Source: Henan Daily


Henan Daily client reporter Zhao Tongzeng

On the morning of January 28th, Li Sihai, a bisirbon mushroom grower in Wu Liuji Village, Shizhai Town, Plain Demonstration Zone, Xinxiang City, came to the epidemic prevention and control checkpoint at the village. Walk.

Li Sihai said that every day between the greenhouse and home, no matter during the day and night, when the inspection point is passed, everyone is seeing someone on duty, making people feel at ease: “They are party members and cadres. Give them the mushrooms he planted to show your gratitude! “

“The heart is acceptable, things cannot be required!” The person in charge of the inspection point said that “serving the people” is the fundamental purpose of the party, and serving the masses is the responsibility and obligation of every party member. Understand and support, they are not afraid of being tired and suffering.

Such scenes can be seen in all parts of Xinxiang.

In the past few days, from the city to the county to the village, the party members and cadres of Xinxiang took the lead in doing a good job of preventing and controlling the epidemic prevention and control, promoting the knowledge of epidemic prevention, comprehensive disinfection and sterilization, distributing epidemic prevention materials, and checking cards … Epidemic prevention and control. In their every move, the masses saw in their eyes, pain in their hearts, delivered meals and water for the staff on duty, spontaneously donated money, donation and materials to support the prevention and control of the epidemic, and staged a deep touching story of fish and water.

In Xinxiang County, a member of the delegation stationed in Xiaoji Township was a donation and donation for the prevention and control of the epidemic of Xiaoji Town. Visiting, Sanwangzhuang Supermarket donated items for the epidemic prevention and control card point; Langgong Temple Township funded the Xijinglou card to point fruits and instant noodles; Big pharmacy will distribute high -quality masks for everyone.

In Niuxinglan Village, Funingji Town, Yuanyang County, farmers Zhang Chunshi learned that the village was insufficient, and immediately sent disinfectant prevention supplies; Zhang Yan, who was working in the county seat, saw the village disinfection, purchased protective clothing and disinfection, and disinfected. Donated to the village for free; Tian Jijun, a farmer who opened a restaurant in the village, also actively joined the donation.

In Hongqi District, Henan donated 100,000 yuan for Zhizhi Education Consulting Co., Ltd., Henan Xingtuo Steel Testing and Drawing Engineering Co., Ltd. donated 6,000 yuan, all members of the eight groups of Hongqi CPPCC donated 5,000 yuan, and the cadre of the Civil Affairs Bureau of Hongqi District donated a one -time professional nursing mask to donate a one -time professional nursing mask 600, Tsinghua Affiliated High School women’s basketball players donated 700 yuan … Goods, like rivers, remit into the love account of the Charity Association.


Xinxiang Wendao Human Management Co., Ltd. is a small enterprise with less than 20 employees. When learning the front -line personnel of the anti -epidemic lack protective materials, they actively coordinate multi -party resources. Give Xinxiang Economic Development Zone Management Committee and Makino District Government.

The individual Tomoda, who runs a coffee shop, sent his own 300 packs of ear -hanging ear coffee to the hands of medical staff of Xinxiang Municipal Hospital and the Second Hospital of the Municipal Hospital.


Huixian City, Yanjin County, Fengqiu County … When the reporter wrote, similar news clues were continuously received.

“Our people are the most respectable, and our masses are the cutest!” The relevant person in charge of the Xinxiang Municipal Party Committee said that the general public supports the prevention and control of the epidemic, so that party members and cadres who insist on preventing and controlling the front line are extremely warm, and more Courage and motivation, believe in the masses and the masses, Xinxiang is confident to win the prevention and control of the epidemic.