Dasheng has recently renovated his own house, and followed by the decoration progress. By the way, some small Tips decoration were also sorted out, and it continued to share it with everyone. If a friend who plans to decorate recently, it is recommended to collect and pay attention to the chase. If you do n’t decorate in the near future, you can keep it first. It can be used sooner or later.

Now renovation, no matter who it is, no matter the aesthetics, almost everyone will put forward the requirements for environmental protection. Therefore, various plates, furniture, paint, and even aluminum gusset ceilings will make a green and environmentally friendly banner.


But many problems are often destroyed by details, and almost everyone ignores small things like glass glue!

Let me ask three questions first:


① Do you think how much glass glue is used at home?


② Have you ever been concerned about the purchase of glass glue at all?

③ Do you use glass glue from merchants?

If the answers to the above three questions are certain, then unfortunately, you have already stepped on the pit.


Today I will help you understand glass glue through 5 questions.


The role of glass glue is mainly substrate





As well as


“Fill in sewing”

Let’s take a look at the use of glass gels one by one:

01. bathroom


① The toilet fixed

② Installation/sewing of the bathroom cabinet water blocking bar

③ Installation of the washbasin is fixed


④ Showering room installation and filling


In addition, there are glass glue, integrated ceilings, bathtubs, and so on.

02. kitchen

Similar to the use of the bathroom.

① Cabinet counter


② Integrated ceiling

③ Tanpot installation

⑤ sliding door

03. Liberal room & bedroom


① Skirts installation/sewing


② Window stones/window cover sealing/fixed

③ door cover filling

The above are just a part of the example. It is normal for each family to use more than a dozen or even dozens of glass glue. Is it greatly unexpected?

If you have brushed this article, then the advice I can give you is: Don’t use it!


It is well understood that you spend money to buy products (doors, windows, cabinets, etc.). Glass glue is only an auxiliary material required for the installation process. Since you do not spend extra money, of course, the cost of the merchant.


Do you use it for you, will you use very expensive glass glue? And this kind of thing has no lower limit. Have you ever seen a few dollars of glass glue?


It is not long before it will be moldy. It is second. It is a TVOC and formaldehyde manufacturing machine at home.

01. Acid glass glue


After turning on, there are obvious pungent odor, strong viscosity, short curing time. Usually, it can be dried on the surface about 2 hours, and it can be completely solidified for 24 hours.


Like the dumb mouth behind the wooden wire, the skirting line, etc., you can choose acidic glass glue.


Acidized silicone seals absorb the moisture in the air to release the smell of acetate in the process of solidifying. Many people think that this acidity is harmful gas, and it is actually non -toxic and harmless. But because it is acidic and has a certain corrosion, many things cannot be used, such as mirrors that can corrode the coating behind the mirror. Therefore, when sealing alkaline or metal materials, compatibility tests must be performed.

02. Neutral glass glue

Neutral glass glue does not have a pungent odor or corrosion. However, the viscosity is weak, and the curing time is slightly longer. Generally, the surface is dry for 3 to 4 hours, and it can be completely solidified for 48 hours. Because neutral glass glue tastes small and has no corrosiveness, it can be used in the most widely decorated indoor decoration. Metals, glass, marble, etc. can be used.

The neutral sealing gel has also been strengthened according to the use of performance. It is divided into preventing mildew sealing, weather -resistant sealing, stone sealing, pipeline sealing, aquarium dedicated glue, etc. Different glue is suitable for different occasions, such as kitchen kitchen, such as kitchen Wet the wet places with mildew gums, windows with windows, etc.

However, you need to pay attention to the “decapyles” glass glue and “deilky” glass glue.

The dehydrated adhesive ratio is better, and it is mainly suitable for the use of industrial adhesive metal materials. However, the product after the cross -linked cross -linked cross -linked response is acetone or butanol, which is harmful to the human body and has been banned in Europe.


The product after the alcoholic cross -linking reaction is alcohol, pollution -free and small corrosion, and is more suitable for the home environment.

03.MS modified silane glue

The full name of Silicane modified polyether is a new type of building sealing glue developed after silicone gum (glass glue) and polyurethane gel (windshield). The comprehensive ability advantage is obvious, there is no obvious shortcomings, and the applicability is strong.

The only disadvantage is expensive.

Generally speaking, hitting a dark color or a small gap, suitable for (semi -) transparent glass glue, hit in a light or white position, and select porcelain white.

In addition, there are many color glass glue now, which can be selected according to your preferences.

Glass glue with the same brand and the same series, neutral is 3 ~ 4 yuan more expensive than acidicity. The price of nail gum is 2 to 3 times the neutral glass glue.


The mid -range glass glue is basically above 25 yuan/branch; the high -end ones are about 80 yuan/branch or above. The more expensive the price, the better the performance.

As for the kitchen use the most concerned mildew performance, do not listen to the slopes of the merchant’s blows, we just need to recognize the national standard, level 0 is the best, and level 4 is the worst.


Level 0: There is no obvious mold at about 50 times;

Level 1: I can’t see it with the naked eye or it is difficult to see, but it can be seen under the magnifying glass;

Level 2: The naked eye clearly sees the mold, and the sample covers area of ​​10-30%

If the budget allows it, you can choose MS modifiers, which is not suitable for the humid environment of kitchen and bathroom.

From comprehensive considerations such as brand strength, product performance, sales volume, etc., the following brands are recommended:

There are sufficient budgets to choose Wak, Dao Corning, GE, and Han Gao. If you pursue cost -effectiveness, you still have to look at the submarine, Baiyun, Silicon Treasure, and Three Trees of our domestic products.


At present, I think of so much, and the decoration suggestions for other spaces are continuously updated. Welcome everyone to pay attention to chasing.

I am Dasheng, follow me, and teach you to save money.