid wood, plastic, special soft materials … The green radish has love, don’t be tangled. I like to solid wind, buy wood; don’t want to move to death every day, plastic is your dish.

3. Brand:

What do moms are most common? What brands can you buy something? As the saying goes, a price of a price is related to the quality, and it is convenient for everyone to choose; but as long as you choose “brand”, you can buy a cost-effective, safe Good dining chair.

Specifically, the mainstream brand that can be purchased in China, such as IKE, Xiaolong, Great, Great, Kai Jimmy, good boy, Bao Si, master, Fei Xue, etc., can consider, each grade product has .

4. Design:


(1) Be careful, children’s dining chairs should generally choose


Arc design


Products, especially the baby who just started using the dining chair, their chairs are not used to sit, they will jump down in the chair, and the east is down. There will be a safe hidden danger in any sharp edge or angle in the design of the dining chair.

Especially the back of the tableboard of the dining chair, copy back, these hidden places,

Baby is easy to drive under curious heart, use delicate hands and feet to “explore”, if there is a wooden thorn, sharp object, etc., it is very easy to hurt the child. also,


The site of the restaurant and the surface of the dining chair should also be carefully checked. The baby may come into contact with these parts when crawling on the ground. If it is too sharp, it is easily injured.


(2) Fold: In addition to those children who can place them on a general chair, other landing chairs,

No matter how folded, it will be very places.

. Moreover, how many families have purchased the dining chair, but they are too lazy to fold every day. Therefore, only one benefit is left – in the future. So, buy a pleasing, the most important thing!

5. Width:

General dining chair

Standard width is 34 cm

Maybe some mother will think – 34 cm is narrow, the baby wears so much winter, will not be narrow! In fact, the width limit of 34 cm has its safety, and when the dining chair is too wide, there is very dangerous for the baby if there is no attached protector. 34 cm is also the width of the international standard, and the general child can be easily sit down at the age of 4 or 5.

6. Part:

(1) pulley. Many dining chairs have a pulley when bought.

This is a double-edged sword

Mom and Dad can choose or not. Although the pulley is fitted, the stability is also placed accordingly. At the same time, will the pulley and dining chair connection do not loosen? This is another safety hazard.

If you need a pulley very much, if the pulley has a brake, whether the brake is firm, etc., must be confirmed again. When actually use, it is more recommended that the part of the pulley is often checked.

(2) Game function. Many dining chairs will bring game features when designing, such as toys, music, etc. This is another sharp double-edged sword. Toy can cause the baby’s interest, but

Play while eating, once this habit is developed, it is difficult to change it than the sky.

. Proband and disadvantages, parents measures themselves. In short, Zhao Yu, my point is –

A dining chair should grow into a dining chair, grow into a toy, do you still dine?

(3) Safety belt. First of all, the seat belongs must be safe. At present, the five-point or three-point seat belt of mainstream products can basically meet this requirement; second, comfort, such as

Width is suitable, will not take the skin; the texture is soft, will not take the skin

Wait, you can carefully examine it;


Easy to use

There are many seats that have a lot of seat belts, making the process of holding the baby into the eradicated process becomes extremely cumbersome, although it is important, but it is inconvenient to use, it is also impact on the experience. For example, a famous Japanese F ***** dining chair, everything is perfect, only the design of the seat belt, let each baby’s entry, two people can cooperate.

Five dry goods are finished, and then add a saving big trick – multi-functional dining chair.

Some wooden dining chairs can be divided into two parts: base and dining chairs, which can be stacked in children’s dining table and chairs, and separate the two can be used as a table and chair (the base with a wooden board in the base).

Some dining chairs can adjust the seat, the foot and the like, and the child can become a general seat after growing.

There is also a dining chair, which can be tied to an adult chair, saving space, some products also add a pulley at the bottom, which can be used as an indoor cart.

Finally, give you some style of mainstream products on the market, give a reference for mothers who have not studied the problem. It is difficult to buy a product that completely makes you satisfied, I bought it naturally, I bought it wrong. Don’t be sad – this is not given another reason for your name?

Come, below, let you see what you like today. After reading it, you can happen to miss the one you love your most. (Image from the network, not involved in commercial interests, style is for reference only)

Part II: Open eye – mainstream style on the market on the table

First, basic

Wooden dining chair in Chinese rules

Basic plastic dining chair: This IKEA doesn’t have to introduce more. “Dad is coming back” has also appeared many times, a simple style, I also like it.

Basic plastic cortex: compared to wooden dining chairs, plastic dining chairs and back-to-back design more suitable for your baby. The design is more flexible and more flexible, and it is convenient to place your babyware. In addition, the color of the plastic chair is more colorful, and the design is more novel, which can comply with the good demand for the baby’s appearance. (Not only if there is such a design, please search other brands yourself, the picture is for reference only, not involved in business recommendation)

Second, multi-function variable payment:

Multi-functional dining chair that can become chair

Wooden table stool split chair: When you are a child, you can make a dining chair, you can separate the two when you learn a table and chair. (Not only having a good child in the picture has this chair, other brands also have this type of style)

Plastic split chair: Plastic dining chair with wood chair is basically similar, can be children’s table chairs, learning tables and chairs, etc.

3, portable dining chair

Small size, light weight, easy to carry


The main feature of the jacket chair is light, which is more convenient than the high-feet chair, it is more convenient, Ma Ma can make it whatever, and it will not be carried as a high-dining chair. This ensures that the little guy can use the dining chair to eat anyway, and provide convenience and security for the little guys.



Portable dining chair


The greatest advantage of Fei Xue’s portable dining chair is integrated light design, foldable.



British Gilina

Outgoing portable dining chair

The curved fixed system only needs to be used on the table on the table.



Bao Loud laughter

Safe soft materials, waterproof and breathable, non-toxic and harmless. According to ergonomics, it is possible to protect the spine of the little guys. Equipped with a three-point seat belt, this model used before our home, but he can’t sit in 10 months.

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