Recently, the road is building the road downstairs, so I came a lot

Engineering vehicle, excavator, forklift, crane

But my Tangtang is happy, the first thing to get up every day is

Open the curtain to see the excavator


, Or move a small bench and sit on the balcony.

In life, many children are



There are basically excavators at home, and there are many peripheral products. Many parents are puzzled

Why is the child so obsessed with the excavator? In fact, there are 3 points.

01 excavator is a symbol of power

I once told me my dear brother: “This

There is no Ultraman in the world

of! Intersection Intersection “

I didn’t expect his tears


Under the rain

I was crying, and I couldn’t stop it.

I asked him later:

“Why do you like Ultraman?”

His answer is:

“Because he is amazing!”

The first word of Tangtang saw the excavator:


In the limited language of children,

“Wow”, a phrase “He is very powerful”

It’s out of

Why are excavators liked by countless children.

Children love to imitate the behavior of adults,

I want to grow up and become powerful

, And the excavator

Huge body

You can push the house down and dig the hillside equality. For children,

The excavator has a strong and mysterious power

It symbolizes a group, such as Ultraman, Dinosaur,

All symbols of strength

, Can satisfy the child’s desire for strong power, can give children

Bring sufficient security.

02 The excavation function enriches the child’s sensory experience

As early as 2007, the University of Yale and Virginia did an experiment on the investigation of children’s interest. The results showed that large toys such as motor vehicles, trains, dinosaurs, etc. are most popular with children.

Excavator except


, Work up


, And can


The most important thing is that

Flexible excavator arm

, Can make children the favorite soil and sand

“Dig out and pour out”

These functions of excavators

Perfectly meets the children’s hobbies.


Large, loud and capable, whether it is from

Visual, hearing

It all gave the child a lot of stimuli. Where can the child’s eyes leave this “big guy”?

03 The excavator satisfies the child’s desire to destroy and create

The desire to destroy here does not mean that the “bear child” is destroyed, but the child’s

Curious and curiosity

, Drive him obsessed with such a “damage game”.

for example:


Throwing things down to do straight movement

, Make a puppet sound, the child is more excited;

Stack yourself

The building blocks are pushed down and re -stacked

, Push down and come back again;

Put things from one place

Pour out

, Pour into another place;


Research display,

Children before the age of 5 prefer “destroying games”.

Children also need this “destruction” again and again

Establish a causality


And the excavator is in the eyes of the child

Not only “Destroy the game”, it also creates a game

The small soil piles piled up every time in the child are a new construction in the eyes of the child, and it is a “creative activity”.

It is not unreasonable for children to prefer excavators. Who does not love such a good -looking toy? If your baby also loves the excavator, don’t rush to vomit and use it well.

The excavator is a good early education tool for children

, To children

Imagination, fine movement and thinking ability

It is very helpful.

How to use excavators for early education

Parents can be with children

Draw the excavator machine and coat color


, Can exercise children

Fine movement

, And in progress

Color and graphics enlightenment;

Also do with children

Excavator model

, Improve your baby

Ability to do

, Establish a harmonious parent -child relationship;

Use excavators

Play parent -child games

Dig in sand, transport sand, build castles


You can also take your children to see some excavators related

Picture books, cartoons, cartoons


The internal structure and working principle of the excavator

, Cultivate children’s observation


Tang Mom sent a message:

The best early education is

Let it go naturally and subtly

, Children like to excavate, then we can use the excavator to enlighten. If the child likes dinosaurs, then use dinosaurs for enlightenment.

Children like it, why not support it.

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