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Lao Jin comes here every year. He often walked behind the camp alone and worshiped two worships on the side of the Xiangjiang River. The time is not fixed, but he always takes the same thing -backpack rope.

At first, the sentinel thought he was going to see a short time, and screamed rushed up to hug him, and used the third set of “crotch top elbows” with the second set of military boxing.

Lao Jin hugged his lower body with tears, and pointed at the small tree next to him and said, “My weight hangs on this tree, is the tree dying?”

Everyone is curious why Lao Jin with a backpack rope is too imaginative. Lao Jin just sighed: “I owe him a backpack rope.”

Lao Jin is the former instructor of my predecessor, and 11 years have passed. His head has grown into a big back, and he was full of weeds on the side of the Xiangjiang River. Now that no soldiers will be carried on the river, they will be repaired with a hoe, and then wait for the sunset in the evening to drink tea and drink the wind.

People have changed, and their favorite scenery has also changed.

“You are not like being a soldier now. At that time, we were so popular that they shouted slogans.” Lao Jin liked to remember, and every time he came to the leisure of our teachings, it was not the same. He randomly and pulling from his memory, he could tell us about the past that made us straight.

Eight years ago, the last year of the instructor of Lao Jin, the partner changed to a new company that came from the agency. The surname Mu, let’s call it Lao Mu. Lao Jin held others in his arms as soon as he met. Lao Mu was too young, like his younger brother.

But Lao Mou was thin and flexible, and he drilled from Lao Jin’s arms and slammed him to the ground. The soldiers instantly disappeared, and it is estimated that all the barrage in their hearts- “I’m going, the instructor dares to fight!” “I want to learn the trick just now.” Lao Mou across Lao Jin’s neck and tried to the soldiers.

Lian Lao Mou was such a short tough guy, and shit shouting the slogan from him.

Many soldiers in foreign provinces are not accustomed to Hunan cuisine, many people are constipated, as well as elders. I don’t know which spiritual light hit Lao Mu’s mind. One day he shouted and shouted in the toilet while shouting, singing military songs, not to mention that the song was all over.

Since shouting the number, the people in the toilet are like weaving, and there are endless streams. The squatting pit became a comfortable thing. Everyone had nothing to do with the toilet and shouted two throats. Sometimes Lao Jin couldn’t help scolding: “Can you move your butt? ? “

The team atmosphere is getting better and better, and the development momentum is getting stronger. Lao Jin lamented that there was a good curtain curtain, and now he can rest assured to hand over the company.


If everything develops as expected, how beautiful it is.

In the winter, most of China was buried by snow, and the entire Hunan became a large cotton. The company is in the mountains, and the snow is extremely thick, and people can swim in the snow. There are snow everywhere, and there are buried houses everywhere, and there are shouts for help everywhere.

Lian Mu and Lao Jin took the thirteen party members’ assault teams to join the tense disaster relief team.

A half -built brick house pierced in the heavy snow. The soldier Lao Lin’s eyes were sharp, and the two children were shaved with their hands. Lao Jin took someone to rush over and recognized the two granddaughter of Lao Watman. The little girl’s fingers were frozen, the skin at the joint was cracked, and her hands were red. Lao Mu hurriedly took them aside, stuffed the little girl’s hand into her cuffs, and clenched it with her hands.

Lao Jin asked: “Where is your grandfather?”

The little girl turned her head, her tears rushed out: “The father’s fell in.”

The crowd noticed that the snow pile next to the side was smashed out of a big pit. Lao Jin roared: “Save people!”

A group of people had to get started, and a few times took out the unconscious old tile workers. Warrior Yin Fat carried the old tilegian back: “Three people follow me, and hurry to the hospital.”

The blessing of the disaster of advance reconnaissance said that there were still several people who were trapped to the side of the Xiangjiang River to the north, but the situation was not serious, but several elderly people who lived alone had to find a way to help them transfer them to their neighbors’ homes.

The rest of the people were divided into two groups. Daming and Cathay Pacific sent two little girls to relatives’ house. Lao Jin and Lian Lao Mu took the remaining people to transfer the remaining people.

The small road is close to the Xiangjiang River. In the past, it was the engineering training ground, potholes. The distance of more than a hundred meters, climbed away, plus it fell into the pit and dragged it up for nearly twenty minutes.

