Interior paint construction guidance

Suggestion of Gudelberg painting time interval

The home dressing paint requires a certain time interval, not to say that it is okay to brush on both sides. If the primer is not dry, the paint will not be exuded, and the paint cannot be dry for a long time, which can easily cause the surface paint to be degraded. If the interval between the facial paint and the top paint is too close, then the previous lacquer cannot form a better paint film, which affects the texture and plumpness.

Summer season

Primer and facial paint: more than 4 hours or more

Noodle paint and facial paint: more than 1-2 hours

Winter season

Primer and facial paint: more than 5-6 hours or one night

Noodle paint and facial paint: more than 2-3 hours

Special emphasis: The above is about the expected time. Affected by the weather and indoor ventilation factors, the actual wall drying time is actually subject to the time. For example, when the underground rooms such as the poor ventilation or the humidity of the rainy days are greater, the time of painting increases!

Reasonable grasp of the proportion of water against water

The construction of the wall is moisturized according to the requirements of the water, and the scrubbing performance is good. It can not be used for a long time.


Primer: It is recommended to be 15%, and it does not exceed 20%

Noodle paint: Pink white base color does not exceed 15% of water

Deep -based or black and gray base colors do not deserve water, otherwise it is easy to spend.

PS: The effect of not redeering water is the best, and the amount of paint will increase by about 20%to 25%at the same time.

Precautions after construction

After the construction of Goodberg paint, a dry cycle is needed. When the paint is just brushed, when it is not dry, do not touch it with your fingers. Otherwise, you will leave a sweat.

A few days before the painting, it is naturally ventilated and dry, it is best not to make large cleaning. Because the noodle paint is not completely dry, the gray layer is heavy when it is cleaned. Cleaning is recommended to be a week later.

When the wasteland is cleaned in the later period, it should be squeezed off with the gray layer of the wall. If you find dirty places, you can use a slightly humid towel to gently wipe off.


The drying of the paint is divided into:

The surface is dry for about 1 day, the stems of 7 days, and the hard dry for 28 days. If the paint film is dirty, it takes a wet bald to wipe the test, it is recommended to wait 28 days later.

In order to answer your doubts, the above is what we have organized about interior paint, hope it can help you.