How to buy a small disinfection cabinet? When we buy a disinfection cabinet, we must be optimistic about the brand and quality, and buy the secondary products carefully. When buying a home disinfection cabinet, the brand choice is very important. The good brand market response is large and the quality of the product is relatively good. Then the following editors will lead you to understand.


1. Find a brand disinfection cabinet brand

When buying a household disinfection cabinet, the brand choice is very important. The good brand market response is large, the product quality is relatively good, and the product design development, manufacturing, inspection and sales technology mature and complete after -sales service system. The more guaranteed, the higher the return on investment in consumer funds.

2. Consider the application of household disinfection cabinets

Consumers must first consider the number of family population when buying a home disinfection cabinet, the applicable area of ​​the disinfection cabinet placed at home, and the types of disinfection tableware. For a single double disinfection cabinet below 100L, the small room can choose below 60L. At present, there are mainly low -temperature and high -temperature disinfection cabinets, plastic and other tableware with ozone and ultraviolet low -temperature disinfection. Essence

3. Check the function of home disinfection cabinets

The disinfection cabinet has various functions such as disinfection, insulation, drying, and opening the door. Generally consumers can buy a single disinfection function disinfection cabinet. In order to disinfect different types of clothing, consider buying ozone and high -temperature disinfection double door cabinets. Other functions can be selected according to different needs. The insulation function mainly maintains a certain temperature of the utensils, and it feels more comfortable when using the clothing, especially suitable for the vast number of northern regions.

? Fourth, check the effect of sterilization and disinfection of home small disinfection cabinets

Consumers purchase small disinfection cabinets is mainly used to sterilize, store, and clean up the utensils. Therefore, sterilization is the most important. Different temperatures, ultraviolet intensity, disinfection time, etc. all affect the sterilization effect. Therefore, consumers should pay attention to whether the product has the health inspection report and quality inspection report of the quality inspection department when purchasing a disinfection cabinet Essence

Fifth, check the energy saving properties of home small disinfection cabinets

In order to achieve the purpose of high temperature disinfection, the different structures and processes adopted will affect the heat insulation effect of the disinfection cabinet, which will affect the length of the heating time and directly affect the consumption of electrical energy.

6. View its after -sales service

No matter how good the performance is, the disinfection cabinet with high quality is also a day when there is something wrong. Perhaps the performance is aging or the artificial operation is improper. Therefore It is necessary to fully consider whether the manufacturer has a complete after -sales service in the region.

How to buy small household disinfection cabinets