Lao Jin fell out of experience, let everyone tie themselves with a backpack rope, and then give the other end to the person behind, tie them back on the body, like a baking skewers.

Lian Mu Mou walked the first one, Lao Jin walked the last one. But very embarrassing, Lao Jin, the initiator of this activity, did not bring a backpack rope. Lao Jin said with a smile: “I’m in the last one, it doesn’t matter if I want a rope.”

Lao Mu said, “No, in case you hang up, who will tell us jokes and brainwashing on the road?” Lao Mu threw the thick one in the backpack rope to Lao Jin, and tied the short one by himself.

Lao Jin tied up, and everyone floated in the snow.

The company commander turned back: “Lao Jin, come to Duan Huangmei?”

Lao Jin said, “How many times I told you that Huang Mei opera is from Anhui, I am Guangzhou, do I want me to sing the Cantonese version?”

Lan commander asked: “Then what is the name of you singing in your mouth?”

Lao Jin thought about it, “I have a toothache in those days.”

But Lao Jin still sang. The most master of Chen Baiqiang’s “What to ask for a lifetime”, and the accompaniment is the effect of the recording studio, which is so good.

The chief stopped and patted his hands. The second palm was not closed for the second time. The whole person suddenly left a circle of imaginary in the air, and the man disappeared, and then the two fell behind. Lao Jin hurried back and felt what software animals were stepping on.

After a while, there were two soldiers in front.

Everyone stopped in place and did not dare to move. Lao Jin slowly grabbed the rope, and the other hand chopped the tree to shout: “Lian Director -Where are you–“

“We fell down, the following is the Xiangjiang River! Don’t go forward, you are the river bank under your feet.”

The answer was not the company commander, but the soldier Lao Lin.

What about the company commander?

Lao Lin climbed up, holding a short backpack rope in his hand.

Even the elder Mu was on his head when he fell down. The soldiers who fell down came up with an old forest, and the rest were frozen.

The company’s disaster relief, one died and three injuries, and the company turned into a plant man.

At the end of that year, Lao Jin turned around on the spot. When Lao Jin walked, he went to the hospital alone at night to sit next to Lian Lao Mu, ordered more than 100 people in the team again. After that, he put the transfer of money on the side of the long pillow -15,000.

Lao Jin knelt in front of Lian Chang’s bed and said, “I’m sorry! Xiao Mo can’t hold it, I can’t save you. Lao Lin, Qiangzi, Dafu are sorry, I’m really sorry …”

The nurse’s inspection room, seeing Lao Jin’s neck swallowed — he was swallowing the sleeping pill. Fortunately, he was found in time and rescued.


Lao Jin had a daughter named Xiao Gu, known as Wanjiashan “slipping”. When Lao Jin was the instructor, she was just nine years old and left the camps of the camp 56 kilometers in the camp. She didn’t need to pick up and dropped her feet with ice shoes. The soldiers caught bicycles and could not even see her back. Later, Wanjiashan formed a roller skating team. On the folding mountain road, a little girl with teeth followed a series of men and women and children behind. After Lao Jin left, Xiao dared to transfer to school, and no one who played roller skating on Wanjiashan on the way.

When Xiao dared to return to Wanjia Mountain, it turned into a boy.

In the year of the second year of high school, Xiao Gui fell in love. His boyfriend was on the third year of high school, but disappeared after the college entrance examination. It was also that year that the breasts on both sides were asymmetric. Breast tumors were found, the right breast was removed, the lesion spread in less than half a year, and the entire breast was removed.

Xiao Gui was irritable during the operation during the operation. He fell in the hospital every day and fought with Lao Jin. Lao Jin was struggling and fell to the ground.

Lao Jin is the hero of our company. Seeing that it is difficult to treat the disease, his life cannot be taken care of himself. The company spontaneously helps their family help. When we went to the hospital to visit, Lao Jin’s bed was next to Xiao Gu, both of them expression -Manga was blank.

Lao Jin said that he didn’t know how to survive, think about changing his mouth, and don’t know if he should survive.

We fan him, can a team not support you two? What is the use of Lao Jin to wipe the saliva with toilet paper?

After finishing the operation, Xiao Gui said that he wanted to go back to Wanjia Mountain. Lao Jin trembled, recalling a strand of like acidic water.

