All dynasties in history are replaced, and the royal family of the former dynasty was inevitable. After Qingzhou’s Hengwang Mansion entered the customs in 1644 AD, he opened a horrible nightmare, as he could not escape the end of the “cut grass and remove the roots” as all dynasties. In the third year of Shunzhi (AD 1646), the Manchu government killed Zhu Youzheng, and then cut the Heng Wangfu.


(Hengwangfu archway)

Listening to some elderly people tell stories. At that time, when the Qing soldiers were cut and cut down the palace, they first blocked the North Gate, and then killed all the way from the North Gate. Some clever people in the house heard the screams and knew that things were not good. Running out of the three gates of the east, west, and south, the survival was changed to change the name in order to keep the surname. It is said that at the time, in order to remember, which door they ran out of the door, they followed. The surnames, West surnames, and surnames have three surnames. In fact, these three surnames do not necessarily have royal ancestry. Most of them are slaves, miscellaneous or short workers, helpers, etc. in Hengwang’s palace.

It is said that the surname of Shengshui was after the King of Heng. When Heng Wangfu was copied the door, the son of Heng Wang Zhu Youzheng, Zhu An and his daughter Zhu Yan, under the leadership of the princess Hong Yingyao, who was mixed into the drama team to escape from the palace. At that time, it was the early winter, and snowflakes were floating in the sky. The surname was in the “rain word,” the rain was from the water, and the clouds of the clouds were dragons.

In addition to Qingzhou, the Zhejiazhuang of Zibo Boshan is said to be from the Certificate of Hengwangfu, Qingzhou in the late Ming and early Qing dynasties. At that time, there were two surviving kings of Wangshan who fled all the way, and finally arrived at Da Wangling in the depths of Xishan, Yan Shen Town, Boshan.


According to the clan of the tribal clan, that year, some children of the ancestors of Hengzhou Hengwang Mansion fled to a place called “Pozhuang” in the western mountains in Shandong. In the “Thousand Characters”, “Sun and Moon Ying Ye” is based, and the Zhu family is changed to the 昃, and its surname is pronounced Hān and reads it as Hán. Sorrow also avoided the brutal chase of Zhu Ming’s survivors of the Manchu dynasty.