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【Olympic chariot】

Xidsheng’s competition for the National Mountains of China, which is the Tokyo Olympic Mountain Car Casino, cutting -edge technology, excellent performance, national brand, winning glory for the country!

【Olympic chariot commemorative version】

Xidesheng Tokyo Olympic Mountain Vehicle Cross -country Memorial products, inherit the excellent quality of Olympic chariots, adopt aerospace -grade ultra -light carbon fiber technology, advanced craftsmanship leads the fashion trend, glory inheritance, and extraordinary!

【National Highway Champions Championship】

Xidsheng’s style of the royal ultra -light carbon fiber competition road bicycle by the Chinese national champion Liu Hao, XDS ultra -light carbon fiber frame, Campagnolo Bora One 50 carbon fiber tire wheel set, SRAM Red ETAP AXS 2*12 transmission system. Using leading aerodynamic technology, full hidden internal routing patents, and advanced racing structures, help the national championship achieves impressive records!



The high -end carbon fiber wind -breaking road vehicle is based on XAT aerodynamics and is made of ULC ultra -light carbon fiber. The ultimate lightweight giving it free and infinite freedom. Super rigidity, agile reaction, rapid speed. After a number of high -intensity events inspection, the best choice to win the championship “Liangju”.


Xidsheng Super Light Carbon Fiber Climbing Road, ULC ultra -light carbon fiber creation, extreme lightweight compressed frame design, light body gives you to break through the freedom of imagination, super climbing performance and strong explosive power, whether it is climbing The slope attack or team sprint can make you stand out.

【Huanqinghai Lake Commemorative Edition】


The commemorative version of the commemorative version of the Heidsheng Ring Lake, inheriting the excellent quality of the bicycle of the Lake Run, the ultimate lightweight design, the leading air dynamic structure, and the spirit of the strong as the strong, bringing you faster and more Light riding experience.



Xidsheng’s high -end carbon fiber competitive mountain vehicle, using ultra -light carbon fiber frame, ultra -high rigidity, ultra -light weight, with the mountain version of wireless e -transmission, competition tire, line control gas fork, make it easy and pleasant when riding Change color painting, laser colorful theme logo, king style, vertical and horizontal world!

【Shanba MT1】

Heidson’s high -end carbon fiber competitive mountain vehicle has excellent genes such as ultra -light technology and super performance. It has achieved a perfect balance in terms of aesthetics, creation, off -road and comfort, creating powerful passability and handling. New tide comes, leading the future.

【Xia Ke 900】

Xidsheng high -end aluminum alloy contest mountain car, adopts the X6 ultra -light aluminum alloy frame of Xidsheng patented technology, ergonomic design provides higher cycling efficiency, excellent quality gives it powerful performance, integrates innovation technology advantages in one body, one is one Intersection

【Legend 800PRO】

The classic work of Xidsheng X6 ultra -light aluminum alloy, comprehensive professional configuration, and easily conquer various complex road conditions, unquestionable mixed pavement pioneers. The excellent quality of excellence comes for the legend!

【Pilot 500】

Xidsheng’s high -end intelligent sensing helps mountain cars, lightweight body, fashionable and simple appearance, comfortable and convenient detail design, multiple help modes, make the cycling more change and easier!


【Leading 800】


Xidsheng’s high -end intelligent sensing helps mountain cars, lightweight body, domineering shape, comfortable design, multiple help modes, giving you a variety of cycling styles, fashion trends, and leading choices!

[Lead 600PRO-Dragon Edition]


Xidsheng’s high -end intelligent sensing electric help mountain bicycle, 240W in the 240W intelligent power torque sensing motor, 12.8A battery provides 80km battery life. The new structural design leads the fashion trend. Excellent off -road performance helps you explore unknown places. Advanced intelligent help will open a new world for you!

【Meli3-Dragon Edition】

Xide Sheng Magnesium Multifunctional Electric Vehicle, lightweight magnesium alloy is created, giving it a super high riding efficiency, lightweight and small body, making travel more convenient and fast, electric, help, manpower, multiple cycling modes, let you let you let you make you The journey is fearless. Light and flexible, understand people’s hearts!



Xidsheng’s high -end aluminum alloy folding bicycles are created by urban white -collar workers, sports experts, and small wheel diameter long -distance riding enthusiasts. The X6 ultra -light aluminum alloy frame is equipped with an 8 -speed transmission system and an independent patent folding structure. The outstanding lightness and convenience of the category will bring you a pleasant and extraordinary sports experience!



Xidsheng Super Light Carbon Fiber Women’s Highway, ultra -light volume, high rigidity, light and exquisite, bringing flying general experience. The inside of the vehicle is designed, the horizontal water drops are broken down, combined with the water droplets, and the same -shaped seat tube, it undoubtedly shows the identity of the car’s aerodynamic car. Ultra -light technology exclusive creation, blooming the charm of the goddess!

【Mary 500】


Shendson’s high -end aluminum alloy female mountain car, a charming mountain car specially built for women, comprehensively fit the needs of women’s cycling. Lightweight body, ergonomic design, cute and stylish color scheme, riding it to add points to charm, add color to health!


【24 -inch magnesium knight】


Heidson’s high -end magnesium alloy youth bicycles, the national tide red color matching, integrates national culture into the painting design, allows children to feel the charm of culture in sports. The combination of modern technology and historical civilization, entertaining, vitality!


【Guo Chao Series-Feitian Edition】

The Xide Sheng Guo Chao series has selected three themes: Dunhuang Feitian, National Treasure Panda, and the Great Wall of Wanli. From the three levels of history, nature, and culture, the tradition and modernity are combined, showing the attitude of “young, vitality, personality, and freedom.” The 20 -inch wheel diameter designed for teenagers, the childlikeness of the fantasy, and the personality of the personality leads the trend of the times.



Xidsheng Lightweight Aluminum Alloy Children’s Car, which is made of Xidsheng patented aviation aluminum alloy, lightweight body makes children learn more easily, ergonomic design, multi -detail protection, making children riding safer, more comfortable, light and dexterous, light and dexterous , Cute and smart, help children grow up healthy!


【Red Star No. 5】

Xidsheng’s high -end magnesium alloy children’s balanced car, ultra -light material to create a light body, human engineering design makes the cycling more stable and safer, and the flexible steering design allows children to gallop freely, enjoy happiness, and grow healthy.

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