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The Tokyo Olympic Games has just ended, and the Chinese team’s Olympic athletes continue to break through their own competitive performances have also become a topic of social media. In fact, this year’s Olympic Games, not only the athlete’s pursuit of “faster, higher, stronger” competition, the watchmaking brand is also a “lighter, more accurate, and more stable” track, which has completed a wonderful competition. Essence


Seagull watch: red Chinese core

This time, some netizens found that Lang Ping, a Chinese women’s volleyball team, instructed to wear a red seagull watch this time.

China Red Special Edition worn by coach Lang Ping. The diameter is 44 mm and the waterproof is 200 meters.

Seagull watches produced China’s first watch and also produced China’s first independent design movement watches. Therefore, for the Chinese, the seagull watch appeared on the Olympic field. This seagull marine star China Red Special Edition watch is a star product in the seagull mechanical watch. It is also one of the most recognizable and professional diving watches with independent intellectual property rights. It meets ISO6425 international standards, which is extremely strict, defining the test standards that diving watches must adopt and the functions that must be available. The watch equipped with the Watch The ST2130 movement is independently developed and manufactured by seagulls, with 42 hours of power storage.

Richard Mille: “Contract” track and field field


On the Tokyo Olympics, the athletes were wearing watches on the game scene, which reflected more performance.

Mutaz Essa Barshim, a high-jump athlete, wears RM 67-02 High JUMP automatic watches to pick up gold.

Men’s high champion (one of the gold medals in the gold medal) Mutaz Essa Barshim (Mutaz Essa Barshim) watched a piece of RM 67-02 HIGH JUMP automatic watches on the day of the game. Version. From the name of this table, it can be seen that RM is tailor -made for Mutaz.


The most important point of athlete wearing a watch is that it cannot affect the performance of the movement, especially the movement of the success or failure between milliseconds. Therefore, this watch must be very thin, the case is only 7.8 mm, and the weight is only 32 grams. Richard Mille enhances the case structure and uses exclusive TPT carbon fiber and TPT quartz composite materials to create a case, so it is resistant to impact.


Yohan Blake, a famous general from Yaocai, wore a green RM59-01 to participate in the competition.


In the men’s 100 -meter semi -finals on August 1, two players wore Richard Mille. The first is Yohan Blake, a famous star from Yaocai. On August 24, 2012, in the 100 -meter competition of the Lausanne Station of the Field Diamond League, Blake ran 9 seconds and 69, becoming the third flyer in 100 meters in history to run within 9 seconds 70. This time he wore a green RM59-01 to participate in the competition. The watch fix the movement with four bridge arc claws, which can obtain effective vibration filtering.

Akani Simbine, a South African player, wore RM67-02 Sprint watch to participate in the competition.

The second is Akani Simbine, South African player. In 2019, in the 100 -meter project of the London Diamond League, Akani surpassed John Blake and seized the opportunity with a score of 9.93 seconds. This time, Akani was wearing the RM67-02 Sprint watch, which was a special version of the Richard Mille launched by Wayde Van Niekerk for the Richard Mille in 2017.

Women’s seven all -around players Nafi Thiam wearing Richard Mille’s classic wrist RM007 completed the entire game and won the gold medal.

Seven women’s all -around players Nafi Thiam also performed well at this Olympic Games and won the championship in one fell swoop. The whole process accompanied her to complete the game is Richard Mille’s classic wrist RM007. In order to facilitate sports, she deliberately replaced a bright yellow super light woven strap. This watch has accompanied her more than once to complete the seven versatile games.

Omega: Ultra -light so super -“beating”


This year’s Olympic Games is still the official timing by the Omega brand. This Olympic Games Omega also prepared a new Omega series Aqua Terra “Ultra Light” watch, becoming the choice of many athletes.


Golf player Rory McIlroy, the pole jumping player Armand Duplantis, and the women’s 400m column player Dalilah Muhammad all wore the new Omega series of sea -horse series series Aqua Terra “Ultra Light” watch completed the game.

As the name suggests, the selling point of this “Ultra Light” watch is ultra-light. The traditional titanium of γ-titanium alloy cases is lighter and harder, with sports fabric straps, the weight is only 55 grams. Golf player Rory McIlroy, the pole jump player Armand Duplantis, and the women’s 400m column player Dalilah Muhammad all wore this watch. Completed the game. Among them, the Swedish genius, Duplandis under the age of 22, easily won the championship with 6 meters 02, while Dalira Mohammed ran out of 51 seconds 58 individuals and won the silver medal of the women’s 400 -meter column project.


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