It is recognized that the cream with good effect: Kyan’s moisturizing, the last one is domestic products, moisturizing and conditioning the color

Say the cream should be moisturized from hydration.


It has always been said that “hydration” is not equal to “moisturizing”. How can it moisturize?


The hydration and masks we usually do are nothing more than filled the keratinocytes full of water, but the hydration is fast and the loss of evaporation is fast. “Locking water”, this material is -oil.

For example, lotion, another, cream.



Mind Frost White List: Keyan’s moisturizing, the last one is an old domestic product, moisturizing and conditioning the color

Keyan’s High Hubs Cream

Kyan’s high moisturizing noodle cream can be regarded as a very famous cream with a moisturizing world.


If you only need to moisturize simply, you can maintain more than 8 hours, especially the first two days before you first used, you will be amazing about its moisturizing effect.


The upgraded version is based on the two effective ingredients that can repair the skin barrier and long -lasting water lock -locking water on the extension of the horn shark analo and glacier protective protein. It is also more gentle, which greatly reduces allergies.

Yuchen Muscle Yeast Moisturizing Essence Cream

It is a bit oily creamy texture, which is very durable. It is emulsified by the palm of the palm, and then massage it on the face. The effect will be more comfortable after absorption, not oily or greasy. The core component is

Disporant yeast fermentation products soluble


, Estee Lauder’s small brown bottle is the same raw material.

It can not only strengthen the skin barrier to prevent the aging of light, but also reduce the dull and rough skin after staying up late. The moisturizing yogurt was absorbed on the face in seconds, which was very silky and thin.

There are also corner shark anne blessing water moisturizing and reducing oil secretion, which is very comfortable regardless of oil skin and dry skin.

Yuemu Source Caffeine Vitality and Bright Moisturizing Milk

The use of this cream of Yuemu Source is very refreshing. While providing repair ability, hydrating and controlling oil controls the oily state of general cream products.


The transparent milky gel shape is easy to push and absorb. The skin -friendly feeling is very strong. You can feel moisturizing and moisturizing, lock water, and at the same time do not feel that the skin is burdensome and greasy, but because there is no oily moisturizing, dry skin may feel insufficient moisturizing.

The red scenery cream of the grass is suitable

Domestic herbal brand,


The Hongjingtian series is the high -end line of the grassy grass. It is jointly developed by Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The core component of the entire line is “Red Scenery Extract”. The main effect is “antioxidant”.

The pale yellow cream, no water formula, mellow texture, soft and glutinous skin, a bit like potato puree, super silk on the upper face, after pushing, it will be integrated with the skin, the moisturizer is superior, and the moisturizing power is excellent. It is not oily or dry, does not rub mud, and does not have acne. After completely absorbing, it is a half matte state, which is quite suitable for oily skin.

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