The workmanship of Xiaomi Bluetooth handle is really very good. It is also a good choice to enter the second -hand, but the biggest problem is that the PC game is not well supported, but now it has completely solved the problem. A plug -in can be done.


I have a private message, send the “resurrection handle” to download the address, perfectly support all PC games, double -click to run, not complicated at all.



Many products have been out of print in Xiaomi Mall over the years. Unfortunately, Xiaomi Bluetooth gamepad is one of them, but so far I think this is a very good product.

I hope that one day can be resurrected in Xiaomi Mall!

I bought this handle for some years,

I have been playing until now

(Really cut, there is no idle ash), so for this handle control, quality, and use, it is also very right to speak. Let’s review this excellent product together.

▲ In the middle of the handle

“Mi” word logo

This circular button is both a typical logo logo of Xiaomi and the key to the Bluetooth handle. After lighting, the white light, the black handle, looks particularly simple, highly contrast, and the flashing effect of breathing lights when pairing is paired. , Also very soft and comfortable

▲ The Mi key is on it

Return key and settings key

The must -have keys, compared with the chicks, are indeed missing function keys such as “continuous keys”, but I think that the daily single machine is equipped with enough standard, and the flower whistle is boring.

A, B, X, Y button

, It should be calculated by the key naming method of Xbox. Inside the light surface, the edge of the key position and the hand side is excessively soft, so when playing fighting games, the handle is not very resistant and does not hurt the hand, although the edges are too soft and soft It will seem that the key position is not high, but pressing it is “powerful”, and the key feel is comfortable and sensible. In terms of keys, color lights are not like other chicken handles, but it looks particularly deep, depressed, and high.

For the type of color lighting style of the chick handle, it can only be said that radish and green vegetables have their own love. I do n’t like light pollution, so Xiaomi Bluetooth handle is very suitable for me. Of course It helps to play game recognition buttons at night. (Just in those few keys, you will be familiar with playing. You do n’t look at the party committee when you drive and shift your shift.


▲ left

Crossbar key

There is no reputation on the top. The surface is very smooth. If you like to use the arrow key to rub the fighting games, it also has certain protection for your fingers.

overall arrangement

Like the XOBX handle, it may be slightly uncomfortable for PS players, which is extremely uncomfortable for Virgo players, but the landlord has played a lot of stand -alone masterpieces, and it is really uncomfortable in operation.


▲ Right next to the key position


, The left joystick, there is a layer of soft glue plastic on the joystick, it is very comfortable to touch, the friction is used, and the feel is great.

The joystick is similar to the PS handle, the damping is moderate, and there is no deficiency. The joystick can also be pressed vertically as a key (the stand -alone masterpiece is pressed the joystick to enter the running state), so the handle of the joystick cannot be pressed by the joystick is a one is a one is a one. Pit, Taobao models are the most common, is it cutting corners?

▲ The two left and right symmetrical grooves on the back should be for

Mobile phone holder


The reserved position, although I have always regarded him as the handle of the PC game masterpiece in the evaluation language. In fact, the original positioning of the Xiaomi Bluetooth handle is Android phones and TV games.

(Quietly voicing, such a high -quality handle is used to play Android TV games.

R1 and R2


L1 and L2

The button, the scrub texture is so good, this will not be repeated, the R1 button rebounds is awesome, the R2 key has a strong sense of strength, and the linear feeling is very good. This is very good in the size of the throttle in many racing games. The sense of control is better, it is really close to the feel of the single -machine handle. Putting the middle finger and index finger of the fingers, it is very comfortable and there is no twist.

▲ This is the back

Battery compartment

It takes a little effort to remove it alone, and there is a card holder of a mobile phone holder below the battery.

Open the back cover of the battery, the inside of the battery compartment indicates Milogo and a series of serial numbers (I won’t shoot it). Using the battery No. 5, there are two options here. Xiaomi Rainbow battery is necessary to make orders with practicality, or you can choose Zimi charging batteries. Unfortunately, it is also removed, but it is very recommended. Unfortunately, Xiaomi is not equipped with charging battery batteries. It seems that there is no convenient chicken handle, but the advantage is that the battery loss is convenient for replacement. The use of charging 5 batteries can still achieve the effect of convenient use. I use the purple rice charging battery that I have been on Xiaomi. The quality is good.

▲ This is the handle


The location, hold it down and hold it, feel very good, because I need to take a picture, so I don’t hold the photo with both hands.

▲ The handle is adopted as a whole

Black matte material

It feels excellent and used for a long time. Except for occasional idleness, it will be a little asylum. Sweat stains are not easy to stick to it.


My opponent’s handle is not as demanding as professional game enthusiasts. It is cost -effective. It is easy to use in the first place. I also bought a lot of household handles before and after. Great.

There are so many handles in the family because when relatives and friends at home, multiplayer games can be used. The family has always praised Xiaomi’s feelings the best, the most comfortable use. My brother is also a game enthusiast. Xbox, he said that it feels similar to Xbox, I laughed secretly (the price is much worse !!!)

[Summary] Uses, compatibility, and feelings:

Simple summary:

Why is it simply summarized? Because I think the matching of the matching of Android games is not high, it is really not high.



The ecosystem of Android TV games is really not too full, the entertainment is not high, the entertainment is not mature, the game is doomed, and the compatibility is average.



Android mobile games, mobile games are playing with mobile phones, convenient and concise, you play Android games on the handle, it violates the concept of convenient mobile game play, let’s talk about it, you can use the handle at home, you can squeeze a subway to play games. You still With a handle, don’t you get rid of it?



Speaking of mobile games, I have to mention the glory of the king. I have played it for a while. The simplified version is 撸 撸, leisure and entertainment, and bring a handle on the body. Can it be counted as casual and entertainment? If you are too serious, you will lose. It’s not that you play mobile games are mobile games to play you!


Therefore, the positioning of the Xiaomi Bluetooth handle is very wrong. It can be said that the PC stand -alone game workmanship, the use of red and white machines


Xiaomi Bluetooth Hand Resurrection Guide

Not good English, try to translate the installation process:

1. Install the SCP driver (you only need to install this)

2. Connect the PC and Xiaomi Bluetooth through Bluetooth


3. Run mi.exe program

4. Open your PC masterpiece and enjoy it (no matter what the game, you should automatically recognize it as a 360 handle and have no dysfunction)



1. If you are a Win7 or earlier operating system version, you must first download the Xbox 360 control driver

Baidu by yourself, or the following connection

https://www.microsoft.com/accesseries/en-s/products/gaming/xbox-360- Controller-windows/52A- 00004 #TechSpecs-Connect


2. Install the SCP driver method:

Right -click the administrator to run SCPDRIVER.EXE to check the left side [Force Install and Configure service]

Cancel on the right side [BlueTooth Driver]

Click [Install]

If the end prompt “Install Succeeded” is successfully installed!


If it is invalid, the possible reason is:

1. Make sure your computer is installed .NET Framework

2. Ensure that the Bluetooth connection is correct

The above is the official tutorial translation.

1. SCP driver is under the SCP folder, the name is scpdriver.exe2.mi.exe, you don’t need to put it in the game directory!

3. When using, run mi.exe every time you turn on the game.


4. Remember to delete all other Xiaomi Bluetooth handle connected to the related programs in the PC tutorial, such as X360CE, various handles DLL, etc., to ensure that this tutorial can correctly support the Xiaomi Bluetooth handle correctly

5. Before playing the game, run mi.exe first, there will be a DOS window, don’t close it, don’t think it is a virus program

I have a private message, send the “resurrection handle” to the download address