When you change the season for another year, when you want to ask your son, I think autumn is really coming?

In fact, it is not the reminder of the mobile phone calendar, nor is it the new autumn new clothes in the window when shopping, but …

This son, a middle -aged girl in the 90s, never dares to turn on a 25 -degree air conditioner at night! Intersection Who knows who is cold!


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For girls, what does it represent in autumn?

Of course -have no clothes!

It is expected that you have found an excuse for yourself: How can we be worthy of this year’s clothes last year?

Women are too “good” ~ Recently, for this issue, this son also conducted a deep self -reflection on himself: Why do our aesthetic fatigue come so fast? Are we really like the big pork hoofs of the new and hate?

But we are not exactly like this, and girls have a “long love” moment ~ Just like those basic models that have been worn over and over for many years.

Therefore, the son has helped everyone to think about a reason to stand more than “not the theory” -not waste at all. After all, it is necessary to wear things all year round. How can I waste it?

OK, what should the basic model choose the season?

The son -in -law has specially arranged a “Code of the Qiu Qiu Nai Yi” for you, and the cute people are about to pick it up ~

Q: What are the tips for choosing a basic sweater?

Looking at the fabric first, the son always believes that comfortable skin and skin care should always be transferred to other factors.


Looking at the color again, this varies from person to person, you can be willful, but for yellow and black skin, it is better to brighten the color of the skin.

The next style is available in length, and round necks and V -neck are also available, but compared to long models, short models can optimize the proportion, compared to round necks, V -neck is thinner and not picky.

Recommendation of sweaters

01 /Peacebird


Reference price 139 yuan

The Taiping Bird, as the hottest cheap national brand in the past two years, is very suitable for little cuteness under 25.

For example, this multi -color classic V -neck sweater, the most classic version+various lively colors, can almost solve the matching of most of your daily installations.

It is suitable for the early autumn that is suitable for now, and it is OK to use it. The simple white T is worn inside.

02 /H & M

Reference price 299 yuan

If it is an office worker, the son also recommends that you choose some colors that are not so lively and more “stable”.

The following knitted knitted from H & M, knowing that everyone is clear and fashionable. But we can’t kill a stick, there will still be some classic T -shirts, knitted and other high -quality items worthy of our exploration ~

Gentle beige, sexy V -neck, and thin vertical woven wiring, randomly paired with a pair of simple jeans to have a natural and generous OL shape ~

The tight design can highlight your good figure. Another advantage is that it is used as “inner set” and will not feel that it is villagers (those who understand this word are all fellows)! When the late autumn in October, wearing a jacket is another feeling ~

Q: What kind of shirt is classic?

Guess you will say white shirts, but who doesn’t know the white shirt?

But more accurately, the son thinks it should be a solid shirt.

There are not only solid -color shirts, but classic stripes and plaids are also classic styles of no risk of vitality.

From the perspective of the version, the degree of closeness of the classic model is best to avoid being too loose or tight.

Shirts no item recommendation


Reference price 189 yuan

Recommend a checkered shirt from Lechucho to the students of the students. The tone of this brand has always been very young. It is very suitable for lively and young sisters ~ The yellow -brown color of this shirt is also a classic of checkered.

The current temperature single is suitable, and it is OK with jeans/skirts. Colder, you can stack the tight T -shirts of small high -necks in the shirt to create a sense of layering, or simply use the ordinary T -shirt directly.

02/Tommy Hilfiger


Reference price 714 yuan

This recommendation is especially named in the workplace. Just after the graduation season, congratulations on you have also started to “move bricks”.

If you just join the job, buy a high -quality white shirt is certain! Tommy Hilfiger, who has always been very professional on the shirt, recommends it to you ~

The gap between the thousand -dollar shirt and a hundred yuan shirt is not only because of the brand’s influence, which are different in terms of fabric workmanship.

Experience talk -expensive shirts are wearing longer.


As a TOP1 in the classic model, it is recommended that everyone be a little hard to snack.

This one recommended by the son seems to be discounted on the official website, the original price is 1K+, it is quite cost -effective now ~

03/Massimo Dutti

Reference price 350 yuan

In addition to the white shirt, it is recommended to the high -level solid color shirts with white shirts with white shirts.


Compared with pure white simplicity and generosity, the texture of the texture is more likely to create a fashionable temperament.

This multi -color shirt from MD, the elegant atmosphere of beige and jewel blue, and the classic and loose version, not only dressed, also comfortable and cool, it should be windy when wearing it ~

Huh -finally talking about the jacket.

Q: What kind of classic to ask?

