When a woman travels, it will definitely be paired with a bag, which will choose the bag according to their own clothing matching



There are many types of bags, and there are many styles. Several bags that are more popular in recent times, each one has

The bright spot is,

The bag sometimes becomes a manifestation of identity

A badge

, Men watch watches and women are all watching bags

The same reason

There are many styles of bags, but it is also matched

More headache

The question, the style of the bag is suitable for what styles of clothes, how to make dark and light colors



Echo each other,

Today’s dressing is matched with casual bags or matching

Exquisite bag

These are all issues that need to be considered

If it is said that men with watches with women are compared with women, women are more important to match bag

The heavier part,


There are a lot of bags, only one goes out every time, I don’t know the rest


How to match


Do you have the case of idleness at home? Think that as long as the black bag is all


,Then you are wrong


In order to solve all this distressing problem, I will share with you a bag today

Versatile diary

I will introduce the five most popular bag styles to you, solve the style you do n’t know how to match, your favorite style

It’s difficult to match the plan

, But the problem of stopping, the popular style of 2020 bags

Freshly baked

, Versatile and fashionable, let you “cover all diseases”, so let’s learn the bag together

Matching skills

, Match to let you

Beautiful heaven

Five most popular bag styles

1. Dai Fei Bao

Dai Fei Bao is the most brand last year

A hot bag

There are many colors of Dai Fei Bao, some classic colors, such as: black, red and white,

More fashionable

Some colors of children, such as: pink and rose red. There are also many corticals,

Patent leather shiny noodles


Pure leather dark face

The styles are all

Very trendy




Dai Fei’s practicality is also more satisfactory. Dai Fei Bao is divided into

Two models of size

The small one looks more delicate, the big one looks more practical, two models


Just choose according to your preferences and figure. The style of Dai Fei’s bag is


More versatile

A bag

Dai Fei bag can be matched with clothing

There are a lot of styles

For example: sweet style, small fresh style and mature style of clothing, Dai Fei bag can be well controlled,



Oblique span

On the shoulder




Good choice

And Dai Fei Bao



Very easy to control

A bag

Dai Fei Bao can match both daily matching or attending the banquet, style

Very atmospheric

Essence For example, Yang Ying’s clothing with the upper body with a casual jacket with a half -body long skirt, the overall casual comfort adds a touch of


In this way, the overall style is matched with red patent leather style

Dai Fei

Bag, temperament is too acceptable


2. Shopping handbag


Shopping handbag This bag has been hot for a long time, a very casual and practical bag, in the bag

The capacity is very large,

Shopping handbag is a bag that is not watched,

Different styles

, Most styles are crushed

Mainly pattern

The retro style is very eye -catching, and the style of the hand is very convenient.

Heavy process



Decoration in the bag, the overall effect of the bag looks

Senior sense of high level

Shopping handbag designer is practical and fashionable

design concept,

Designing this bag that is both practical and fashionable, shopping handbags are more dominant than other styles of bags.


It is, so I want to have


And what you want to buy is worth it, shopping handbags are one


The cost performance is relatively high



The combination of shopping handbags is also

Everybody is everywhere,

I will introduce two particularly common, but very fashionable clothing matching, at the same time, the degree of applications is relatively high, and the overall style of the first set of clothing with the shopping handbag

More casual

In the sweater, the lower body with the upper slim pants, and stepping on the Martin boots, this whole set is added to the shopping handbag

Very eye -catching

You can also match the shopping handbag

Sweet style

The combination, the overall match below, wearing a milky sweater, the lower body with a retro floral skirt, the overall match is very

Highlighting temperament

, And with a more complicated shopping handbag, the overall shape

Charm value MAX

3. Diagram chain bag

The design of the rhombus chain bag can be said to be a very, very common style. This kind of bag can be said to be already

Rotten street


, But how to match your own style is still very important.

Two characteristics

Ridge and Chain

Of course, the rhombus is the pattern on the bag,


It’s a bag

Shoulder strap

, Very very





Comparison of the style of the diamond chain bag

Small and exquisite

The style of the bag is also very different. In the case of complicated styles, many girls must be


Of course, if you are richer, you can

All the sweeping

For girls who are difficult to choose, I will teach you how to choose a fashionable and versatile model

Ridge chain bag

The choice of diamond chain bag must first look at


, Classic color versatile and fashionable, especially bright colors are really very good

Pick up clothes

, Avoid idleness, you still need to consider first

classic style

Classic color scheme

It is easier and saved to match, and it will not produce a chaotic joke at will

Comparison of the style of the diamond chain bag

Fashion and casual,

It is a very good match with a dress, a small incense suit, a woolen coat and a woolen skirt.


A bag, matching

Very advanced

a feeling of

4. saddle bag

The saddle bag is a very heavy craft bag, a very delicate and small bag, there are many, there are many, there are many


Model and style,

Each style has different matching skills. Flowing the goods to share with you the saddle bag

Daily match

Formal occasions

The matching, the saddle bag is really delicate, one stitches and lines

The details are perfect

There are two kinds of fabrics of saddling bags,

Embroidered heavy craft fabric

And more noble

Leather fabric

These two fabrics have their own advantages. If the style is matched, if it is

Modern Fan’er

, You can match the embroidered style, if you want to match it very well


Fashion leisure

It is also a good choice with leather fabric

Two kinds of fabric comparison of saddling bags, heavy process embroidery is better than the style of leather fabric


Some, at the same time in terms of price

Heavy craft embroidery

If you want to be more expensive, you can choose one according to your daily dressing style

Suitable for you





according to


Height and figure to measure

There is a little bit of saddle bag that makes people unable to move the details of the eyes, that is, it is matched

Very attentive


, The design of the shoulder strap is really

It looks luxurious and noble, it is a detailed design without other bags, which makes people

In front of

5. Handbag

Handbag style

More suitable for formal



Matching, attending the reception, forum, awards ceremony, etc. of course, of course, it is also a suit set at work.


, Handbags have no shoulder strap style, hold it in your hand to compare


Very dignified and elegant

Pack with some more classic styles,

The aura is full

, Watching the feeling of wind, a bag that ladies and men are very suitable, the style of handbags

Even more complicated

, The size is different, each has its own Qianqiu, it is paired

Not so friendly



When matching the handbag, choose the style and style of clothing matching very much


There are some differences from other styles of bags.


The most common match is the suit suit with handbags,

Super A Super A

, Fan Er is full,

Queen’s aura

Handbags are more than several other bags than other bags

Not easy to match

, But girls who like to hold bags can still wear some wearing skills and can still wear very stylish and stylish. You can not only match the handbags, but also match it very well.

, The gentle and gentle aura is also possible, you can try more

new model


This year’s popularity

Five bags

, Each one is enough to make you heart, match it to make you

If you have a heart -minded style, quickly buy beautiful matching, and match your idle bag that you don’t know how to match your own.


The bag is really an indispensable accessory for every girl, and also has it


Essence Which one do you prefer five bags, every one is


Full of fashion

Have you learned the matching skills of these five bags?



Beautiful heaven










Senior sense of high level




Shoulder strap

a feeling of

a feeling of

Queen’s aura