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Oil and rough …

I really can’t bear it!

As an oil skin, every day, we face a shiny face.

It took an hour in the morning to make makeup, but it was not much left for a long time. And as soon as you make makeup, the more mottled the more mottled, it is really superb!

It is usually easy to explode, which makes me very embarrassed! Intersection

In order to control the oil, you have used a lot of clean soap -based facial cleanser, but every time you just finish the washing, it will start oil after a while! After a long time, the skin is more serious!

I thought it was my skin quality problem. I didn’t expect that I didn’t choose the right facial cleanser. These facial cleanser did not even dare to use it, but many people were greedy for cheap.

Shiseido Facial Washing Milk Washing Milk

Shiseido’s opening product, typical soap -based facial cleanser, be careful! Cleaning composition is mainly

Cutmem acid+laurel acid

, That is the combination of fatty acids+alkali.

well! I bought it when I was young and ignorant. Although the washing feeling was not bad, the cleaning power was strong, and the face would feel astringent after washing.


After using a tube, I washed me into light oil muscles from the large oil skin. It was almost sensitive, but fortunately stopped it in time. At present, one of the blacklists that will never be repurchased

Nivea’s white facial cleanser

This facial cleanser is very cheap. You can buy 2 bottles at 30 yuan, which is just the price of cabbage, but don’t think that you have picked it up cheap.

It contains a lot


It will stimulate the skin, and it also belongs to

Soap base

The facial cleanser, who uses the skin to explode, and the skin is used as soon as it is used. No matter what you are, it is easy to make a sensitive muscles after a long skin, even if it is a big oil skin, it is best not to use it every day.


Sitetf facial cleanser

This facial cleanser was also hot at the time, and it was everywhere in the supermarket. It was very cheap. It is said that it is mainly aimed at sensitive muscles. Many people start with mildness and irritation.

However, it has to be said that its cleaning power is really weak, but it is too weak. It feels like the face is not cleaned, and it feels a little fake.

The main thing is that although it is the main sensitive muscle, it contains

Cinnamol sulfate

It has a lot of irritation for the skin and has the risk of acne. It is not recommended for sensitive muscles and acne muscles.

These facial cleanser really recommend, thank you for saving my “bad face”

Meet Xiangfen amino acid facial cleanser

When the acne is serious, the packaging is small and fresh, the opening size is suitable, and it will not squeeze too much.

The lotion is as smooth as cream, and the amount is very saving. You can wash the whole face at a little bit. Even if you rub the foam with your hands, the foam is also very delicate and rich, and the upper face is super comfortable!

After washing your face, you do n’t tight, do n’t dry, do n’t dry out. It feels that the dust and fat in the pores are washed well. The skin looks obviously refreshing, and it feels that the amount of oil is reduced a lot. By the one.



Rosemary Essence Oil, Tea Tree Essence

It has the effect of controlling acne, and it is added

Patent bee jelly extract small molecules


The oil control effect is better. After a while, there is no new acne on the face. It is recommended to the oil leather girl who is easy to grow acne!

lzq shrimp greenin facial cleanser

This facial cleanser is super mild, pure amino acid, no soap -based ingredients. Without fragrance, alcohol, preservatives, especially suitable for oil skin!

Washing is clean and not dry, and it is not slippery, there is no sense of astringency. The foam is super dense, and it is not irritating when it encounters acne on the face. The absorption ability of subsequent skin care is better.

The oil removal ability is also very powerful, it is added

Tea tree essential oil, peony roots and other plant extracts


You can control the amount of oil, and the greasy feeling is washed all at once! There are less oil and less acne. Except for a few acne during my aunt, it is not very good.

After washing my face was very refreshing, and I felt that the water and oil on my face reached a balanced state. There are added inside


,and also





It can brighten the skin color and prevent pigmentation from precipitation. After washing the face, use his water milk. The whole set really brightens up.

The dull skin can choose this. Not only is it good to clean, the oil control effect is good, but it can also be brightened slightly.


Yuquan small molecular amino acid facial cleanser

This facial cleanser content

Up to 60%of amino acid ingredients


, It does not contain acne allergenic ingredients and soap bases, especially mild!

After washing, it will not dry, but feel a little moist, the skin is smooth, but it is not greasy. It is very refreshing! Because it contains


, Can improve skin rough.

It is not irritating when the skin is sensitive. There is no burden at all, containing

Canadian Liu orchid extract

, Can soothe the sensitive muscles, the red blood on my face is much less, the water is flushed, and the face is not itchy at all. It is especially suitable for the season when you change the season!

The sensitive muscle girl with a lot of oil can also enter this one. The oil removal ability will not be strong enough, and it will only feel just right. The sensitive period can be spent by it. The feeling of washing is really amazing, and it can also relieve the pain and itchy feeling of facial allergies. Oil -sensitive skin can rush!

Camellia amino acid cleansing milk

Pure amino acid ingredients, without soap bases, particularly gentle.

The foam is dense and the face is soft. After washing your face, you don’t need to skin care and have no tightness. It is a bit faint. This fragrance is good and not pungent.

have inside

Plant ingredients such as camellia and Tremella

, Can moisturize, reduce free radicals, and help the skin regulate the balance of water and oil. After the water is rushing, my face is very moisturized, the moisturizing level is really good, and it is not very oily, Amway will give oil skin!

The bubble is not rich, and it needs to be used to send the bubble net, but it will be delivered, so there is no need to buy it. Although the oil control effect is good, I think it is more suitable for mixing the skin. Essence

Nenfu facial cleanser

This facial cleanser can be used during pregnancy, pregnancy, and lactating during pregnancy. In addition, sensitive muscles can also be used.

Mainly added

Dutch imported folic acid

, It is extracted by advanced microbial fermentation technology in Germany, which can quickly help activate epithelial cells and deeply nourish the skin.


Clampstricge extract

It can enhance the skin’s stratum corneum locking ability, making the skin more healthy while alleviating sensitivity.

The foam is like creamy texture, and it is easy to clean. Even if you accidentally get it in your eyes, there is no tingling sensation. The fried chicken is mild. After the washing, there is no tightness on the face. A lot of it.

ELTA MD amino acid foam cleansing milk

The cleaning strength is relatively strong, because the amino acid table is used, and the overall perspective is still mild!

With “full fluoroxinel ether”, the material is spontaneous to make the ingredients spontaneous in contact with the air. When using, wet the hands, squeeze the foam in the hand for a while, and then apply it to the face to clean it.

It is not recommended to apply it directly on the face and wait for 30 seconds to foam before washing, so that the skin is easily injured by a foaming agent, which may also cause excessive cleaning.

Its foaming ability is really good, bubbles are also very delicate. The cleaning power is great in amino acids. It will not have a sense of tightness and fake slippery feeling after using the face. At the same time, it can be used to remove light makeup, which can remove conventional sunscreen isolation.


For dry skin and sensitive skin, if you stay on your face for too long, mild stimulation may occur. It is recommended to try oil -resistant attempts. Contains 1 kind of flavors, 2 preservatives, and chosen with sensitive muscles!

In addition to using oil -controlled facial cleanser, you also need to do the basic skin care. In addition, when the acne is not good, do not use any anti -primary old, the skin will not be able to bear it. To save money, you have to lose money.

Remember to get up early and drink plenty of water and eat more fruits and fruits! Intersection Intersection

In short, rational grows grass, don’t follow the trend! Intersection Intersection If there is any easy to use facial cleanser, you can also share it in the comments area ~