—— [Recommended ten beautiful shoes today] –

头 Take the thick heel pointed pointed single shoes


Positive red, with rhinestone sequins, versatile and elegant!

⒉ thick bottom canvas shoes

Fashionable college style, comfortable and durable!

鞋 鞋 pointed flat shoes

Zebra pattern upper, elegant and fashionable ~

单 hollow pointed head shoes

Retro coloring interpretation of trendy British style ~

鞋 Light mouth flat single shoes

The three -dimensional flower design of the toe adds a different playful feeling to the toes ~

⒍ thick bottom loose cake shoes


The unique thick sole, the beautiful patent leather upper, shows the trend of Harajuki.


粗 Broken belt fluff thick heel shoes

Sexy cross -band, with fluffy upper, very high -grade!

单 round head light mouth shoes

The beautiful and dynamic dragonfly flowers make the atmosphere more moving. Combined with the elegant small slope heels, the superb handmade sewing skills are more perfect and natural.

鞋Stochotical high -heeled shoes


Metal decoration plus smooth lines, full of big names!

⒑ Gao Gao canvas shoes

Classic styles, fashionable and versatile, no matter what clothes match are so youthful and vibrant.

—— [Xiao Mei helps you pick beautiful shoes] –

@天 落: I hope to help find black single shoes with wide -leg pants

Xiaomei replied: It feels that the wide -leg pants will look better with high -end shoes, like high heels, or thick bottoms, first find a few models, how about it?


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⒒ Deep mouth high heel single shoes

Simple gallery -shaped, exquisite and elegant shape, exuding gentle queen fan!

鞋 thick bottom thick high heels


European and American high -end temperament models with high -end temperament models are very trimmed ~


⒔ High -heeled lace -up shoes

Waterproof platform within 3 cm invisible, increase and thin, lengthen the beautiful legs ~


单Stochotical high heel single shoes

The height of 11 cm waterproof platform is 2 cm, the comfort height of not tired ~


高Stochotical high -heeled shoes


Sweet side empty design, which is thin and sexy ~

@: Fish -Milling Net lace boots with thick bottom leather in loose cakes, thank you

Xiaomei replied: I found the following 5 models, and there were a few more expensive. I wonder if I do n’t know?

底 底 底 ⒗ ⒗ thick base sandals

The mesh with rivet embellishment decoration is more fashionable ~


蕾 thick heel thick sole lace sandals

The strong thick and thick bottom of the gas field exudes a super dazzling atmosphere.

鱼 鱼 ⒙ thick bottom fish -bellies sandals

The hollow design of the naked ankle, with the atmospheric decorative buckle, shows elegant unique taste.

凉 网


Charm sexy nets, new benchmarks of trendy fashion!

靴 靴 靴 ⒛ ⒛ ⒛ ⒛

Comfortable internal increase, creating slender and charming beautiful legs ~~

◆ I wonder if the top ten shoes that are picked by your pro -picked your pro -picked? If you don’t like it, continue to leave a message to Xiaomei ~

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