Xiaogan always wandered in the fifth -tier city to sell imitation products. The ID card was changed to 18 years old. He drove a van and walked south to the north.

At the end of the year, Xiao dared to carry Lao Jin back to Wanjia Mountain. She put on a physical training suit and grabbed a rebound with a group of “beasts” with a group of companies. Lao Jin ordered the incense as expected, the name was crying, and he came to the iron cricket after crying. He planted five pear trees under the river and sat one afternoon.


During Lao Jin’s stroke, he wanted to commit suicide several times, and no one couldn’t persuade him.

The company sent people to take care of it for 24 hours, standing and whistle, and went to the toilet to let him knock on the door of the compartment three minutes every two minutes.

Lao Jin said: “It’s been a person who has been a company for a long time. He didn’t give the company a honor for the company that year.

I said, “Your story now has a folk version, or there are so many people who come to see you every year? You are a hero, our own hero.”

But what really persuaded him was Lieutenant Lao Mou.

Lao Mou woke up the year before, and lived in Qinhuangdao Saniosa. He still remembered that he was a soldier, but he did not have most of his memories. In the past, I did not keep it, and everyone who I had known once had to know it again.

The director dragged Lao Mou to Lao Jin. Lao Jin glared his eyes, and the corner of his mouth was dripping.

After Lao Mu came back, his comrades came to see him, including Lao Lin, Dafu, and frostbite became a strong son of disability. They hug on the street.

Lao Lin kissed the company leader: “You finally wake up!”

John couldn’t hug, and one arm was gone.

Dafu’s face collapsed halfway, and he couldn’t laugh, just like crying.

Lao Lin turned out Xiao Mo’s photo to the company commander: “Lian Jian, this is Xiao Mo, Xinyu, Jiangxi, your favorite soldier.”

Lao Mu asked: “Where is others?” Others were silent.

Lao Jin said, “Here.”

A group of people walked to the side of the Xiangjiang River, Lao Jin drooled water, and shouted vaguely towards the river: “Xiao Mo-“

Everyone shouted: “Xiao Mo–“

Even the elder Mou often fights the old people on the street, but he does not remember well, and every time he makes the other person embarrassed, I am one of them. Later, everyone no longer greeted him, and they were watching from a distance. Seeing that he and Lao Jin were supporting each other, walking across a street without slowness.

Lao Jin said, “Lian Jian, if you didn’t give me backpack rope that year, you should be the head of the regiment now.”

Lao Mou said, “Fart, at most battalion.”

Lao Jinxiao: “I swallowed An sleeping pills on your bed, and then I felt that you should be able to wake up. I just hold this wish and want to return my life to you.”

Lao Mu remembered Xiao Mo: “If it can be so simple, I want to return my old life to Xiao Mo.”

After Lao Jin was free, Lao Mu planned to return to Hebei Sanios. Before walking, he came to the company and saw the five pear trees. There were long and short backpack ropes hanging on the branches and waved towards Xiangjiang. Lao Mu pulled off one, rolled up and took away.

Lao Jin often comes to the army by himself when he is in good health. Sometimes Xiaoga followed, and he was in the same family of sibling, saying that he had slipped through the glorious past of Wanjiashan. She didn’t mind others asking why she was dressed like a man, and replied: “No breasts, don’t recruit people, don’t like to be painful, so she is strong.”

In fact, Lao Jin’s life is not sad. On the contrary, he will invest in. The farmhouse landscape park behind Wanjiashan is contracted by him. But their grandfather lived carefully and seriously. Xiao Gui said that their lives were picked up, and they had to be cherished every minute and every second.

Although the pear trees grow very slowly, they have been silently growing -the branches are prosperous, and the leaves are not falling in four seasons.

The company’s stinky boy looked at the little dare and wanted to chase her. In addition to the neutral dress, Xiao Gu is slightly incomplete, and the rest is very good.

The soldiers chased her, she was also shy, and finally said, “Is it true? Don’t lie to me, do your instructor agree with it?”

The smelly boy came over and asked me, I couldn’t help but nod.

Xiao dare to ask him: “Why do you live? I look like this.”

Xiaobing said cheerfully, “Nothing can’t go, it’s a good time.”

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