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The cooling down in the past two days is a bit powerful. In addition, occasionally light rain, it is already very winter. There are many children in the kindergarten to ask for sick leave. Yesterday, I went to the clinic to get the medicine. I also saw a lot of Bao mom holding the child.

Go home and quickly remove the thickest quilt in winter.

The weather becomes cold every autumn and winter, and many children will catch a cold because they wear incorrectly when they sleep.


That afternoon, the child’s grandfather coaxed the baby to sleep. After the child fell asleep, he covered him the quilt of our adult. When I went back, the child was waking up and sweating on the head of the child. The sweat quickly became cold, and I quickly wiped him sweat.

My child sleeps for a long time in the afternoon, so I usually take off the clothes outside after he fall asleep, and then cover the baby’s own quilt. It won’t be cold.

Grandpa probably did not expect that the child had been sleeping for a long time, so he was not as troublesome after coaxing to sleep. He put the child directly and covered the thick quilt.

In fact, many Baoma will also ignore this. When the child is nagging during the day, he covers the child without undressing. When he wakes up, he opens up the quilt. In this case, the child is hot when he falls asleep. After leaving the quilt, the cool breeze can easily take advantage of this empty gear to attack the child’s body. After a cold tremor, the child is prone to cold.


When some Baoma gets cold, in order to be frozen in order to be frozen, and he is afraid that the young children who wear the quilt are also afraid of the children, so sleeping at night also gives the child very thick clothes.

For babies, wearing clothes to sleep is more disadvantaged.

First of all, sleeping in thick clothes is definitely uncomfortable.

Children’s clothes are relatively thick in autumn and winter, especially in winter, many children wear a conjoined cotton clothes made by grandma.

It has been worn for a day during the day, and he does n’t take off at night. The child ’s body cannot be stretched. He will be uncomfortable. This discomfort will be manifested in crying without reason, and the clothes are bound to the child’s body, affecting blood circulation.

Secondly, the child’s sleeping in clothes is not conducive to heat dissipation, and the quilt is not warm. If the baby does not wear clothes, the heat of the body will be absorbed by the quilt, and the temperature of the quilt will rise. When we wear clothes to sleep, the heat will be absorbed by the clothes, and the warmth effect of the quilt will be limited.

Furthermore, the sweat and other secretions secreted by the child will breed bacteria after a long time. If the child sleeps directly in a cotton coat, the sweat sticks to the cotton coat, the cotton coat cannot be washed frequently, and the bacteria are prone to residue.

Moreover, when I was dressed in a thick sleep, the child would kick the quilt because it was too hot or too heavy. Mom and dad could not watch all night, and it would be easier to catch a cold after kicking the quilt.

Today, let’s talk about what children should pay attention to in autumn and winter to pay attention to not getting sick? Remember the three principles of this baby in winter and sleep.

1. Prefer sleeping bags.


Just like many Baoma worried, the child is too thin. Even if the quilt is thick, the child will inevitably have air permeability, so sleeping bags are a good choice.


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The restraint of the sleeping bag is different from the restraint of clothes. It can give the child a certain space for activity, but at the same time, it also has a sense of wrapping, which can help crying babies more secure.

A thick cloth can be padded in the sleeping bag to prevent urine. According to the weather conditions, you can cover a thinner quilt when necessary.

2. Baby and parents sleep together.

Considering that the baby is going to eat milk at night, it is more convenient to operate, and the child and the mother sleep together.

The advantage of the baby and parents to sleep is that the calories of adults can be passed on to the baby, and even if the baby kicks the quilt, the mother can find it in time.

And sleep with the mother, the baby’s sense of security can be met to the greatest extent, and the mother can save some time to sleep for a while.

Adults and children sleep with children. Babies can wear a set of cotton underwear or pajamas, each with their own advantages. It is also possible to wear it. If you are worried, you can wear a belly for your child to protect your belly.

In addition, adults and children sleep together. Be careful not to press the child, or let the quilt cover the baby’s nose.

3. The indoor temperature is appropriate.

After having a baby, you ca n’t use your body to adjust the temperature like a adult, that is, you ca n’t just treat the winter with anti -freezing.

Friends in the north generally have heating at home. Bao Ma in the south usually turn on air conditioning with children. It is worth noting that the season is not the criterion for judging the air conditioner, and the temperature is.

Just like this year, it is said that due to the phenomenon of La Nina, it will be a cold winter. The autumn climate is colder than in previous years. Then when the temperature drops suddenly, whether it is too early, the air conditioner should be turned on.

The indoor temperature remains


Around 20 degrees


It is more appropriate. In this case, children do not need to cover a thick quilt, and they do not have to worry about the child’s kicking the quilt.

Many babies have a cold every year. The weather is abnormal this year. Bao Ma does not pay attention. The possibility of baby will be more likely to get sick.

It is also necessary to continue to accumulate and learn to take care of the baby. I hope that mothers can be more and more handy, and children can not get sick!