The most commonly worn coats we usually wear are nothing more than a few. Denim jackets, suit jackets, sports jackets …

Classics are nothing more than these categories, but the classic models are more pure and primitive in design.

Jacket 品 Recommendation



Reference price 229 yuan


This denim jacket from Stradivarius restores the most classic denim blue and the most primitive jacket.

The short length is also very friendly to the petite friends. Whether you wear a T -shirt or a shirt, whether you choose a classic or printed models, you can easily create street tannins.

Of course, the son mainly provides a reference for style and chose a parity, but like the familiar American Levi’s, Japanese EVISU, these professional denim is also worth picking ~ Everyone can go to the official website to explore by themselves!


02 /ZARA

Reference price 399 yuan

(Especially after 25), the son was crazy and put on a suit jacket. The cute little lovers who followed him must also understand that solid colors and checkered sons can be! Intersection

(Who is Kangkang’s legs so long? Oh the son himself)

A suit jacket recommended to the work party is still from ZARA, or the hot Morandi color in recent years ~

This kind of color is good, everyone understands, it is most accurate to describe it with low -key luxury and fashion ~

You can choose the hottest green this year’s hottest little cuteness. For you who are gentle and restrained in temperament, pink is also a good choice ~ This kind of “offensive” small shoulder + classic classic version of the atmospheric classic Girls are bent into mosquito coils ~

The most practical skirt in autumn should be a skirt, and there are many choices for skirts.

Q: Which half skirts are the most classic?

From the fabric, denim cloth, core velvet, chiffon … the style selection is correct, each one is classic ~

From the style, buttons, pleats, pockets … can all become classics ~


Let’s talk about the version, of course, such as umbrella skirts, A -lines such as A -line, of course, buying + push for a lifetime ~


Recommended by Skin Skirt


Reference price 160 yuan

For example, this retro meaningful core velvet body A -line skirt,

Tibetan Qing is the most worthy classic color except for black and white and gray. The silhouette of A -shaped just covers the worship of the pear -shaped figure girls, and the length is also very friendly. The height of the knee is tall, and it is small to the calf belly.


Reference price 199 yuan


In the past few years, there are many immortal categories, such as U -series god pants.


The son found that this button umbrella skirt is also worth picking. There are already friends in the office to put on it ~

Umbrella skirts and A -line skirts are good editions. From the naked eye, their biggest difference is whether the skirt is large enough.


The umbrella skirt with a larger skirt is more likely to create an elegant and intellectual temperament. Especially this Uniqlo umbrella skirt, whether it is white or khaki, has a small woman’s taste.


Reference price 259 yuan


The skirt that can highlight the softness of girls, the prodigal wall cracks are recommended to pleated skirt ~

The pure color pleated skirt of the Stradivarius above figure, the fabric is thick and textured, and it can also be able to hit the shirt, T -shirt, sweater, sweater casually, 100 points practical ~

The son -in -law interviewed the surrounding friends, what is the most important thing to buy jeans?

It is not the same as other categories of items. The voice this time is surprisingly unified!


Without controversy, the most concerned point is -version.

Therefore, the jeans need to be tried on. Only the trial can know whether the version is fit and whether the fabric is comfortable.

Q: Which jeans are classic?

In fact, it seems simpler to think in turn.

There are exaggerated stitching, huge holes, countless pockets …

The above your mother and your grandmother thinks that the jeans that are not good -looking can almost be classified in classics.

Jeans 品 品 牛 牛 牛


Material Girls

Reference price 219 yuan

This grandma pants of Material Girls are recommended to the little cute people, and Fan’er’s grandma’s pants have been tide for a while ~ The preferred choice for thin legs is high -waist grandma pants ~


Classic denim blue, let alone this season, can be worn all year round.

Another khaki color of the same version is also classic, and you can change it according to the mood and common denim blue.

Reference price 299 yuan

This micro -nine -point pants that also come from Uniqlo, compared to fashionable large flared pants, micro -La is more low -key and classic and very tone.

The length of the nine points is neat, just show a sexy little ankle, and it is also a good hand that regulates the proportion of the body, put on a proper long leg.

Urban Revivo

There is also a common type of jeans on wide -leg pants ~

In the wide -leg pants, the length of the son’s most heart is still nine points. The type of pants itself is very loose. If it is longer, the lower body will easily look bloated.


The nine -point wide -leg pants from the UR, the fabric is soft, and the length of the nine points is extremely thin.

Especially the little cute people with a bit fleshy in the lower body. This wide legs are designed for you!

OK, the above is the recommendation of the basic autumn items today!


Although the upper body frequency of this son is higher, if you force me to answer the foundation of the flow or love the foundation?

Reference price 299 yuan