When you walk into Starbucks, you will hear the clerk saying, “We have

Fu Ruibai

Do you want to try it “

This product of Starba is very popular, but I want to talk about Flat White seriously


==, “Fu Rui Bai”! This name starts,


It’s really a bit of Mary Su’s rush …


Some netizens even shouted, like … laundry powder or conditioner name

Speaking of this somewhat slightly waved, Flat White is a coffee I like very much. Why does Xingba Baba translate “Flat White” into “Flat White” into “Ru Rui Bai”, and it is not as good as the “little white coffee” that was directly shouting.

What is it? What does other netizens who have tasted?

Netizen A: After trying the two days of popularity, Rui Bai, did not feel that it is different from latte?

Netizen B: There are a lot of legendary white milk foam in the legend, but it is not disgusting. If you want to try the American style who feels too bitter but does not like too sweet, you can try it.

Netizen C: Sliding out for a meal at noon, and then drank a coffee in the sun ~ By the way, Fu Ruibai is a bit bitter latte.

Starbucks official blogs work hard to explain, but many netizens feel that the more they say, the more confused


# Flat White # What is a hen for?

Some people say that it is not like latte, which is better than latte. Is this that?

In traditional sense, Flat White refers to a kind of milk with less milk, which uses milk that can mount it into texture instead of making milk. One -third of its Italian concentration, two -thirds of cooked milk, and a little vortex foam, which constitutes a unique “Flat White”.

A real “small white coffee” should contain coffee juice (generally 30 ml) with other types of coffee drinks on the menu, but due to the small cups used (175 ml), “Flat White” taste Heavier than coffee like latte. The latte uses a 225 ml cup, so the milk taste is stronger.


The concentration of milk is to distinguish between “Flat White” and another standard of latte -latte’s milk is milk -like. The fluffy layer floats on the surface, and the thickness of the milk layer will also be due to the different purchase land. Different. “Xiao Bai” is sprinkled with sparsely textured milk on the surface. It is the ideal to shine on the surface.


# Flat White # How hot is it?


Flat White is a unique coffee of Australia and New Zealand, which belongs to the national treasure -level drink. There must be a figure in each cafe.


(Shi Lu Jun was taken in Wellington, New Zealand)

The birthplace of Flat White has made Australians and New Zealand noise for countless years. Australians and New Zealanders have been arguing with Flat White, who have invented first, and has not yet been concluded. In fact, even the practice of each coffee shop is different, each with high tricks. Many people in the industry have spent a lot of time quoting the scriptures, and it is said that they have to open the “legacy” work.


“Flat White” is currently being welcomed by people in the United Kingdom and the United States. This is not only to meet the needs of Australia and New Zealanders who travel overseas overseas, but also due to many Australian and New Zealanders in cities like London and New York. coffee shop. Starbucks has now added Flat White to the daily menu for a long time.

Under such a hot momentum, some people have published a book specifically, the name is “Flat White Economics”.

In the past, I could only drink Flat White in New Australia. According to Qilu Jun, in addition to Starbucks, many independent cafes in China have also launched Flat White. If you have the opportunity, you can try it out.

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