adidas Originals brought back the classic retro shoes of the 1980s


In the past two years, the steady street appearance rate has made it a “shoe ring dark horse” that has to be paid attention to.

Not only has the three styles of high, middle and low gangs, but also have good performance in new product design and joint cooperation.

As the Chinese New Year is coming, the Adidas Originals CNY series also adds a pair of new products with Forum as a blueprint.

These low -top Forum lows not only present the new year’s festive atmosphere in color matching and detail design, but also


Convenient strap design

, Let you “lace one second”!

Different from the traditional white and red color schemes, these shoes are

Mi -white leather material with red details

The texture of the window is presented on the upper, which has been further improved in terms of refinement.

▼ Xiaobian takes a real shot

Due to the use of rice and white tones to run through, it makes it easy to wear and dirty and practical. It can be matched with dark costumes like official models, absolutely versatile.

Xiaobian chose

Dazzling light apricot trousers

The light -colored wear is more spiritual in the winter, and it is also the interpretation of the “new year of the new year”.


▼ Improved belt design, more convenient to wear and take off



Hackmind apricot pants

The soft and comfortable cotton fabric is used, and it has a good effect in winter or in spring.

On the streets of winter, there are also dazzling temperaments that do not fall into the vulgar, sharp and hidden details.




With comfortable

Skin -friendly


The loose version is definitely the favorite street style of Oversize players.

Editor -in -law wearing feelings:

Xiaobian’s height of 170cm weighs 120 catties, wearing M code, the legs of the pants are quite loose, casual and comfortable




This pair of CNY color matching adidas Originals FORUM LOW (goods number GX8866) is currently on sale at the official flagship store. The sale price is ¥ 899 RMB. Interested friends may wish to pay attention.



adidas Originals forum Low

Item Number: GX8866

Sales price: ¥ 899 RMB


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Xiaobian’s same trousers

Hackmind apricot loose casual sports pants

Edition: loose/large and fat

Fabric: 100% cotton/inner grinding hair

Price: ¥ 139 (Original price ¥ 259, FC today’s special offer)

Link: SM = 8e1b40

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