Some people are used to drying with a towel after taking a bath. When the sky is hot, wipe completely and sweat. If it is cold, you have to wipe and wipe it. The experience is very bad. It is better to wrap a bath towel.

The main role of bath towels is to dry the body, so it is important for skin and water absorption. Next, I recommend 9 soft water -absorbing bath towels, which use high -quality cotton, fast and comfortable.



Jinzhi | Baiyun bath towel gift box FS1000


As the leader of the towel industry, Jinzhi has a history of more than 120 years. The region has established a representative position of Japanese quality with “safe, firm, and high -quality” products. This white cloud towel is a classic representative.

Its cotton fiber is stained with high -quality water with low metal and hardness. The yarn is slender and shiny, and the feel is soft. The coil is dense and fluffy, and it can also effectively improve water absorption, which is in line with the 5 -second settlement standards formulated by the Four Kingdoms Towel Industry Trade Unions. It is thinner and thin, suitable for wiping your baby after wet towels, or carrying out -out activities.

There is currently no official sales channels in the country in the country. Tmall and specialized in stores that specialize in overseas goods are sold, and the prices are relatively high.


Christie | Classic cotton bath towel in warm tennis game

Since 1987, Christy has provided players to use towels for the Winbolden Tennis Tournament, one of the four major tennis Grand Slam, and there are two men’s and women’s championship bath towels to choose from.


It selects 100% Hygro cotton fiber, weaves with a long and long hair ring, enhances the strength of the fabric, and the skin feels extremely soft. Large -scale design can better wrap the body, quickly dry the body’s water, which is very suitable for fitness or after shower.

At present, Christy has a Tmall flagship store in China, which is convenient to buy. The price of this bath towel is around 600 yuan. Users who like sports fitness and have high requirements for bath towels can consider buying.


Ebisi | SP Egyptian cotton towel bath towel

Brand from Portugal, ABYSS & Habidecor’s towel bath towels are good at both softness and water absorption.


Its Super Pile series is made of 100%Egyptian cotton. The cotton fiber length is long, the texture is tough, and it is rich in luster. Hand -made clusters and high -tech woven machines make the Super Pile bath towel soft touch, giving the skin the most comfortable experience.

In addition, this series of products have 60 colors to choose from, which is the highest in each brand. It can currently be bought in Tmall and Jingdong flagship stores. The price is more expensive.



Inland | New marshmallow bath towel TMA02687-N

The entrepreneurial history of the field can be traced back to March 1937. It once created a number of “Japan No. 1”, including Japan’s first unwanted gauze towel, and is a well -known Japanese brand.

This bath towel is not twisted in the front and back of the hair. The non -twist fiber -free fiber contact area is large and good water absorption. Coupled with 100%new cotton in Xinjiang, the fluffy fluff on the surface of the towel is long and fine, and it feels as soft as cotton. The bath towel itself is also quite light, only one -half of the ordinary bath towel, light and breathable, easy to carry.

This bath towel is available in the flagship store. The daily price is 200 yuan, and the price is high.


Inland | Cotton Sugar Cotton Towel

This marshmallow bath towel is made of 60 Xinjiang long velvet cotton woven. With the non -twisted gauze technology, the wool circle of the bath towel is tall and tight, the feel is soft and comfortable, and the water absorption is strong. You don’t need to wipe hard, you can absorb water gently to protect the young skin of the baby to the greatest extent. The use of the combing process makes the fine velvet is not easy to fall off, and you don’t have to worry about your baby’s misuse or eating.


This is available in Tmall flagship stores. The price is slightly more expensive but excellent. It is a good choice for baby bath towels.


Jie Liya | 1 Towel 2 Towel Cotton Set E2118

The Jieliya Group was founded in 1986 and has always occupied a high market share in China. It has 3 brands, of which the “Jieliya Grace” channel is the most widely seen, and it can be seen in major supermarkets and e -commerce platforms.


This bath towel is made of Xinjiang long velvet cotton. The coil is fluffy and full, uniform and orderly. It has good quick -drying and water absorption. The rich color is suitable for the aesthetics of different people. The price of less than 50 yuan for two facial towels is very suitable for families or individuals who need to change towels frequently. The cost performance is very high.


Sanli | Class A Xinjiang Changye Cotton Towel

The low -twisted Xinjiang long velvet cotton is used as a raw material. The long velvet cotton fiber is long and soft, and it has a strong water absorption. Therefore, this towel feels soft and has good adsorption performance for water. The use of the low -twisted gauze process makes the texture light and not thin, and the touch is fluffy and comfortable. It is used to wipe the body after the shower, which is dry and comfortable.

Both Sanli currently has an official flagship store in Tmall and JD. This bath towel is less than 50 yuan, and the cost is relatively high.


Inland | Purious Elegant bath towel UTM04680-N

This cotton bath towels are processed with non -twisted gauze processes. The coil fabric made made from this has a long and dense hair circle, which not only brings a gentle fluffy feeling, but also quickly and effectively absorb water. With Japanese fresh and natural.

Its price is about 80 yuan, suitable for consumers who want to experience softer bath towels. The field has an official flagship store in Tmall and Jingdong, which is slightly higher but excellent.


Jieliya | Thick version of hotel pure cotton bath towel 7229

This thickened bath towel uses 100%Xinjiang long velvet cotton as raw materials, and the slender cotton fiber water absorption performance is excellent. Because it is a thick version, the two -sided hair ring on both sides of the towel is closer than ordinary home bath towels, and the arrangement is evenly ordered. It can quickly and thoroughly absorb the water droplets while touching and fluffy and soft.

This model is available in the flagship store of Jieliya, with a single price of about 60 yuan.