Ten thousand years ago, I was in the lake on the top of the Kunlun Mountain, a little turtle that had just knowledgeable. It is a little turtle. In fact, I am already in my 80s, but it is eighty -one years old or eighty -five or eighty -nine. I actually remember not so clearly, but I don’t know to listen to that person, or God, or God, or God, or God, or God, or God, or God, or God, or God, Or the other borders mentioned in such a word, eighty years old is a hurdle. You must not have a birthday, you have to live this age, then it is possible to live to a hundred years.

So, since I was really eighty years old, I have never risen to my age, one is because no one has given me a birthday. Second, I still hope that I can always survive, just because the eyes of the brightest star in the sky will always stay on my body.


Oh, no, so, it’s not rigorous enough, and I seem to be a narcissistic person, accurate


It is said that the brightest projection will stay on the lake for a while, and I will swim to her projection office every time, letting her stay on my turtle’s back for an hour.

This habit has been following me for more than 50 years. This is half a century, and it is really not too short. Remember to be my 36th birthday that year. Thirty -six is ​​an important turning point for my turtle. Essence

As the most important year, this year is to wear red clothes, and it is said that birthdays cannot be spent.

And people have to be low -key, be careful about speaking, and even cautiously eat and drink water, so I unconsciously alienated the boss that year, and I have always been handsome (a bit of sacrifice) black fish. Therefore, my annual salary has also dropped, but fortunately, I am still a single, enough to support myself.


A lot of species of lakes are single, because the boundary of everyone’s birth is really a holy place. It seems that I am sorry for the name of the mountain, but I do n’t have much heart, but I just live in steps every day.

In other words, it was my birthday that day. After eating a few shrimp, I was bored and swim in the lake for more than a time. I came to a realm that I never stayed. I planned to rest for a while and returned. My leaning on the shore, looking around, this place is really pure, beautiful, but there is a little black, because today is the first day of the new moon, and the moon feels weak in an instant.

Maybe the new Yueer is not enough to show his strength, so the stars not far from him have become the brightest stars in the sky. Her shadow is particularly cute, like a fifteen or six -year -old girl.

I suddenly got up and carried the projection in this water on my back. I don’t know what it will feel like? Will it be as warm as the sun?

So I slowly swim in the past, sighted, slowly carried her back from the bottom of the lake, and then held her in her hand, and let her touch my head, oh, this, this, this, this, this It’s so fun!


“Just put her on the back and see when she moved away,” So in order to prevent the projection from breaking, I practiced the turtle for the first time. It is said that it is our turtle’s unique specialty. Wisdom, you can cultivate immortals like that.

On that day, on the end, I had already fell asleep. When I woke up, I drifted to the shore long ago, and I didn’t even know when she fell asleep, let alone when she deviated from the turtle’s back.

One thought, everything is born.

So, I went the next day, and this time I fell asleep …

On the third day, the fourth day, it has been more than fifty years until now. With the slow growth of the turtle, I already know ten years ago that she can stay for an hour.


In fact, I am really a stupid turtle, but fortunately, my body is still healthy, I have to swim for so long every day, and I really overcome the inertia of being born as a turtle. Essence

With the wisdom, I seem to be more greedy. I always think about it as soon as possible. I want to fly to the side of this bright star. Thanks to her, in this long and lonely day of the fairy mountains, accompany me for half a century for a long time. Essence

On the third day of the first month of the first month, 2.14 Valentine’s Day, such a story suddenly appeared in my mind. I don’t think it can be regarded as a love story, but only a companion story. In fact, what I want to express more is “

“Just like the first love when we were young, the kind of carefulness, and uncertain love, perhaps when the white hair is remembered, we still remember the feelings at that time.


One thought, everything is born.