Almost all those who do OBD will use the data they will collect in the future. But as in the mobile phone industry, you have to think that in order to get the most users should choose to be a mobile phone or an operator, these people who do the Internet also have to choose from, either start with OBD hardware and make OBD hardware like Apple Samsung The same is awesome, and the hardware share of half of the rivers and mountains, either the Internet “operator” that can win most of the car hardware partners. To do one, the data is the thing in your pocket.

However, no matter OBD hardware or “operator” of the Internet, none of the brands have achieved such an advantageous position. In a word, this data is not easy to get. Whoever runs to tell you next time you can use OBD/”operators” to take the car data, you have to know that he is talking about futures data.

Even so, someone will still find it on the road, the picture is one of them. They use an OBD product called Tu Bar Auto Guardian V5 to achieve real -time physical examination, real -time reminder of car conditions, and failure checks to ensure driving safety; on the other hand, the picture bar will put the data collected by OBD (here again) to it The cloud service platform of Tu Bar Auto Guardian, with the help of online connection functions and big data analysis, helps 4S stores, car rental industries, teams, used car services, insurance industry and other dynamic service owners. At present, Tu Bar has launched a 4S shop special map bar car guard intelligent management system. The functions include failure alarm recall, insurance reminder agency, maintenance reminder recall, annual review reminder, and health examination reminder.

Tu Bar started with a car navigation. After 10 years, Cong Hui, vice president of the picture, introduced it to 36 氪. The picture bar accumulated 100 million car owner users in the past ten years. Concentrated on driving safety, maintenance traps caused by information asymmetry, and increasing fuel costs due to poor driving behavior, “Therefore, we think of whether to make a product, we can protect the car owner’s car safety like a 360 security guard to protect the computer. “The first -generation Tuka car guard OBD product developed by Tu Bar is relatively simple, including full -car physical examinations, real -time warning, driving behavior optimization and schedule records.


In November last year, Tu Bar began to develop the second generation of automobile guards. So, what improved this second -generation product relative generation?

1. In order to ensure safety, the automobile guard V5 has upgraded the vehicle detection function. Through cooperation with the car factory, the support of many private protocols has been obtained. Oxygen sensor voltage, engine load, ternary catalyst temperature, fault code, freezing frame and other data, which is similar to the level of 4S shop professional detector. After the test, the key data will generate visual reports, similar to the medical examination report issued by the medical examination agency.

At the same time, according to the results of the vehicle physical examination, the V5 also increases the function of the vehicle condition. When the vehicle’s water temperature is too high, the oil volume is insufficient, the fatigue driving, the speed, the voltage is unstable, the abnormal situation of the car owner and other car owners will be issued, and the V5 will emit issued by the V5. The warning signal reminds the owner to protect the safety of the owner.

The V5 will also analyze the progress of driving behavior in the average speed of the itinerary, distribution of each speed segment, acceleration, rapid deceleration, rapid turning, driving calling and other driving behaviors during the driving process of the owner’s driving. The average fuel consumption is scored, and it will remind it when the owner has a bad driving.

2. V5 can remotely control the car through the APP. After the user locks the car, it supports automatic rising four windows and close the sunroof. In addition, after the user turns on the APP instrument panel projection mode, puts the phone under the windshield, and can be used as HUD. After the vehicle is turned off, the Guardian of the Tu Bar will automatically dormant and will not consume the electricity of electricity.

3. Figure Bar combines OBD dynamic driving data with its navigation function of the old line, which can realize inertia navigation under the stars and GPS signals. For example, there will be many tunnels on the south road. The GPS signal is not received in the tunnel. At this time, the speed of the car can be read through OBD to continue navigation according to the speed. In addition, the V5 also integrates the 1.4 million professional electronic eye data of the Tu Bar, which is updated in synchronization every week to conduct timely warning of the possible violations of the owner.

The technical data of the Tu Bar Auto Guardian is finished. It is said that since it is necessary to obtain data through OBD, we must strive to lay OBD into more cars, and to cultivate user stickiness. You cannot pull it down in two days and throw them away. In this regard, the solution of the Tu Bar is to adopt the “0 yuan free bargaining” method when the crowdfunding, that is, the owner users first purchase the product at a price below the market, and meet the “use product itinerary not less than 3 times per week. After each trip is not less than 5 kilometers, and a total of 40 weeks of a year “, you can enjoy all the equivalent of buying cash in Jingdong Coupon, which can be directly discounted when buying any product in Jingdong. In order to increase the adhesion of the platform for the platform, the V5 uses the “1 km = 1 points” gameplay, that is, the user can get 1 points for each 1 km. In the end Vouchers and other products and services related to car maintenance and maintenance.

Can we obtain a large wave of installed capacity at a large traffic entrance like and cultivate the stickiness of fruit powder in the future. We wait and see. Because only the first step is, data futures can become spot.


Original article, author: nicholas