The largest bilingual reference book “New English and Han Dictionary” in the history of New China has been revised after 5 years, and recently launched the 4th edition by Shanghai Translation Publishing House. The revised version of the “New English and Han Dictionary”, which is known as the “Xinhua Dictionary” in the bilingual dictionary industry, has received nearly 100,000 words, adding more than 4,000 new words, including Cyber ​​Manhunt (human meat search), Cyber ​​Police (online police), and Selfie ( Selfie) such as technology, cultural words, and online buzzwords vividly outline the atmosphere of the times, and establishes the vane of the current language flow.

It is worth mentioning that the “New English -Chinese Dictionary” (4th edition) adds a “vocabulary association” column, “synonymous words” column, and the “antonym” column, etc., which strengthens its auxiliary learning function. This is an innovation in traditional reference book compilation. The editor -in -chief of the Shanghai Translation Publishing House believes that the revised “New English and Han Dictionary” is not only a dictionary, but also a set of encyclopedias that “authoritative and systematically solve the dilemma of learning for English learners. The mobile phone dictionary cannot be replaced. ” The revised version of “New English and Han Dictionary” will also carry out digital attempts, including subsequent development of mobile learning application software and combining the English -speaking quotes in the middle and college entrance examinations. (Reporter Xu Yan)