“Time Return”

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7. All beings in the world are stopped (6)

Therefore, we walked outside and looked up at the sky, because Dian thought it was a brave and divine behavior. The sky was cloudless, and there was a burst of pine in the air. The highway is far away from us, but we occasionally hear the faint car horn and the siren of the ambulance.

The sky blooms everywhere, and we have fallen from each other, and we are reflecting on the ground as if we dance around us. We were sitting on the grass a few meters away from the porch, and the lights of the porch shot a stable light. Dian was nestled on my shoulder, and my hand surrounded her. Both of us were a little drunk.

Although the relationship has been frozen for many years, although we have passed like that in a big house, although she was engaged with Simon Tomanson, at this moment, I only realized that her body was tightly nestled on me, so beautiful. My hand felt the curve of her arm, and my shoulder felt the weight of her head. Strangely, the feeling was so real and so familiar, as if it was not a new discovery, but the memories of the past. I always know what she feels like. Even the fear emitted from her body was so familiar.

The sky is blooming with sparks. That’s not the pure light emitted by the universe. The unique pure light will kill us in an instant. At this moment, the sky blooms with a flash of light, just like the camera settings continuously shooting, one after another, one after another. The continuous midnight darkness was compressed to one -one second of a second fragment. After the light went out, the image left was the residual shadow after the camera flash. Then we saw the same sky, but it was the sky of a century or a thousand years, like a continuous shot in surreal movies. Some pictures are vaguely exposed for a long time, and the starlight and moonlight become ghostly balls, circles, or Arab scimitar. Some seem to be a clear and rapidly disappearing picture. Near the sky in the north, the arc lines and circles narrowed, and the radius was relatively small. The stars close to the equator are moved faster. Like the Walz dance, it lightly draws a huge oval shape. The moon suddenly turned the moon, suddenly half a month, and then became more and more darker. Suddenly, it flickered darkly. From one end of the horizon, scratched the sky and ran to the other end, leaving orange transparent trajectories. The galaxy is a sharp white fluorescent, flashed with countless stars that are shiny and dim. In the summer air, between the ups and downs of the breath, there are stars born, and the stars are destroyed.

Everything is moving.

Everything is swimming in a huge and complicated micro -light dance, and the dance is also telling us that there is a larger cycle cycle that is not yet visible. The sky on our head beating like a heart. Dian said, “So energetic.”

Our short -term window of consciousness forcibly implanted a prejudice into our hearts. We always think that things that can move are alive, and things that do not move are dead. Under the static and dead stones, the living insects are both right. Stars and planets are also moving, but they just follow the law of strict gravity. The stone will fall, but the stone is not alive. The movement of the planet track is just the same as the same fall.

However, if we extend our short -term existence like those who imagine intelligent creatures, the obvious differences will be blurred. Stars will be born, survive, and death, and the original ashes will be left to the new stars. All kinds of overall exercises of the stars are not simple, and it is an unimaginable complex. It is a dance that is intertwined with the speed of gravity. It is beautiful and shocking. Stunning is because the struggling stars are like an earthquake, making things that should have been fixed began to change. Stunning is because our deepest organic effects, our mating and sticky and dirty reproduction actions, all this is not secret at all. It turns out that the stars will bleed and struggle with the same effort. “All sentient beings stop, and everything is endless.” I forgot where to read this sentence.

Dian said: “Greek philosopher Helcitet.”

I don’t know how I read my voice.

Dian said: “In the past years, in the past, all the fucking years of waste was wasted, I knew …”

I resist her lips with my fingers. I know she has understood everything.

She said, “I want to go in. I want to go back to the room.” We did not put the rolling curtain down. The stars of the rotation and flowing exudes light and look into the room. In the dark, the flowing light and shadow form a vague pattern, walking upstream in my skin with Diane. As if the lights of the city’s lights penetrated the rainwater windows came in, quiet and silent, winding and twisted. We are silent, because words will become an obstacle between us, and words will become deception. We are passionate in silence. After lingering, I thought involuntarily: “Let it be stopped at this moment. That’s enough.”

On the day, the sky sank into the darkness again, and the fireworks of the sky finally calmed down, disappearing, and we fell asleep. The missile attack in countries C is just a gesture. Global panic caused thousands of people to die, but this attack did not have a direct victim. There is no on the earth, and I guess that those hypothesis intelligent creatures should not be.

The next morning, the sun still appeared at the same time.

The phone ringing woke me up. There is only me on the bed. Dian talked in another room, and then came in and told me that it was Xiaojie. He said that there was no car on the road, and he was on the way back.

She had taken a bath, dressed, and her body was full of soap and the smell of cotton pulp. I said, “Is that is it? Simon is back, and then you drove away? Is there no sense last night?”

She went to bed next to me. “Last night did not mean that I did not go with Simon.”


“I thought I had more meaning last night.”

“The significance of last night is far more than what I can say, but in the past, I did not have a stroke. I have made a promise, and I have faith. All this also draws the next line for my life.”

I feel that she is not as firm as he said. I said, “Faith. Tell me, you don’t believe in these shots.”

She stood up and frowned.

She said, “Maybe I don’t have faith, but maybe I need a person with faith next to me.” Xiaojie and Simon hadn’t returned, so I packed my luggage and put it on the car. Dian stood on the porch and watched me cover the luggage compartment.

She said, “I will call you.”

I said, “I’m waiting for you to call.”


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