What are the electric wheelchair brands? Introduction to the selection method of electric wheelchair. It is very important to choose an electric wheelchair. In addition to the manual wheelchair, the electric wheelchair car should pay attention to check the electrical control part, such as whether the power switch is working normally, whether the speed adjustment starts is evenly reliable; whether the brakes are reliable after power failure; the motor noise noise; Whether it is too large; whether the power display, speed mileage display and other functions are in normal state.

1. Yu Yue

Since its establishment, Jiangsu Yuyue Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. has been developing and growing, and it is also the process of gradually improved the company’s governance structure and management. In the past 10 years of development, the company has gone through three stages: the first phase: the establishment and development (1998-2004) Jiangsu Yuyue Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. Professional manufacturers of equipment have gradually formed a competitive advantage with research and development as the core competitiveness.


2. Foshan wheelchair

Foshan Oriental Medical Equipment Factory Co., Ltd. was established in 1990. Since 1993, it has developed and produced and produced and produced and produced wheelchair vehicles, aids, beds and other rehabilitation and auxiliary equipment products. After 20 years of continuous development, the company has 30,000 square meters of modern production plant, and the annual sales volume has increased by nearly 40 times compared to 1993. It has 500,000 vehicles an annual wheelchair, 2 million sets of crutches, 10,000 sick beds, and 10,000 sick beds. The production capacity of the Taiwan. Among them, the production and sales of wheelchair vehicles are among the best among peers. The products are exported to more than 80 countries and regions around the world. It is a manufacturer of professional wheelchairs and rehabilitation products with certain influence at home and abroad.

3. Sangui wheelchair

Sangui’s wheelchair rehabilitation equipment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. was founded by the Japanese Co., Ltd. Sangui Industry Institute. The main rehabilitation equipment (second category of medical equipment) and its parts, the “MIKI” brand symbolizes “security, trustworthy technology”. Always adhere to high -quality parts with high strength and strong durability performance, strictly test various performance tests in strict accordance with the JIS specifications, and always put quality management first. Advanced development technologies with the times, people -oriented development concepts, constantly explore higher safety performance, and pursue better product quality.

4. Wei Meiheng

Wei Meiheng (Suzhou) Medical Devices Co., Ltd., ten major brands of wheelchairs, founded in Belgium in 1957, well -known European wheelchair, home medical auxiliary equipment and bed production enterprises. Disabled people and elderly products such as cars.



5. Kaiyang

Guangdong Kaiyang Medical Technology Group Co., Ltd., the top ten brands of wheelchair, China’s important wheelchair and medical care equipment production base, the director unit of Guangdong Medical Device Industry Association, specializes in research and development, production, sales of rehabilitation equipment, nursing equipment, medical electronic equipment, medical electronic equipment And other comprehensive large -scale group enterprises for other supporting products.

How to select electric wheelchair car

1. Controller: The controller is the heart of the entire electric wheelchair. Some companies rely on foreign purchases, and Koipu is developed independently. The performance exceeds domestic peers and reaches the international quality level.

2. Electric: The motor is the key to electric wheelchairs. It is an important power driver for the mobility of electric vehicles. People who understand electric bicycles know. At present, there are two types of motors used in the country’s electric bicycles: brush motors and brushless motors, and there are brush motors and high -speed and low speeds. Koipu Company has a special team to solve it. Now the motor developed by the company provides a strong power guarantee for customers’ electric wheelchairs. Due to strict training between gears, the noise is extremely low, and the service life of the motor is also extended.

3. The material of the wheelchair: It can be selected according to the material of the electric wheelchair, which can be divided into the material of aluminum alloy and steel pipe. Many people think that the material of the steel pipe will be stronger than the aluminum alloy. In fact, the aluminum alloy of the electric wheelchair is high -intensity aluminum alloy. This material not only has the strength of the steel pipe to solid and resistance, but also the bulky, replacing it replaced The heavy defects of steel pipe materials.